He didnt want to leave her but he knew he had to. He only wanted what was best for her and at the time he knew that being with him wasnt going to do her any good. He made her get on a train to New York, to live out her dreams. He told her he was going to join the army at Fort Benning in Gerogia, but he kew he wouldnt. There were other ways to redeem his fathers name, ad he knew Rachel would never forgive him if he got himself injured, or worse, killed.

He slipped away through the crowd, standing in line to get his ticket. He made his way past an angry mob of fans, towards the back door, which he knew Kurt would be able to get him in. He was greeted by the former Glee club, and they all took their seats. It was her chance. She was a star and he wouldnt miss it for the world.

The curtain rose and the performance started, and all he could do was stare. To see her shining so bright, up on that stage where she belonged, made him the happiest man in the world. Although, he noticed something.. something which he didnt expect. He could see, the small glimmer, the perfect diamond ring that sat comfortably on her finger. Kurt looked at him, and smiled. Everybody knew that Finn hadn't gotten over Rachel - that was the whole reason they brought him here. And Kurt knew for a fact that Rachel was not over Finn - not matter how hard she tried to deny it.

After the show had ended, Kurt, Blaine and Finn all sat in the bar, talking.

"She hasn't taken it off in years. Whenever a guy asks her out, she shows him the ring. She's hasn't dated anyone since you made her get on the train."
"Really? She hasn't?"

"Nope. Her college roomate set her up on a date, and the first thing she did when she saw him, wsas cry. She's reminded of you all the time. She doesn't really do anything that reminds her of you anymore. We asked her to go bowling and she didnt come. We invited her to dinner at Sardi's and she cried. And then her college roomate has an obsession with Journey, and keeps playing Faithfully - and she cries."

"She basically cries all the time."

"I know i hurt her - but it was better for her. I mean, see where it got her? She's amazing. And she's a star. I couldnt have wished for anything better."
"We know you're still in love with her."

"I know I am, but do you honestly think she's still in love with me? I mean, she might love me, but she porbably doesn't feel how we felt back then. Its been four years."
"You're the love of her life. That just doesn't go away."

"And she's the love of your life..."

"Who's Love of Who's life?" asked Rachel as she came through the door. She had on a tight black skirt, with a patterened blouse, tucked inside, and some very high heels. Her face was done up perfectly - not too much make up. Her lips were lined in Bright Pink and she was carrying a white coat, with a small cluch bag.

"Mine" replied Finn, still turned away from her.

Her face turned to shock, and somewhat horror. The fomer glee club had joined them by now, just like they did when they said goodbye to her on the train.

Finn turned around to face her.

"F-Finn... What are you doing here? Its been four years..."

"Hmmm, well... I'm going to keep this simple.. I love you, you're beautiful and Being home sucks without you... I also wouldn't miss this for the world."

"Well... thank you... Anyway I have to go, Melissa's taking me out for dinner t celebrate the opening night! I'll see you guys at the party later?... Finn?"

"Uh, Yeah, Sure?"

"Great!" Rachel smiled and left the building.