To clarify confusion

Here is the list of incidence happened:

1. Abhijeet went on mission

2. Same day Abhijeet as Rocky enter in to Roha and kill Viky

3. Soniya kidnapped Rocky and informs Rohit

4. Here Mangu's Bhai inform Mangu about Abhijeet's kidnapping

5. Same day night Mangu informs Daya…

6. Daya after meeting Muskaan left for Roha (2nd Day morning)

7. Here Rocky is kept under observation in conscious situation in Rohits House

8. Daya reach at Roha and insidently meat with Dilip an undercover cop and return to Mumbai

9. Daya in from Cid Team about Abhijeet's Mission

10. an CID tem plans a mission…. According to which Vikram got information about CID offer reach to Roha he kidnapped Daya

11. 3rd Day morning Rocky successfully enters in to Rohit's gang

12. Daya got torched by Vikram but he does not open his mouth

13. Vivek Tasha and Fredy reach to Roha by changing their identity

14. In the Evening Vikram kidnapped Muskaan and Tarika

15. 4th Day All team gather at private seashore of Rohit and Mission Sucessfulll…..

Next part will be updated soon…. Till then Enjoy….