Author's note: Hi! this is my first story, I always admired and loved tsunade and jiraiya, so I thought : why wouldn't I write a story about them! lol .. this chapter might be a little short, but I PROMISE I'll do my best to make the next ones longer.

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Jiraiya felt his head aches, he tried to open his eyes to look around and see where he was and what happened to him, but all what he could see was the light that hit his eyes.

'The heaven..?' He thought as the vision became clear.

'I know this place ..' He began to open his eyes slightly to take a good look around, then he start realizing where he was, he know this place, it was the toads land, Mt. Myoboku.

'What happened to me?' he wondered.

' I remember myself getting killed by pein, crashing into the ocean, it began to get darker and all what I could see was that little spot of light, it began to become smaller as I sunk deeper, it was my end, I knew it, remember that I saw my life passed through my eyes.. I was so sure that I'm gonna die.. Am I .. ? or what? what am I doing here?'

" oh my god! jiraiya chan! You're awake!" fukasaku shouted as he entered the room.

Jiraiya tried to recognize that familiar voice, when a warm hand touched his bare chest, he flinched at the touch only to hear a chuckle.

"Welcome back, jiraiya chan! "

Jiraiya took a look at the old frog in front of him with a face full of questions.

The frog got the massage and said:

" I bet you don't remember what happened, do ya? "

Jiraiya nodded heavily, the old frog let a huge frown.

" it's a long story to tell.. But let's say that you were technically dead, and now that we've done with the hardest part, we're here to form the seal, so please try not to move."

' seal?'

" what? " jiraiya said with a weak voice as he tried to sit only to receive a huge wave of pain, he groaned.

" jiraiya! Try to rest, don't worry, everything is just fine, I'll tell you everything as soon as you get better"

Jiraiya sighed and tried not to argue, after all, he doesn't have the power to.

'This will be a hard thing to admit, but I believe he'll be grateful after all' the old frog thought.

" but first, I have a question for you.. " fukasaku said, looking at the old man behind him with a serious look.

" what .. ? " was all what jiraiya said.

It's the sunset, and the blonde hokage's doing her job as usual, signing some papers without even looking at it, she heard some knocks on the door.

" come in " she said with a laud voice.

it was no other than her assistant; shizune, who crashed into the office with a smile.

"wow! tsunade-sama, seeing you working is unusual! it's so unlike you!".

tsunade kept her gaze on her paper, trying to ignore what shizune just said.

" what do you want, shizune? " she said with a sigh.

"I know this might sound rare coming from me, but.. well, I thought it'd be nice and healthy if you leave the office for a couple of hours, you've been working so hard for a week! take a rest, tsunade-same, you need one! " shizune finished her words looking at her mentor with a soft eyes.

tsunade looked at shizune with a surprise look at what she had just said, to be honest she has been working so hard lately, but she didn't do something rare, she's the hokage, she has to work hard!.

and as it is for tsunade, she didn't hesitate this chance, she needs some fresh air after all.

" well, guess you're right, I've been working my ass off so freaking hard lately, I need a break! see ya soon shizune! " she said while leaving her office so quickly.

shizune was left there with her eyes widened at what had just happened, she didn't think that tsunade would actually accept what she offered so quickly!.

laughing a little; she screamed : " please tsunade-sama! try not to get yourself drunk!"

the blonde kunoichi ignored shizune, as if she didn't hear her. and left the hogake's tower in seconds.

Tsunade decided that first, she needs to check on konoha, see how everything's going on, take a look at people to make sure everyone is alright. after all, it's her destiny as a hokage.

on her way around the village, she took a look at everyone, kids were running around, she heard some laughs here and there. smiling , she thought about everything, how things had changed, how they won that war, and how the five countries became allies, this war brought a lot of benefits, the peace is now surrounding the world of shinobi, they were now like a big family, they all worked together, fought together, and now they got what they always dreamt about.

Tsunade kept thinking, until she realized where she was, it's the place she kept avoiding lately, she stood where she and jiraiya had their last conversation, remembering her friend,

she thought 'if jiraiya was alive to see, he was the one who believed on this...'

what he said and did slowly get back into her mind, it was the same time as now, She remembered his face.. He was smiling, trying to be funny, Nothing had ever changed since the first time they met in the academy.

" come back alive, if I lose you too.. I .. " she trailed off, unable to continue.

" Are you gonna cry for me? haha that would make me happy! I doubt it'll be like the time Dan died! " he smiled.

" baka .. " she murmured under her breath, keeping it laud enough for him to hear.

"Then, how about making a bet with me? " he asked.

he kept talking, without waiting for her to response; " you'll bet that I'll die, after all, you always lose.". she looked at him confused, and unable to believe what he just said.

" but if I make it and comeback alive.. I will.. " he paused, looking directly into the eyes

tsunade lost her breath, how serious his look was, she was unable to say a word.. what could he mean?

" haha! I'm joking.. " he said, while laughing.

this scenario has been playing into her mind all over again and again lately, what did he mean by that? did he really meant them being together? after all those rejections she gave him, he kept trying? was he serious?

she shook her head to get those memories off, there was nothing left to think about it, it just became another harsh memory for her to have, as much as it kills her to know some answers, she kept avoiding that and headed to the bar, she needs a drink after all.

Jiraiya tried to believe what that old frog told him, but he couldn't, it seems no sense!

" so Jiraiya, who would it be? " Fukasaku said.

" I .. I don't get it, how this could ever happen? " jiraiya said, looking at the old frog with a puzzling eyes.

" kabuto used that forbidden jutso orochimaru created to make a lot of people get back to life, he didn't use it on you, because he couldn't find your body, so we thought about it, we use the same technique on you and revive you, but unlike kabuto's jutso, we won't kill someone to use it, we'll bond you with someone's life. the consequences of this new jutso is, if that person died, you will die too" the old frog finished his words with a low voice, trying to get busy with what it seems some herbs he's mixing.

" but.. why me? " jiraiya said unable to keep his voice out of surprise.

the old frog laughed a little, " you sacrificed your own life for that prediction the great frog had, you trained so hard, traveled to find some answers, just to make it right, just to make this world has peace. " the little frog said while he formed some hand seals in front of the white-haired shinobi.

" but that was my path, I did what I have to do. " jiraiya said.

" well what we did is out of a question, now it might hurt you a little, but the pain will vanish away immediately, now who's the person you're gonna be bonded with? " the frog said as the seal began to form on jiraiya's stomach.

" well I didn't think you'd ask " jiraiya said with a smirk.

the frog laughed a little, ' I knew it ' he thought.

" ooi old man another shot please" tsunade shouted, " tsunade-sama, are you sure? this will be your 10th shot! " tsunade gave the old man a look of hers that could kill someone, "right now! hokage-sama" the man said quickly while giving her the sake.

it was now midnight, Tsunade left the bar cursing under her breath, she didn't have enough sake just because she didn't have the money! how awful her luck was on gambling and how much she had lost money on it, she had never won any bet, will basically when she wins something bad always happen and she leaves immediately.

Tsunade decided to take another tour around the village to get some fresh air before heading to the hokage's tower, after all, she knew that shizune wouldn't let her out for awhile.
When she was beside konoha's Gate; there was something that caught her attention, it was a person who stood there leaning against the gate. Looking at the sky.

she couldn't see clearly who he/she was.

'who would be out at this time of night?' she thought, she took another steps to get close enough.

" ooi you, what are you doing here? it's the midnight yet the gate isn't clo- " she lost her breath, she couldn't believe what she had just saw. what was shocking is that man. he has a long-wild hair.

'he can't be.. no he can't be! he's dead.. he supposed to be dead! I think I drank a lot this time ' . He was just giving her his back yet her heart was flattering.
Tsunade stood there, took all the guts she has just to push all her hopes down, she doesn't want to get disappointed over this, specially not when she's drunk, she took another steps to get a good look on that person.
" it's been a long time, yet nothing has changed after all" that man said and laughed a little. She was now behind him, she froze when she heard that voice.. The voice she thought she will not hear ever.. tears forming into her eyes, This is not right.. It must be because she was drunk.
" jiraiya..? " she said, with a weak voice, it was a statement more than a question.

the man now was looking directly at her, smiling.

" long time no see, Tsunade" jiraiya said.