Title: That Car Ride


Raiting: M

A/N: so while we wait patiently for Mr. Runkle to edit the next chapter of "That kiss"(its coming soon trust me) I got the idea to write this. You should probably at least read up to chapter 2 of "That kiss" cuz this takes place mid chapter 2. p.s this wasn't edited at all so the mistakes are my own:P


"Yea fuck you to buddy" yells Santana, flipping off the BMW that cuts her off.

"Sanny, please calm down I don't want to have to pull you off another driver like the last time" calmly states Brittany as she interlocks their fingers together.

Santana takes a look at their combined hands and sighs "I'm sorry B, I'm just frustrated over this whole Q and midget situation"

"I know San but you know those two, stubborn as unicorns could ever be, but as soon as they realize they both feel the same way it will be perfect, I'm sure the unicorn cupcakes will help, unlike your little comment. Did you see how fast she ran out of the Choir room?"

"B they will help I'm sure but I know Q, sometimes she needs a kick in the ass to get things in motion,after all the two of them did for me last year, helping me finally come to terms with my sexuality and how much I love you. I'm sure she's pissed about my little comment but she'll thank me later when she's getting some berry juice" Santana laughs as Brittany tickles her.

"B stop that! I'm trying to drive!" a laughing Santana says once again flipping off the BMW driver.

Brittany stops and places her hand on the Latina's knee slowly working her way up. "ok Sanny even though in this traffic we aren't going anywhere fast, I'll find something else to entertain me." winking at an ever flustering Santana.

"But ya know San we haven't really even talked about how we are going to get the ball rolling with the two of them." questions Brittany

"well" sighs Santana "Ill drag Q outside to the back and give her a Lima Heights pep talk" she notices the look on Brittany's face "don't worry baby Ill be nice, and you talk to the Dwa-Rachel, she listens to you."

"that sounds perfect Sanny, and then we'll get them in the same room together and that will finish things up, its not like they will talk to each other about it, they are both so afraid of being unhappy and don't even realize how happy they are together. And I love seeing all my girls happy"

Santana smiles at the blonde with love in her eyes "baby you make me happy" looking down at where Brittanys hand has ended up. "now how bout you make mamma really happy"

"O Sanny your so kinky when we're stuck in traffic."

As the two approach the Fabray house re-adjusting each others each others shirts Santana looks to the door, giving Brittany a quick peck on the cheek

"well lets get this party started" She says as she loudly bangs on the door in her traditional way. Judy answers quickly

"hello girls its so nice to see you two I'm so glad your here"

"Hey Miss F, hey Mr. B and B where my head bitch and Barbra junior at at" asks the Latina

Judy giggles looking back to the berry men who are laughing having become accustom to Santana's typical greetings.

"O umm they are upstairs" Judy responds with a Fabray eyebrow

Brittany laughs "well there goes all our planning"

"well shit" laughs Santana as she walks over to the bottom of the stairs

"Q! MIDGET! Get yer sweet little closeted asses down here, we gots to be getting our party on!"

"I brought unicorn cupcakes with me!" yells Brittany.


A/N2 well there's that lol ,its short I know but I wanted to try my hand at writing these two and give you a little something while you wait for chapter 4.