Don't leave me.

Don't leave me with that.

Don't leave me to die.


And then it was cold. It washed over him, chilled him to the bone now that the last thing that he had been able to make out had disappeared. He didn't remember how to shiver. A faint noise came from his throat, raspy, as if the owner had forgotten how to speak.

Cold, so cold. Where had it gone? That soothing voice, those sharp touches on his forehead that stung like open wounds?


Something was moving. Or was he the one moving. Colours flashed before his eyes, forming a strange blur he couldn't place.


Sound. Noise. Something he was supposed to recognise. It wasn't the same as before. It spoke of danger, of violence. He had to run, run away...

But his limbs were so heavy. They hold him down, unable to move, even when the pain finally reached him. His throat felt it first, then his lungs, and then his neck itself. Something was digging into his skin, as if trying to tear him apart, while his body silently screamed for air.

But heavy.

It was so heavy.

Was this what it meant to die? Would he lose it all, now? It felt like he was trapped inside of his own body. Only when he felt something wet slide down his cheeks, he realized his eyes were still open, though he didn't see a thing. His thoughts flowed away with the tears.


The hard cold that had been surrounding him was suddenly replaced by something soft and warm. Too warm. It soon felt like he was being cooked alive, shivers crawling over skin like insects.

He tried to look up, to make out something with his tired eyes, but his head tilted back every time he tried. Something was wrong.

What was happening?

There was something wrong, very wrong.

Run, run.

If only his mind would stop spinning.

Spinning endlessly.

Sorry for this weird chapter. I know you're expecting something more serious than this. Derp. That'll come, though! Promise! I'll update somewhere along the week, because I have two school projects to finish for tomorrow and I haven't even slept yet, so it might be next weekend. Also, all your reviews made me really happy! Thank you so much and jaskdlfasl;dk okay time for bed.