This is going to be mostly an A/U fan fiction. This is also my first, so please don't shout if you don't like it.

"Crypto. Return to the Mothership. I have a new assignment for you."

Orthropox 13 was a worlord of mass destruction. They had just Nuked a planet with people who were still using bows and arrows. Not bothering to land on foot, they just Nuked the large places from orbit and spread radioactive gas towards the smaller settlements. He was also a mad scientist, once creating and testing an experiment that destroyed half a planet.

He was currently researching ways to save the Furon race from their genetic degreation. In the early days of the empire, they realised that the atomic bombs they were using were mutating them. Ironic. By destroying others, they were slowly destroying themselves.

"Hey Poxy, what you doin'"

Cryptospuridium 136 on the otherhand, was almost the complete opisite. Not careing about anything exept for serving his people and killing non-Furons.

"I need you to scout sector 13 to find a planet we visited many eons ago. A planet seeded with pure Furon DNA." Pox _

"You lost me. Why the hell do I need to find some crummy rock for a few strands of DNA that we already have." Crypto _

"Shall I tell you a secret. The patterns in our cloning banks are becoming more and more degraded with each new clone. With every death and later cloning of a Furon, minor anomilies in his DNA are finaly becoming major anomilies. Eventuly, we will clone ourselvs into extinction. This planet, known by the locals as Earth or, Sol 3"

"Wait a minite, isn't that where the blick wars took place because, I was there."

"You never sudy do you. Sol 4 is the ancient martian homeworld which we made uninhabitable. Sol 3 was where the Furons went after we destroyed them. After that, they returned here."

"And how might I find this Earth. It's a big universe you know."

"You will be provided with the latest information and star charts. Once you have found this planet, you will begin investigating it's defenses and military installations as well as providing names of towns, cities, locations and any other things. I will be giving you only the zap-o-matic as I don't want you leaving your ship. Understood?"

"OK, OK. I get it no killing or burning down buildings, but I gotta tell you, if they attack me, I'll do it anyway."

"Now Crypto, GO!

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