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Chapter 14

Draco was looking over other student's heads searching for his parents, it turned out they weren't very hard to find at all with their blond hair. Lucius Malfoy stood very regally with an air of pride and wealth. When he saw Draco though his posture relaxed minutely, Harry saw this because he's been looking right at him but for a passer by, they wouldn't have noticed the difference.

It might have had something to do with 'Mad-Eye' Moody and his influence in his previous life, but that didn't matter. Narcissa Malfoy nee Black on the other hand gave a small smile and kissed her son's cheek. Draco introduced Harry to his parents and Harry shook Lucius's hand and kissed Narcissa's in a pureblood fashion. Apparently taking the floo was below them for they took a private, ministry approved portkey to Malfoy Manor in Wiltshire.

The first glance Harry saw of it was wondrous. He was astounded by the wealth and beauty before him. It was a white house that was about 4 stories tall and had hundreds of windows with sculptures and statues. There was a beautiful rose garden before that in full bloom , Harry suspected that it was done by magic. The garden, if you could call it that had fountains and birds and all sorts of beautiful things that you absolutely wouldn't need but were there just to show you the wealth and power of the Malfoy name.

"Welcome to Malfoy Manor." Draco said with a smug grin on him face.
Harry laughed, the sort of laugh when you're overwhelmed and can't believe your eyes.

When they passed the tall Iron gates he felt the wards, he doubted anyone could enter without being approved by the head of house. The ancient wards sustained themselves and had generations of Malfoys in them, it probably had the most history in the whole manor. And to think, this was only one of their estates. The walk to the house must've been very long, but because of magic it was kind of like walking through a tunnel that took you there in 1 minute. Magic compressed the distance.

He looked up when they reached the stairs, it was an extremely tall house, though it wasn't like the Weasleys where magic was the only thing holding it up. Here everything looked like it made sense.

Lucius rapped his cane on the door and a butler opened the door. He took their coats and Narcissa told Charles, for that was his name, to prepare some tea and refreshments.

They walked though the entrance hall which was beautiful with a

a ceiling painting Harry couldn't resist not looking up at.

All the hall really was was a marble floor with steps leading to another hall that had ornate doors to the side. Narcissa led them into one of them. It was a beautiful parlor they sat down and made light conversation whilst waiting for the tea. Narcissa commented that she didn't approve of house-elves making her tea and that that was the reason for the longer wait.

Harry of course didn't mind and felt a tad uncomfortable with the thick air in which they couldn't relax.

Once they had their tea Harry and Draco were escorted by another butler to their room, Draco told him on the way that this was only for the first time. They wanted to make sure Harry knew the way and was well informed about his suite.

Once they got there, it was about a 5 minute walk. Draco went into another room while Harry was shown his suite. He first stepped into a room with a fireplace and landscape paintings it had a couch and armchairs surrounding it. It was done in dark greens with silver lining and stitching. Then he was led to his bedroom, which had a double, four-poster bed. Again in dark green but with a bit of cream.

When he was done admiring this he was told there was a bathroom through one of the doors and a wardrobe through the other.

Then the butler left through his double doors telling him he could summon a house elf whenever he needed something.

Well, Harry could certainly understand why Draco was so stuck up all the time now.

Harry summoned a house elf asking if Draco was available and got an affirmative. Harry then left his room and entered Draco's.

They had some fun and Draco decided that he should give Harry a tour of the manor.

Harry reluctantly agreed, knowing that it would take quite a long time.

First, Draco showed him his room, which he was quite proud of. Harry was surprised to find it dark blue instead of green. Draco said that it was "The heir's room" and that it wasn't green in honour of his godfather whose pure blood heritage was the Prince's and their colour was dark blue.

These little things about pure-blood society that Harry had no idea about, interested him immensely.

Harry told Draco of his cluelessness and Draco decided they'd skip the tour because he knew his library had tons of information on them.

When they got near the library Harry felt him scar prickle a little, he felt excitement. But it wasn't his own.

"Harry, my younger-self is in here, he could help us with the compulsion web.

Of course! The diary! Harry had completely forgotten about it. He had tuned out Draco's running commentary long ago and asked him if he could look around a bit. Draco stopped explaining things abruptly and told Harry he was free to do so, unconsciously allowing Harry free rain of the library. Harry had a sort of hot and cold sensor called Voldemort when he got closer to the book. Draco hadn't been told anything about the book from his father so didn't think anything of it.

Especially with a library so grand, he couldn't know about every book in it.

Harry opened it and started by writing in it.

"Hello, my name is Harry Potter, what's yours?"

He got an answer immediately: "Hello Harry, my name is Tom Riddle. What can I do for you?"


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