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Recap chapter 14:

Harry opened it and started by writing in it.

"Hello, my name is Harry Potter, what's yours?"

He got an answer immediately: "Hello Harry, my name is Tom Riddle. What can I do for you?"

Chapter 15

Harry was on edge, writing in Tom Riddle's diary in the Malfoy library wasn't exactly the most safe place to be doing this, so without seeing Tom's reply he grabbed it and hid it in his robes. After all, wearing muggle clothing at the Malfoys would have been a most grievous insult. Draco stuck his head into the library 5 minutes later when Harry was pretending to look around in the dark arts-section. He turned around slowly, giving Draco an easy smile, which Draco returned.

"So, do you wanna go fly?" Draco asked with a mischievous glint in his eye. Harry agreed but said he'd have to bring Sylas to his room because the snake hated flying. When he entered his room he sprung into action. He dumped Sylas onto his bed, which made Sylas hiss at him angrily. The snake quickly moved to the end of the bed where a beam of sunlight was shining on and he curled up there, quite like a cat. Then he took the book out of his robes and hid it between the headboard of his bed and the mattress. Which he warded with a few select wards that were undetectable, after all, putting a notice-me-not charm right where he hid it would be (for any competent wizard) like a billboard screaming "Look here! Something suspicious is hiding right in this spot that I don't want you to notice!" He quickly charmed his trunk to unpack itself and charmed his clothes to change into some Quidditch robes that gave him much more agility and were less cumbersome.

He then accio'd his broom and opened his door with a flick of his wand, striding confidently out of his suite. Draco was leaning on the opposite wall with a superior, but playful expression on his face. They headed out to the garden where the did some loops in the air, here they didn't have to worry about how high they were aloud to go because the wards extended beyond to where the air would be less breathable and cold, which was not what their aim was. He remembered that by the Weasleys they'd have to worry about these things. After being silly and playing around they headed for the Malfoy's Quidditch-pitch. They flew until well into the evening when a loud bell signalled them to head back to the manor. Draco did so grudgingly. Harry on the other hand was excited for that night, after all, he could talk to Tom finally.

When they entered the manor, all sweaty a house elf popped in, snapped its fingers and they were all dry, though it wasn't very comfortable, the elf had only gotten rid of the sweat on their skin, so they headed for their suits to shower. Draco told him to dress nicely for dinner and went into his room.

Harry quickly showered and got dressed in dress robes and headed for the dining room where he was greeted by the Malfoys. Dinner was a lavish affair where they were served everything from roast duck to juicy pears. He'd never tasted such high quality food. Sure, Hogwarts had amazing food, but it was nothing compared to this, which was quite understandable. They served hundreds of students 3 meals a day and still managed to make it unbelievably good. But it was nothing compared to this, and to Molly's cooking, this was heaven.

When they adjourned Harry was feeling sleepy but he was still looking forward to speaking with Tom so he excused himself to go to bed and they acquiesced graciously to his wish, wishing him a good nights sleep.

When he got to his room, he was full of apprehension. He closed the door, glided to his bed and held out his arm for Sylas who gratefully slithered up to his heat source, Harry's chest. Then Harry divested his robes, sent them to the laundry basket with a flick of his wand and dressed in his pyjamas with another flick, startling Sylas again. Grabbing the book from his hiding spot Harry got comfortable in bed when he startled from a noise outside his room, which made him ward his room and door, he then spelled his teeth clean almost forgetting to. Once he was satisfied he summoned his muggle pen and started writing in the diary again, explaining his situation and his knowledge. After that he closed it, slid it into its hiding place, pulled the covers up to his chin and fell asleep feeling like he was sleeping on a cloud.

The next morning he was woken by an elf that popped into his room and snapped its fingers, refreshing his mouth with an elven version of the teeth-cleaning spell. He decided he preferred the elven version. He let out a loud groan sitting up from the soft, warm heavenly spot in the bed, oof the air was cold. Sylas hissed with displeasure as his nest was wafted with a gust of cool air to with Harry apologized under his breath. he slipped out of the bed putting the covers back on Sylas. His feet touched a soft carpet where he was expecting cool marble. He sighed in contentment, he loved magic. He took his wand off of the night stand "flicking" a robe and warm slippers on.

He told the elf to leave his bed as it was for Sylas. The elf shakily nodded and popped out.

Harry popped his back while stretching his arms above his head and headed outside. Draco wasn't there so he headed for the dining room, he had gotten the gist of the way to some rooms in his numerous trips. He made a few wrong turns, having to ask for some help from portraits on his way.

He entered and was greeted by the Malfoy couple, it seemed Draco was still on his way over; 2 minutes later Draco arrived signaling the start of breakfast. A lavish breakfast it was. Their routine was like that for the next few weeks including going shopping in France and acquiring more clothes and things. Narcissa and Lucius enjoyed spoiling another child, even though they didn't adore him like they did Draco, Narcissa liked dressing them u and spoiling them rotten. She's missed her little dragon whilst he was at Hogwarts and didn't want to alienate him by being discourteous to his little friend. No matter if he was the Boy-Who-Lived. Something must have gone right for him to be in Slytherin.

Harry continued to speak with Tom, sharing his views and having intelligent conversation. He let Voldemort and Tom speak together as well and Voldemort though that Tom got along better with Harry then he himself did and was planning something; of that, Harry was sure.