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Things happen.

Boy likes girl.

Girl likes boy.

But it just so happened that:

Boy is girl's (cute dimpled British) boss.

Girl is boy's (bright and pretty blonde) employee.

They say it will never go beyond the ambiguous coquetry.

And yet when it crosses the line, they never stop.

Things happen. Once or twice.

Smeared lipstick.

During coffee break.

In the supply room.

Necktie on the floor.

During after-hours.

In the dark corner of his office.

They say it will be the last.

And yet they always do it again like it's their first.

Things happen. And they lost count of it.

It becomes a regular thing. A habit. A hobby.

Sex without commitment. Casual fucking.

They say it's wrong.

It's forbidden.

It's off limits.

And yet it only makes it hotter.

"Klaus." Caroline calls to him in uneven breaths. He ignores her and continues nipping her neck.

This time, they're in the emergency exit during a break. He has her pushed against the wall, fingers unbuttoning her blouse.

She fists his sandy hair and tries to pull him back. "Klaus, wait."

"What is it?" He asks, his blue eyes tensed.

"I think I left my lunch in the microwave."

Klaus stares at her incredulously for a moment before shrugging and grabbing one of her legs. He tangles it to his hip as he resumes kissing her collarbone.

"Hey, I'm serious!" she says, grasping his shoulders. "I could set the whole building on fire!"

She feels him smirk against her skin. He looks up to her and, before crashing his lips to hers, he tells her. "Let it burn."

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