Oh how far is Elysium?

Must be a dozen light years or more.

Who knows what may await us,

What this new world has in store?

Oh how much longer to Elysium?

Our second generation's been born.

Their bones are brittle, their muscles are weak,

On Earth they'd suffer much scorn.

Are we at fair Elysium?

Or at least I suppose it is fair.

No-one is alive who remembers far Earth,

We only have records of there.

Do we want to go to Elysium?

We've all lived and died in dark space.

We're living a life of less than 1g,

We're like a new human race.

We've finally come to Elysium,

And from our ship we'll not depart.

It's self-sustaining, gravity's so draining,

So in space we will make a new start.


The idea for this came from an interesting article I read on the concept of multi-generation starships, in regards to extra-solar colonization. Aside from the usual hurdles, it raised one I hadn't thought of before. By their nature, such spaceships would sustain numerous generations before reaching their destination, and would likely be self-sustaining as well. Coupled with the effects of little to no gravity, the question was raised as to whether when the ships arrived, would their passengers even want to colonize the planet? They're suited to an environment that's self-sustaining and would see little need to adapt to a new environment that, among other things, would have uncomfortable above average gravity.

Anyway, came up with this as a result.

Update (17/02/14): As a reviewer has pointed out, this does not conform to movie canon. As specified on my homepage and given by the upload date, this was written over a year before the movie was released, at which point in time there were only a few hints as to what its plot would involve. Suffice to say, I guessed wrong.