TITLE: Jurisdiction

AUTHOR: Clairisant and Raedwulf (my husband)

CLASSIFICATION: This is a JAG/Crossing Jordan Crossover story. AJ/Meredith, Harm/Jordan, Lily/Garret.

FEEDBACK: Would love to hear both good and bad feedback, but please try to be kind and constructive.

CREDITS: A special thank you to our beta readers Qupeydoll and Shaz.

Chapter 1

Wednesday, 6 August 2003

1945 EST

AJ's home

McLean, Virginia

"AJ, it will be fine, I promise! You'll love Max and Jordan! He's a retired cop and now owns and runs a bar, and Jordan is a ME."

"Meredith, I am not complaining about going," AJ said in frustration. He wasn't looking forward to this trip to Boston to meet Meredith's family. But he knew they were her only relations and that it was important to her that he meet them.

"AJ, they're my only family and I want you to get to know them!"

"Darlin', you're not listening to me. I said I would go."

"Oh!" She looked sheepish.

They were sitting on the couch in AJ's living room, after a wonderful dinner, that AJ had cooked. Meredith had been trying to get him to take time off for over a month, but JAG had been so backed up, what with Rabb gone and Mac on light duty after her trying time in Paraguay, that he simply could not get away. Now though, things were finally lightening up a bit, and he felt like he could take a week off without too much trouble.

"Damn it!" Meredith exclaimed.

"What?" AJ questioned, alarmed.

"Dammit can't go to Boston."

"Now that I tell you I can go, suddenly you can't?"

"What do you mean I can't? Of course I can…."

AJ, interrupting her before she could finish her sentence, said, "But you just said, 'Damn it, can't go to Boston'!"

"Right!" she said, looking puzzled.

In complete confusion, AJ questioned in frustration, "So, can you, or can't you, go?"

With a glint in her eye, Meredith finally understood his confusion. With a mischievous smile she said, "Whose on first?" She grinned and turned to look at him.

"What!" he exclaimed in absolute exasperation. At times she aggravated him to no end!

"No. What's on second!" she replied, trying to restrain herself from laughing.

"Damn it, woman! What are you talking about?"

"Dammit," she answered simply. The dog heard her name and trotted from the kitchen and over to Meredith.

Finally realizing that she had been referring to the dog all along, AJ exclaimed, "Dammit!"

Hearing her master call her name, Dammit put her paws up on AJ's shoulders and proceeded to bathe his face in kisses.

Through her laughter, Meredith repeated what started the whole misunderstanding, "Dammit, can't go to Boston."

Never having any idea how far-reaching a problem he had created with the dog's name, he sighed in acceptance that both the females in the room had bested him. "I wonder if Mac would watch her while we're gone?"

"AJ, that's a wonderful idea! I know she's missed Jingo since Chloe took her. I bet Mac would love it. Why don't you call and ask her?"

"I'll see her at the office tomorrow, Darlin'."

"But AJ, this is a personal request, so you should do it in your off time," Meredith encouraged.

"All right," he said, and picked up the phone. Waiting for Mac to answer he reached over to scratch Dammit behind the ears.

The first thing Mac heard when she answered the phone was Dammit's happy bark.

AJ was about to speak when he heard Mac chuckle and say, "Well, I don't often get calls from dogs, how did you manage to dial my number, girl? Boy?"

Laughing at her silliness, AJ replied, "Mac, Dammit is talented in many areas, but dialing a phone is not yet one of them."

"Admiral! Sorry, Sir! What can I do for you?"

"Feel free to refuse, if you like, as it's a personal request. Meredith and I are going to Boston next week. I need to find someone to take care of Dammit. I was wondering if you would like to, I know that you've been missing Jingo."

"Oh, Sir, I'd love to! Would you want me to pick her up, or…"

"In your 'Vette, Mac?" he chuckled again, picturing that sight. "No, I'll drop her off Friday night, we leave early Saturday morning. Is that is okay with you?"

"That would be fine, Sir."

"Thank you, Mac, and, when we're off-duty, and I'm making a personal request of you, it's okay to call me AJ."

"Yes, Si…AJ." They both laughed at her near slip. They said their good-byes and hung up.

To be continued….