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2 years have passed since the Easter incident. Amu, Tadase, Rima, Nagihiko and Nadeshiko are currently studying 7th grade at Seiyo Academy Middle school. Kukai is in 8th grade while Yaya is in 6th grade.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Flash back to the week after the Easter incident~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

" It's been a whole week since the incident!" exclaimed Amu while she took a sip of tea.

Everyone was in the royal garden. Rima nodded and replied

"At least we won't have to face Easter anymore."

"You know, it's quite warm today, let's go to that little ice cream shop 2 blocks down from here. My treat." declared Nagihiko.

"Ok! I'm in!" yelled Yaya excitedly.

The 7 of them walked through the neighbourhood. Soon enough, they arrived at the cute little shop. They sat down onto the chairs at the corner of the room while telling Nagihiko what flavours they wanted to get.

"Chocolate please!" declared Amu.

"I'll have Vanilla!" stated Tadase politely.

"I want Caramel!" added Yaya.

"Ok..." replied Nagihiko while writing down the flavors on a napkin.

"How about you Nade?" he questioned.

"I'll have strawberry." replied Nadeshiko.

"Same here." shouted Rima.

"I'll have Chocolate-Vanilla swirl!" decided Kukai.

"Ok then, I'm going to try grape." stated Nagihiko.

They got their ice-creams pretty soon and started eating on them while talking happily. Just like everything was supposed to be. Ran popped out and started licking Amu's. Kukai shared his ice-cream with Daichi. Slowly, but soon enough, it was time to go.

Amu's POV

"That was so much fun!" I exclaimed happily.

"I think I ate too much..." replied Ran while holding her stomach.

I sat on my bed and then flopped on it exhaustively. I took a shower and changed into my pajamas. It was getting late so I shut the lights and went to sleep.

Normal POV

"Ran! Get up!" whispered Miki.

Ran rubbed her eyes slowly and climbed out of her egg heavily. "What time is it? replied Ran groggily.

"We need to discuss something with you." stated Su.

"Come on! Into Amu's closet. And be quiet so you won't wake her up." directed Miki.

"Ok, what now?" questioned Ran.

"Well, Miki and I have bee having this weird dream for the past couple days." explained Su carefully.

"Oh my gosh! Me too!" replied Ran with wide eyes.

"Really?" questioned Miki.

"Yeah, wait! Was it when we were standing in some white room and there was this mysterious voice that told us about something like chara transformations not working?" rushed out Ran.

"Yeah! That's exactly it!" yelled Miki who got shushed by Su.

"O-oh and... didn't it mention us d-dissapearing?" replied Ran with worry.

"Yeah, I think so..." answered Miki.

"I-I don't want to leave you guys and Amu!" exclaimed Su sadly.

"Neither do we!" replied Ran.

"Hmm... I wonder if we'll get another dream that tells us more information." stated Miki curiously.

"Well then, I guess we'll have to see, won't we?" replied Su.

"Ok then, let's get to sleep then!" declared Ran.

"Night!" whispered Miki while climbing into her egg.

"Night!" replied Ran and Su simultaneously.