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Miki POV

Again. This dream. The exact same one. I woke up in the middle of the night. I glanced at Amu's watch. 1:05. It was the repeated dream she had every night for a week or so. 2 years wasn't that far away. The choice could be life threatening. At least to us charas. I couldn't keep it to myself anymore. I had to know what they thought. I quietly tip-toed out of my egg and quickly tapped on Ran's egg. I saw the edge crack a bit while a pair of eyes filled it up. "Miki?" asked Ran groggily. "Come on, special meeting. Closet." I answered firmly. Ran sighed as she climbed out of her egg and slowly float towards the closet. I told the same to Su while I met up with Ran. "Well, did you guys get the dream?" "No, we had a dream where we were eating hotdogs with Amu." answered Ran sarcastically. "Ok, ok. Well are we going to tell Amu or not?" I questioned. "Well, we don't want to frighten Amu just yet. And 2 years is quite an amount of time you know." suggested Su. "Ok, let's go to sleep." yawned Ran. "Whatever." I answered. "Night!-desu" replied Su.

Normal POV

Amu wakes up and heads to school quite on time for once. The sun was shining strongly while clouds were drifting by slowly. Near the school gate, there was a group of x-eggs. Amu quickly transformed and headed towards them. There was something different about the eggs. A few of them had different marks on them. After 20 minutes of capturing and purifying the eggs, Amu finally collapsed with exhaustion. "Oh no! I'm late!" cried Amu as she ran towards the school.

* Flashback ends*

It's 11:30 p.m. I slowly slips into my bed and turned off my lamp. A few minutes later, I drifted asleep. "Guardian of a chara. I am here to inform you. Time is ticking so I shall reveal now. There are 4 months left. You will be faced with a decision. Your charas know already. So here I shall say. You can either keep your charas, although you'll be powerless or get new powers but chara-less. Think over it. I will perhaps see you soooonnnnn..." a voice trailed on as my eyes shoot open. My body feels warm and strange. I think about the dream. I wondered if the other guardians got it too. What will I choose?

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