A/n: I'm sorry! I haven't done anything in a long time! Here is a
multi-chapter Jess/Darcy drabbles that will hopefully make up for it!
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Jess POV

I had had a crush on Darcy Hawthorne for almost five years.
I sometimes dreamt of the day he would finally ask me out.
When it finally happened, it was not how I imagined.

We were still in England, but leaving in a couple of hours. We were
actually about to leave for the airport.
Everyone was gathered in the hotel lobby waiting for the taxis.
Darcy took me aside.
He told me he had liked me for a long time.
He asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend.
I said yes.
He pulled me in for a hug.
I heard a faint awwing coming from the females.
I didn't care.
He was finally mine.
When I imagined Darcy Hawthorne asking me out, I pictured some big
romantic gesture complete with flowers, chocolates, cheesy music, and
every other cliché out there.
I have a vivid imagination.
Doesn't matter how he asked me out.
He's finally mine.