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Melting in summer? Or freezing in winter?
Jess POV

It was summer. I was melting. I was lying on my bed. We didn't have
air conditioning. Sigh. I looked at the ceiling and I saw a fly. Sigh.
Why do I keep sighing? Sigh.
What am I supposed to do in the middle of the summer with no air
conditioning to keep me cooled off?
"You could come with me to the pond to swim", a voice outside my
window said. Was I talking out loud?
I jumped out of bed and looked out the window. Darcy was sitting on
the roof. "How did you get there?" I asked.
"I have my ways. And yes, you were talking out loud.", he replied.
"Now, are you ready to go swimming or not?"
"Sure! Just let me grab a bathing suit.", I said.
"Meet me outside.", he said.
He climbed down the roof and I grabbed a bathing suit and went into
the bathroom to change into it. I grabbed my phone and shoes and told
my mom I was going swimming.
I left the house and saw Darcy at his car. On the other side of the
field. How did he get there so quickly? I started walking. Eventually
I made it to his car. I got in and he started driving to Walden Pond.
All of a sudden, the engine started making odd noises. Darcy's eyes
widened, and he pulled over. "What's going on?", I asked. "Engine
troubles.", he said. He got out to go check it out. The car started to
heat up pretty fast since the AC wasn't on anymore, so I got out.
There was a stream next to the road so I started playing around. I
heard laughter behind me. I turned around and saw Darcy snickering.
"What's so funny?", I said.
"You. The car pretty much broke down, and there you are, frolicking in
a stream off the side of the road.", he said.
"I'm not frolicking.", I said defensively. "I'm playing. There is a
He snorted and went back to working on the car. I continued PLAYING in
the stream. I saw a funny looking knobby thing and I picked it up. I
had no idea what it was. I asked Darcy what it was.
"That is the exact thing I need to fix the car. How did you get that?"
I told him, "I picked it up in the stream."
He looked incredulous, then took it and put it in the engine. He got
in the drivers seat and started the car. There were no sputtering
noises. He fixed the car. I got in and said, "Yay! It's fixed! Now we
can go swimming!"
He laughed and started driving. When we got there, we saw a bunch of
our friends there.
Funnily enough, they were all having car troubles. As a joke, Darcy
said I should bring them all to the stream to see if they could get
the parts for their cars. He told everyone the story, and they all
insisted that we take them there. When we got to the stream, they all
found the right car parts, which was a little weird. We all went back
to the pond and started swimming.
From then on, whenever anyone had car troubles, they went to the
stream. It never ran out, strangely. I was forever known as the girl
who discovered car part stream.

I woke up and started shivering. It was the middle of winter. A voice
outside my window asked if I wanted to go skating at Walden Pond. It
was Darcy.
It was all a dream. It was winter, not summer!
I wonder if the stream actually exists? I guess I'll find out on the
way to the pond...