Scar was still alive! But, he was in pretty bad shape. Simba was on a ledge a few feet above Scar. On his right was a rock that could easily crush him. If Simba pushed it Scar would be out of his life. But, Simba's no murderer. He watched Scar struggle to get up. With the way his hind legs look, he isn't getting up anytime soon. They're all limp and bloody. Simba heard calls, "Simba! Simba, where are you!"

That was his mother. He took a deep breath and shouted, "Help! Somebody please, help!"

Scar heard him. He didn't know what to say. Why is he helping me? That's all he could think about. Sarabi came down with a dazed Sarafina. She nuzzled Simba, then looked at Scar and growled. "No, he's hurt." Simba reassured.

Sarabi looked at confusingly. Sarafina seemed to understand. She went down to Scar and examined him. She reported, "His hind legs are broken."

Sarabi nodded. She sighed, "We'll have to bring him back to Pride Rock." She roared and other lioness came down. They started helping Scar up. Sarabi picked up Simba and headed back home.

Next Morning…

Scar slept outside the den. His hind legs had herbs put on them; the herbs were wrapped up in giant leaves, which were wrapped around his legs. Rafiki said that he had to stay off of his legs for a while.

He didn't really mind that his legs were broken. But, he did mind that all the lionesses would give him dirty looks. The only one who didn't was Simba. He would always ask him if he was fine. As much as Scar hated him, he was glad to get a little bit of company.

He heard noises inside of the den. Simba poked his head out. Scar groaned quietly. In reality though he actually enjoyed Simba's company, they never reached one of those awkward silences. Simba came up to him and asked, "I don't know if this is private but, who's 'him'?"

Scar picked up his head. He answered, "Well, he was my father as well as your daddy."

Simba remembered now, "Dad actually said something about him. His name is Ahadi, right?"

Scar nodded. "Well dad doesn't talk about him much." Simba continued, "He said that he was great but, he was really cold-hearted."

It got quiet after a while. Scar couldn't believe that his brother, his very own brother would say that. He was paw-chosen by their father to be king. It just doesn't make sense. Simba broke the silence, "He told me that he injured someone. Is that how you got your scar?"

Scar touched his scar. For the first time in years he felt sentimental. I guess it's because, someone finally understands. Or at least even ask anything about me.

Scar sighed, "Yes, it's true."

Simba wanted to ask something but, was afraid he wouldn't answer it. Scar caught on to Simba's expression. He asked, "What?"

"Can you tell me how his reign was? You know, maybe it'll help me." Simba asked.

This was very different for Scar. He has never had someone act so kind to him. Well, except….Mufasa. Maybe this'll be a good time for a change.

Scar answered, "Well, I don't think you'd be interested."

Simba scooted over to Scar and lay right next to him. Scar chuckled, "Alright, well it all started…."

Out in the Savannah, Rafiki was in his baobab tee laughing. He seemed to be painting something. He chuckled once more and whispered, "I just knew it."

He moved away from his painting, revealing an adult lion with a black mane, looking down at a cub…smiling.

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