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Near to You Part Two

They stood frozen in their respective spots. She still stood by the Pepsi machine and he by the surgical board. They stared at each other for what felt like minutes, but in reality was only a few seconds until Mark broke their eye contact. He took long quick strides towards her, "In my office. Now." He demanded.

Lexie only nodded and followed him to his office. Neither of them said a word to each other until his office door closed behind them. "So…" Lexie took a deep breath before she continued, "You're just visiting Seattle, huh?" She asked, as she crossed her arms over her chest, "You are head of Plastics, Mark! I wouldn't call that just visiting. You have an office of God's sake."

"I wasn't exactly lying." Mark told her defensively. "I don't know if I'm staying in Seattle permanently."

"You have a fucking office." Lexie snapped back. "Why did you tell me you were just visiting?" She furred her eyebrows in confusion, "And why do you live in a hotel? Or do you just have one so you can easily hook up with women?" She demanded. She was livid, first there was all the crap with Meredith and now she found out this man was lying to her face.

Mark sighed, leaning sitting on his desk, "I live in the hotel so I can have an easy out if I ever want to leave Seattle. I don't know why you are so mad anyway. You are the one who snuck out in the morning." He shot back.

"I hardly snuck out. I left you a note. And my number. It's not my fault you didn't call." Lexie retorted.

"Look…We both knew what that night was. You are the one who thought I was just visiting. That is why we had sex, isn't it? You're mom just died and you wanted to screw the pain away and you didn't want to deal with it the next morning. That's why you didn't wake me up before you left. You wanted a one night stand that night and you got one. I told you I was just visiting and you never expected to see me again. So don't act like I'm an asshole for not telling you the entire truth, because even though you thought I was visiting you fucked me anyway."

She sighed, almost angrily; knowing he was right, "I'm sorry, okay? I'm not mad at you. We both knew that night what we were doing. I know I never expected to see you again. Just everything is shit right now. And Meredith hates me….I'm sorry." She repeated, "I'm just having a crappy day and I'm taking it out on you."

"I get it. You've been through a lot lately…" Mark told her. "It's okay. I probably should have told you that I kind of live here." He scratched the back of his neck. "Is Grey your resident?" He smirked, "Because that is completely normal. All residents hate their interns."

"Yang is my resident." Lexie explained. "Meredith is my sister…Well…She's my half-sister. I've just met her and she hates me."

"You are Meredith's half-sister?" Mark asked, noticing her name badge for the first time. Alexandra Grey. Meredith Grey. Holy shit. He fucked his (former?) best friend's girlfriend's half-sister.

"Oh please don't tell me you care that Meredith is my sister." Lexie almost pleaded. "Everyone here is looking like I have a damn third eye or something because I'm Meredith Grey's half-sister. Why does everyone at this damn hospital care so much? Meredith doesn't seem to care, why the does everyone else?

"I don't…I'm just surprised." Mark shook his head thinking of the irony. He wondered what Meredith would think if she knew just how similarly her little sister started off in intern year as she did. "People are giving you a hard time?" He asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Feels like it, yeah." Lexie told him, "Yang and Meredith are friends, aren't they?" Mark nodded, "I figured. I think Yang hates me even more than the other interns because I'm Meredith's sister." She sighed, "I wish I was in Boston. I was all ready to do my intern year at Mass Gen and my gets the hiccups and dies and now I'm here." She rubbed her temples, "I'm sorry." She apologized to him again, "I keep on unloading on you."

"It's okay." Mark told her. "The first day of your intern year is always stressful. Other than everything with Meredith how is it going?"

"Fine, I guess. I've worked with a few interesting patients." She fiddled with her fingers, "I should probably get going…I'm an intern I should be busy interning…right?" Lexie laughed nervously. "I'm sure you are busy too."

"Today has actually been kind of quiet…" Mark told her as he followed her to the door. "And look…I know what it is like to be the black sheep of Seattle Grace…" He paused, taking a deep breath, "So if you ever need to talk…" He told her, leaning against the space next the door.

"Thank you…" Lexie's hand was on the door handle. "I really appreciate that…" She made no effort to open the door instead she leaned towards Mark and kissed him. "Thank you." She repeated, still making no effort in leaving his office. Closing her eyes, she kissed him again.

Mark hands snuck under lab coat, finding their place on the waist band of her scrub pants. His lips went to her neck, and he beard tickled her check when you whispered, "Your welcome." In her ear. He pressed her against his office door.

"Owe!" Lexie yelped out in pain, but then laughed, moving to the left, "Door knob." She smiled through his kiss as she wrapped her arms around his neck, while his hands continued to play with the waist band of her scrub pants. "We probably shouldn't do this…" She breathed out as Mark's hand pushed itself under her pants. "I'm an intern…" She managed out before he kissed her. "You're an attending…" She gasped when his fingers looped around the elastic band of her underwear. "It's against the rules?"

Mark's fingers stayed looped around her panty's waist band, "If you want me to stop…Tell me to stop…" His lips brushed across hers, then went to her neck. "Tell me to stop." He kissed her jaw line, his beard scratching her skin.

"Sto…" Lexie closed her eyes, "Don't stop. Please…Mark. Don't you dare stop." She opened her eyes, her hands going to the waist band of his scrubs, pulling them down. She moaned in pleasure and surprise when his hand slipped under her underwear and quickly pushed two fingers into her hot center. "Mark!" She gasped when he curled his fingers inside her. "I need you…" She whimpered as he pumped his fingers. She quickly pulled down his briefs, grabbing a gentle hold of his cock.

"Fuck…" Mark gritted through his teeth as Lexie stroked him. He pulled his hand out of her pants, sucking her juices from his fingers before pulling down her scrub pants, along with her underwear. "You are gorgeous." He whispered as he studied her. Her pants and underwear were around her ankles, she was only wearing her scrub top and lab coat; he smirked when he saw her knees shaking in anticipation. He kissed her again as he entered her.

Lexie moaned his name into his kiss. She grabbed his shoulders for leverage, as she felt her legs grow weak. "Harder." She whispered in to his ear before kissing him. Her fingers ran themselves through his hair. She gasped sharply when he hit that certain spot and her eyes squeezed shut as his mouth claimed hers to stifle her moans as she came. With one final thrust he released himself inside her.

Mark kissed her once again before pulling himself out from inside her and he took a step back to pull up his pants. He smirked as he looked at Lexie, who was leaning against his office door, her eyes closed, breathing heavily and her pants and underwear still sitting around her ankles. "You okay?" He asked with an amused look on his face.

Lexie laughed, opening her eyes, "Yeah, I'm fine…I just need to catch my breath. I just…" She blushed, realizing her pants were still around her ankles. She quickly bent down, pulling them up. She smiled slightly, not looking Mark in the eyes, "No has ever made me feel like this before. " She admitted, "I mean I've had good sex before…" Her blush deepened. "Just never like that…I…" She was interrupted by the sound of her pager going off. "Damn…" She looked down. "I have…"

"I know." Mark nodded, "Go." Lexie grabbed the door knob, about to leave, when Mark stopped her, "Lexie, wait."

She looked back, "Yeah?"

"Come to my hotel room after your shift…If you want to."

She smiled, "I want to." She nodded, "I'll be there. I'll see you then." She took a quick peek outside the office to be sure no one would see her exiting an attending's office.

Mark rubbed that back of his neck, fighting the urge to smile. He liked this girl. He barely knew her, but he liked her. A lot. He quickly tried to think of any obvious flaws Lexie Grey had. He couldn't think of any on top of his head. She was an intern. That could be a problem. And she was Meredith Grey's half-sister. Now that, he know would be a problem. Not with him with him, of course, but he could only imagine what Derek would have to say about it. He sighed at the sound of his pager starting to beep.

He left his office, trying to push all thoughts of Lexie Grey out of his mind. But he knew that was something easier said than done.

Lexie couldn't hide the smile that tugged on her lips as she walked in quick long strides to the Pit. Mark Sloan fucked her into such a good mood she didn't even care if Yang yelled at her for taking too long. Though she knew even if she had gotten their right away, Yang would still find something to yell or complain about.

She brought lab coat sleeve up to her noose, not being able to resist smelling it, wondering if she smelt like sex and Doctor Mark Sloan. She nearly giggled when she realized she did. It smelt delicious; the mixture of Mark and sex scents was nearly intoxicating. She just hoped no one else could smell it.

"Three! Get over here now!" Cristina Yang snapped, "What the hell took you so long?"

"I was assisting a patient." Lexie quickly said the first lie that popped in her mind. "Sorry." She apologized.

"Whatever. I need you to suture that patient's arm." She pointed off to a corner, "And don't screw up, because I don't have time to correct your mistakes." Cristina glared at Lexie before stomping off.

Lexie watched her stomp off for a second, before turning to her patient and the middle aged man a friendly smile. "Hi. I'm Dr. Grey." Lexie introduced herself, "I will be your doctor today."

"Hey." Mark stood behind Derek Shepherd in the cafeteria line. "How's your day going?" He asked as he scanned that day's menu. The club sandwich was defiantly the most appetizing thing to him on the menu that day.

"Fine." Derek said shortly be he ordering a plate spaghetti and two breadsticks. "Yours?" He asked, though he looked extremely annoyed.

"Good." Mark told him after he asked for a club sandwich and French fries. "It's been a slow day, so it's good." Mark never understood why many of the surgeons at Seattle Grace hospital wanted a busy surgery day. If it was a busy day that means people are hurt, why would someone else be hurt?

"Mhmm…" Derek barley responded before grabbing his tray and walking off and took a seat next to Meredith and her friends.

Mark sighed, grabbing his tray, deciding to eat in his office. Alone. He wasn't an idiot. Derek was pissed at him. Derek had always sucked at hiding his emotions. He understood, he guessed. He had fucked up a lot. He fucked Derek's wife, on several different occasions. Mark was sure Derek had somehow forgiven him for that. But then Addison told Derek that Mark had 'cheated' on her, and now Derek was pissed at him all over again. Of course, Addison left out the part where she fucked Alex Karev.

Mark had been tempted to tell Derek the truth. That he didn't cheat on Addison. That is was Addison who cheated on him. But he was used to being the bad guy; it was just easier that way. That was how Derek and everyone else saw him, so it was probably true.

He tried to ignore the lingering feeling of fear and anxiety of when Lexie would find out what kind of guy he was. And he knew she would, this was Seattle Grace, after all.

"Meredith?" Lexie asked cautiously as she walked up to her older half-sister, who was filling out a patient's chart at the nurses' station. She felt herself wince when she saw Meredith sigh and roll her eyes. "Can I talk to you for a second?" She asked, kicking herself when she felt her voice waiver.

"What do you want Lexie?" Meredith asked, slamming her pencil down on the patient's chart. She turned to Lexie, her eyes glaring.

"I…I…I just…"

Meredith rolled her eyes again, "Spit it out Lexie. I don't have all day." She snapped. Meredith knew she was being cruel, but frankly, she didn't care.

"I just wanted to apologize. I shouldn't have sprung the whole, 'Hi, I'm your sister' thing on you like I did. Especially in ambulance bay. I was just…Really nervous to finally meet you." Lexie offered Meredith a small smile, "Ever since I found out about you a couple of years ago I wanted to meet you…"

"I'm going to stop you right there." Meredith held up a hand, "I don't want to know you. You will always be the girl that my dad chose. He abandoned me and he chose you. I don't ever want to know you."

Lexie nodded, "Okay…" She said nothing else, instead she just walked away, blinking away tears as she walked out of the hospital.

Mark checked his clock again. He sighed, wondering what the hell was wrong with him. No women, not even Addison, had ever made him this nervous. He couldn't fully comprehend what he was feeling. He just met Lexie. He didn't even really know her. But he wanted to. He wanted to know her. To really know her, not just now her like he knew half of the nursing staff at the hospital.

He grabbed a room service menu from the night stand, guessing she would probably hungry after her first day of her intern year. That was another thing. Lexie was an intern. Mark had fucked countless nurses, residents, and attendings, but he had never slept with an intern. Until now. He lay back onto the bed. He turned to his head to the side, her perfume still lingered on the pillow next to him. It was faint, it had been two days, but he could still smell the floral scent. He closed his eyes, remembering the morning after, when he woke up and she was gone.

The first thing he had noticed when he woke up and stretched his arm to the right was the absence of Lexie's body next to him. His eyes opened, to see he was alone in bed.

He sat up, looking around the room. Her shoes were gone. So was her dress. He has surprised himself when he actually frowned. He had been upset that she left. That never happened to him. Usually, he was the one to do the leaving. He got up from bed, naked; he made his way to the bathroom.

It was then he saw her hand written note on the coffee table.

I had to go and I didn't want to wake you up. Thank you for last night. It was amazing.


Her number was written beneath her name. Had considered calling her. But he quickly figured she didn't really want to hear from him. She had left before he woke up, after all.

He was torn from his thoughts when he heard a soft knock at the door. He jumped up from his spot on his bed and opened the door. "Hi." He smiled.

"Hi." Lexie gave him a small smile back, even though she felt like crying.

"Come on in." Mark moved to the side so Lexie could walk in hotel room, "How did your first day go?" He asked, shutting the door behind her.

"Long." Lexie kicked her shoes off and placed her coat and purse on the couch before plopping herself down on his bed, "God it feels good to lay down." Shutting her eyes, she stretched herself out on his bed. Her eyes quickly snapped back open, "I'm sorry." She apologized, "This is rude of me…" She sat up. "I shouldn't have just made myself at home like that."

Mark laughed, "Its fine. I remember how exhausted I was after my first day. Lay back down." He sat down on the bed next to her as she gladly lay back down.

"This bed is so comfortable." Lexie snuggled against a pillow. "How was your day?"

"Was pretty good ever since I fucked you against my office door." He told her with a smirk. "How's it going with Yang being your resident?"

"I can tell she is a brilliant surgeon, but she has no interest in teaching interns. And she hates me." Lexie told him as she turned to face him, "I have to say you fucking me in your office was the highlight of my day."

"Well, I would certainly hope so…" Mark told her as he brushed some hair behind her ear, "How are things with Meredith?"

"She hates me." Lexie whispered, turning away from him, knowing if she looked him in the eye, she would cry. "She told me she doesn't want to know me. She said I would always be the girl that our father chose…" She sighed, "Was I totally naïve for thinking she would want to know me? That she wouldn't hate me? I understand that she would be angry with my dad. But I never thought she would be so angry with me. Am I an idiot?"

"No." Mark told her, "You don't know Meredith. She is just…" He paused thinking of what Meredith calls herself, "Dark and twisty. She doesn't function like a normal human being. Part of it is because your dad, but it's mostly because of her mom. It's not you that is the issue, it's her." He paused, "Maybe just give her some space. Maybe she'll come around?"

She sighed, running her fingers through her hair, "Maybe you are right…I will try to give her space."

"You hungry? We can order some room service." He grabbed the menu, "Here's a menu…"

"I'm starving." Lexie took the menu from him, "Cheese burger, Cajun fries, and a Pepsi?" She sat up, "I need to get my purse. I should have enough cash…"

Mark grabbed her arm, pulling her back down on the bed, "Don't worry about it. I got it." Before she could respond he picked up the phone, dialing '0' for room service and ordered them both supper. "Thank you." He said into the phone receiver and then hung up the phone, "It should be here in about fifteen minutes."

"Thank you. You don't have to pay for my supper. I can pay." Lexie told him, propping herself up on her elbow.

"I got it. You are an intern, you're broke." He smirked, "I'm an attending, I'm rich."

Lexie bit her bottom lip nervously, "Why exactly did you ask me here, Mark?"

He shrugged, "I'm not really sure. I just know I like being with you. I want to get to know you…"

"You're an attending and I'm an intern…" She smiled a little, "I'm not so sure if me being here is very appropriate…" Her smiled disappeared. "I've been at Seattle Grace for a day and I've already heard things…" Mark winced, here it comes… "About Meredith and a Dr. Shepherd?" She told him. "I've heard people say the only reason Meredith got some of the surgeries she got is because she was sleeping with him. I don't want to go through that." She told him honestly. "I want people to know I'm a good surgeon because of my surgical talent. Not my…" She paused, blushing, "Sexual talent." She frowned, "I do have sexual talent, right?"

"You are going to be one hell of a surgeon if you have half the surgical talent as you do sexual talent." Mark smirked. "As for everyone else…" He paused, sighing; it was now or never, "What if they didn't know?"

"Didn't know what?" Lexie asked, unsure where exactly he was going with this.

"I'm not sure." Mark told her honestly, "We can just see where this goes. No one has to know, so if nothing comes out of you and me, it won't matter."

"And if something does?"

Mark shrugged, "We'll figure out when or if it happens."

Lexie's fingers went to his scruff, smiling, "Okay…No has to know."