July 23rd 11:00pm

Hiii it's Jas. I also write a diary but every one seems to like Georgia's i had such a good day with my boyfriend went swimming in the lake,in the center of the looks so good in his trunks,I went so 's my first and only boyfriend but i'm happy because i love him he loves me.
Night xx

24th of July 11:00am

We broke up from school 2 days ago.I'm meeting the Ace Gang today then going rambling again with Tom.
Luigi's cafe 13:00pm

"So whats the plan,how am i going to trap Masimo"Georgia was always after some ,Tom has texted me yay.
Hi babe soz can't make the ramble 2day.I promised Robbie i'd go swimming with him and Linsey.I can't leave him alone with her can i?Hope u understand luv ya xx Tom "Guys I don't have to leave early,Tom is going swimming with Robbie and Linsey,don't worry Gee it doesn't sound like Robbie wants to be there."
"I'm so over him Jas,sometimes i really think your half turnip."
Here we go again,of course she hasn't got over like a baboon, she can't control her red bottom!Hahahahaha god I'm funny.
"Lets go to the park"Rosie was dying to go and watch Sven kick a football around.
As we walked to the park,we did that linky uppy thing ,where you all link up and can't break the chain.
Park 13:29

We were all sat under the tree,when I saw them.A tall,pretty,olive skinned girl grabbed Tom's! hand and ran off with were laughing.
"Errm jas... i was just ... you know wondering... -"Oh god I couldn't be doing with Ellen and her dithering.
"I'm going home."I sprinted away from the flowing from my bloodshot eyes.
How could he do this?I've decided to ignore him and not speak to him for 48 was could I do it.

July 24th
Just got back from a brill day with i couldn't do it. We got up to number can he do this?No it might just be inocent right?
Night xx
July 25th
Bathroom sobbing
Tom blew me off again,(to go swimming with Robbie and Linsey)so me and Gee went and followed met up with the same girl at the Robbie and Linsey joined them,Tom and his gf kissed each other on the cheeks whilst Robbie and Linsey snogged and got up to number went tense beside both ran home in floods of tears.
On the phone to Georgie
"I was crying for you Jassie"
"Of course you were Gee"
"It's not like i actually like him."
"Yes you do GeeGee"
"Well what are you going to do about Tom.
"You can't belive hes not two-timing you."
"Everyones innocent till proven cheaty"
"Your so naieve Jas."
"Robbie is at my door"
"Gang meeting at HQ"
Robbie told Georgia he loved her!Shes meeting him at the Phoenix Bar now.
Night xx
July 26th
Georgia's house.
"When i got there he grabbed me and did number 6,then he told me he loved me but couldn't get rid of Linsey."
"What did you say?"
"I said 'why did you touch her'?"
"What did Robbie say?"
"He left"
"What are we going to do Gee?"
"I don't know Jas."