Going to be set in Season Five when Castiel is cut off from Heaven and they do not know about Gabriel being an Archangel…I'm going to change things up a little bit…at least where Gabriel is concerned.

Plot: Sam and Dean are on a hunt which they assume is the Trickster and after a night in a motel, the hunters wake up to find that they've been turned into dogs and find Castiel with them, turned into a cat. What adventures will come as the Winchester's find their way home to Bobby's.

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. . .

Sam. Brown Newfoundland (crazy long hair)

Dean. German Shepherd (obviously)

Castiel: Long-Haired Black n' White Cat (with big blue eyes)

Gabriel: Golden Retriever

. . .

"Sammy!" Dean shouted and instantly, Sam jumped up to his feet, glancing around for whatever attacker may be present. From the sound of his brother's voice, something was very wrong. His heart raced in his chest and that was when he realized they were outside somewhere. He blinked a few times as he gazed around at the bright sunlight beaming onto the Impala in the parking lot. Dark green leaves on the trees rustled in the wind and the long grass beside the parking lot swayed. He could hear the sounds of birds chirping and other creatures scuttling in the woods surrounding them. He took a deep breath and was instantly impaled by an array of scents; pine, cedar, copper, fresh cut grass…coffee, burgers, ketchup, mustard and so many more he couldn't begin to point them out.

He turned in confusion at how he could smell so many things and why he felt so low to the ground. His eyes stopped when they set on a young German Shepherd dog beside the Impala. He was a beautiful light tan color with black over his back and snout. His ears and tail were pointed up and alert as he stared at Sam with big, worried emerald eyes. Those eyes stuck out to him for some reason.

"Sammy?" the dog asked and Sam jumped back, alarmed that the dog just spoke to him.

"What the hell?" Sam asked, realizing now that he felt really hot beneath his skin. He instantly went to check his pocket for a knife or something silver. He froze when he glanced down to see very furry paws beneath him.

"Sam?" the German Shepherd asked again and that was when Sam realized it was Dean's voice. He turned wild eyes to the dog…or Dean.

He then whirled around to see a very long and very fluffy brown tail attached to him. He could literally feel how long and thick the coat of fur was on his body. He turned back to Dean "What the hell?" he asked again.

Dean visibly relaxed, his tail lowering and ears flopping down slightly "What kind of dog are you?" he asked as he paced around.

Sam knit his eyebrows and tried to see his body. All he could see was a lot of dark brown fur.

"You're asking what kind of dog I am? Seriously Dean? Not like…I don't know…'what the hell is wrong with us'?" Sam asked, feeling irritated.

Dean sighed, realizing it sounded more like a low growl "Well…for one…I know what's wrong with us…apparently we were turned into dogs; two…what case are we on?" he knew what it was.

Sam stared down when he remembered "Trickster," he said, wondering if they were barking or actually talking.

"Exactly," Dean said "and I have no idea if we are in another universe or if he just did some other kind of mojo."

Dean paced around the Impala and turned to see his reflection. He grinned as much as he could as a dog "Damn I am one sexy German Shepherd," he said.

"Seriously Dean? How about we try and figure this out," Sam said, more annoyance seeping into him.

Dean turned to him and stared over his big, puffy brown coat. He figured it was ironic consider the length of his hair. It was actually funny "You're just jealous that I'm a bad-ass German Shepherd and your…just a big ball of fur."

Sam rolled his eyes and curiously stared at himself in the reflection of the sleek black paint. He tilted his head slightly as he examined the long, dark fur and body size. He was a younger dog like Dean but he was somewhat larger both in height and mass. He turned back to Dean "I think I'm a Newfoundland."

"And you know what that is…how?" Dean questioned.

Sam shrugged, turning back to his reflection "I like dogs."

Dean just stared at the big, hairy brother of his "Bitch," he mumbled, letting out a barking laugh "Bitch…get it…female dog?"

Sam just stared at him "Really?"

Dean still grinned "That is funny…you know it," he said.

"Can we be serious now?" Sam asked, sitting on the pavement of the parking lot. He scanned the area for anyone that could possibly be the Trickster but there wasn't anybody around. They were in a crappy, rundown part of town.

Dean glanced at the motel then around to the woods. He could smell cheeseburgers and it was making his stomach growl. He was starving. He froze when he saw movement rustling in the grass beside them. Instantly, he tensed up and lowered his upper body to the ground. He wasn't sure if it came naturally to him or what but he knew he was in a pouncing position.

"Dean," Sam said, trying to catch his attention.

Dean lowered "There is something moving over there," he said, pointing his nose towards the rustling. He felt all of his muscles tense once more when he saw a small, black and white head poke out from the grass.

"Cat," he said, his entire body suddenly screaming at him to chase it "Cat!" he shouted again and before he could regain control of his body, his muscles sprang into action. He could feel the wind whipping through his fur as he bounded towards the small, black and white cat.

He watched the cat's eyes meet his and then a screech as the cat leapt up into the air, the hair on it's back standing up and tail puffy out. Then it started to run and that was when Dean lost it. He needed to chase this cat; and he did. He chased that hissing and screeching cat across the parking lot until it reached a tree and clawed its way onto a branch just out of his reach.

Dean jumped up, barking at the cat, who reared back, hair standing, and ears pressed against its head. It hissed angrily, spit flaring.

Dean stopped for a moment, trying to think of a way to get up there. He didn't want to hurt the cat… he just wanted to chase it and play. He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down. He stared up at the cat, whose bright, absurdly blue eyes glared down at him.

"Dean, knock it off…seriously," Sam said as he ran over to where Dean had the cat up in the tree.

Dean stuck his big, long tongue out at him then turned back to the cat, which was now standing up straight with his head tilted.

"Dean?" the cat asked.

Dean jumped back, bumping into Sam, who gave a growl "Castiel?" he asked.

Sam stared at the cat "Cas? You're a cat?"

Castiel just stared down at them "I suppose I am. I just woke in this form then I was chased up this tree."

Dean stared down as he let his furry butt press onto the pavement "Sorry about that."

Sam turned to Dean "The Trickster is even able to mess with an angel? This is not good."

"A Trickster?" Castiel asked, the tip of his tail flickering in agitation "No…a Trickster wouldn't be this powerful."

Sam turned to him "Come on…jump down. I don't want to keep staring up to talk to you."

Castel stared down for a moment before noticing how fragile his bones were in this body. He shook his head "I am afraid that this body will not withstand the fall."

Dean turned to Sam "Looks like your barkin' up the wrong tree," he said, grinning in pride as he turned to Sam, who just stared at him. Dean sighed, annoyed that nobody ever like his jokes. He turned back up to Castiel, who was staring at the ground.

Dean stared up into those wide, blue eyes "You'll land on your feet. Cats always land on their feet."

"How are you so sure?" Castiel asked, twitching when he felt something itch on his ear. He stared down into those emerald eyes.

"Because it's true; you're an angel? Aren't you supposed to know about this stuff?" Dean asked, feeling the urge to jump up at that swinging tail.

"I may be an angel but that does not mean I spend my time watching felines," Castiel said, backing up slightly on the branch.

"How is an angel afraid of heights?" Dean asked "Don't you, like, fly everywhere?"

Castiel just stared at them with a look that said 'don't be so immature.'

"Castiel…I promise you'll be fine. If you want, you can land on Sammy. He is really fluffy," Dean suggested, turning to Sam, who arched a doggy brow.

Castiel took another look down and then to Sam, who was a very big and fluffy dog. Sam shook his head, his ears flopping around before walking over to where Castiel was up in the tree. He stood there perfectly still "Okay jump."

Dean watched as Castiel leapt from the tree and the urge to chase him ran through his veins but he refrained from doing so. Sam let out a yelp as the black and white cat landed on his back, and he jumped slightly.

As Castiel landed on Sam's back, he had let his claws expand and he instantly felt back when they dug through the fur and skin on the big dog's back. He quickly jumped off of Sam and walked across the ground, trying to get used to the feeling of fur.

"Can't you get us out of here?" Dean asked, staring down at the cat, who was sitting between them with a twitching tail.

"Dean, I have tried," Castiel said "This is something bigger than what I can do. You seem to forget that I am cut off from Heaven," the tip of his tail twitched and those big blue eyes held irritation.

"Calm down," Dean said "I was just asking."

"You said a Trickster shouldn't be this powerful?" Sam asked, staring down at the cat. At least he was used to staring down at others. Even as a dog, he couldn't.

"Hey you're wearing a collar," Dean noticed around Castiel's neck. There was a little, light blue collar with shimmering crystals across the material. There was a little bell and a tag on a keyring at the end.

Castiel tried to stare down then tried to grab at it but that did nothing. He didn't have opposable thumbs. Dean leaned down towards the cat and was surprised when he could literally smell Castiel. He wasn't sure how to describe the smell, only that it was recognizable. He peered at the tag and let out a laugh when he read the name on the tag.

"What does it say?" Castiel asked, trying to stare down at it again.

Dean leaned back "It says 'Angel'," he laughed.

Castiel just stared at him blankly "What is so funny about this, Dean?"

Dean turned to Sam, who was also just staring "Sammy, you have a collar too," Dean said, feeling excitement as he jumped over to him. Sam let out a small growl before relaxing to allow Dean to read the name.

Dean barked a laugh at the name on Sam's big, dark brown leather collar "Moose," he said "Shoulda' figured. You look like a moose."

"Let's see what yours says," Sam said, taking a step towards Dean, who sat down and lifted his head to let his collar show.

"First of all," Sam said "It's pink," he snickered as he leaned in to inspect the heart-shaped charm on his neck "Big Boy."

"It's pink?" Dean growled in annoyance.

Sam laughed and turned back to Castiel, who was sitting there perfectly still, tail twitching slightly as he watched them.

"Have any idea what we can do?" Sam asked.

"We should try and let somebody know who we are," Castiel said.

"Bobby," Dean said "Bobby is smart enough to figure it out."

"We are like, three states away," Sam said "I don't think any of us can actually drive."

"We walk," Dean said "Two dogs and a cat on an adventure to get home…what does that sound like to you?"

Sam shook his head "I don't know."

"Homeward Bound!" Dean said as if it were the most common thing in the world "That's probably his game…play our roles."

Castiel and Sam just stared at him for a moment "Well, let's get going…we need to try and find this guy," Sam said "Cas, any idea who he could be if it's not a Trickster?"

"Squirrel!" Dean shouted when he saw a puffy tail in the grass. His body reacted before his mind could and in seconds, he was across the parking lot, chasing the fluffy tail through the woods.

Sam sighed and stared down "This is going to be a long trip," he said, fighting his own urge to run with Dean and chase the stupid squirrel. They didn't just look like dogs…they were acting like them.

. . .

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