Mario and Luigi vs PETA

Why is it Mario and Luigi can kill tons of animals without feeling any guilt? Find out why...this is a remake of one of the comics I used for my webcomic Amy the elf which can be seen on my deviantart account Ilovecomicstrips45. The only difference is that this story uses Mario characters.

Luigi was going to meet Mario at the coffee shop when suddenly he heard an insult from a turtle koopa.

"Hey human!" cried the turtle. "You suck!"

Luigi then turned to the turtle. "I beg your pardon?

"You heard me." cried the turtle. "You humans are a goddamn've lived on Earth right? I've heard of the way that you humans treat Earth. Racism, war...pollution. I'm so glad in the Mushroom Kingdom there's so few of you!

At this Luigi softened. "Well you know what? I apologize for my ways. As long as I'm staying here, let me adjust to your ways...What do you animals do to solve your problems instead of fighting? Are you all vegan, shall I turn vegertarian for you?"

"Huh...oh...animals fight too and we go out to war too, I'm a soldier for King Koopa aren't I? True it's only nature that animals hunt and kill for food and there's nothing wrong with that...but as we've evolved we've found more destructive ways of doing that...with us animals...murder's increased a lot more with us I think. On a regular basis in fact. We have to kill for our food in some seeing as how there tons of species of animals. There's tons more racism...or specism...I should say."

Luigi was quite angered at this comment. "Well what about pollution? What's your alternative to that?"

"Oh we pollute we've become much more evolved so has our quest for power. And with power has come the consequences."

Luigi was super pissed off now. "Well what right do you animals have to blame my species for all the problems in the world! FUCK YOU!" Luigi gave the middle finger to the turtle and walked off in a huff. The turtle widened his eyes in fright.

Luigi was trying to calm down in the coffee shop.

"I don't believe it..." Luigi sighed. "Who'd have thought if animals ever ran the world. They'd make the same disasters humans do or maybe even worse? I'll never listen to a word PETA says again!"

"Now you're learning!" Mario smiled. "Everybody fights with everyone, DESPITE your species. You should've known that!"

"Being a human rules." Luigi smiled. "Blinky Bill can kiss my ass."