The StarKids were reunited with Darren for the first time in ages. He'd managed to get some time off from Glee, and seen as though Apocalyptour was now finished, they figured that this would be the perfect time for a get-together. Joining Darren was Brian, Dylan, Joe Walker and Joey (who had made the trip over from LA with Darren) Denise, Meredith, Jaime, Lauren and Julia. All of them had brought drinks along for a little party, and they'd ordered unfathomable amounts of pizzas. They spent most of the day chilling in the middle of the lounge watching DVDs and talking about future and past musicals.

"So Darren, what the hell is that thing you've got around your neck?" Jaime asked, perking her head up from her pillow.
"Oh, this?"
He held it up for inspection "It's just a necklace that a fan gave me. It's pretty neat really."

All of the StarKids clambered over to see it. It appeared to be in the shape of a planet, but not one that any of them could recognise (Julia suggested that it was Pigfarts, but Lauren corrected her immediately, stating that Pigfarts was definitely pink.) It was gold plated, and it had a green gem at the core of the planet.

"Dude, that's awesome! Jeez, your fans really love you, that must've cost a fortune!" Joey beamed.
"I know, I'm so grateful to the lot of them. But this, it's just really weird. The gem at the centre seems to glow brightly all of a sudden, all by itself. I mean, it doesn't even have a battery." Darren said, examining the object clinging to his neck.
"Maybe it's glow in the dark?" Dylan suggested.
"No man, it does it all the time, even in the light. The fan that gave it to me, she seemed to be pretty glad to be relieved of it really, she was pretty quiet. I mean, really quiet. She came up to me, said nothing, looked me dead in the eye and handed it to me, then ran off."
"Ah, she must've just been scared by your domineering height and stature."
Walker giggled, nudging Brian in the arm slightly who laughed back at Darren.
"Yeah yeah, very funny guys." Darren said sarcastically "I've heard it all befo…."

But before Darren could finish his sentence a large buzz began to erupt from his necklace. The gem inside the planet began to glow exceedingly brightly, causing everyone to yell and back off into different corners of the room.

"Woah, Darren, what the hell is going on!" Screamed Julia and Denise, huddling back into the sofa.
"I don't know! It's never done this before!"
"Darren, just take it off"
Joe shouted from behind the coffee table.

Darren reached round to the latch at the back of his neck. He pulled at the clamp, but the necklace just buzzed louder and a huge force pushed his hands away from the chain.

" I can't do it! It won't let me!" he shouted back at the StarKids
"Ok, joke over, stop this now Darren, it's not funny anymore." Lauren yelled, as she clung to Joey's arm.
"Lauren, I'm not joking about, I have no idea what's going on!"

The necklace continued to buzz all the louder. The StarKids were all looking around petrified. Joe and Dylan were huddled over by the coffee table, Jaime, Denise and Julia were crowded onto the sofa, Joey and Lauren were to the left of the TV in a heap and Brian and Meredith were spread against the wall. Darren ran across to the door, yanking at the chain to try and get it from his neck, but nothing would work. He couldn't see anymore, the green light from his chest was now blocking his view; he tried to look for the StarKids, but he couldn't even tell whereabouts he was anymore. The noise from the gem grew louder and louder and the heat from the stone was now beginning to burn at his chest; he knew something was about to happen. At the top of his voice, he cried to his friends:


Bang. Darkness.