The Jaime-fied Darren sprinted outside towards the backyard, quickly pursued by a gaggle of frantic StarKids. His new plan had filled him with a sudden excitement and adrenaline that pushed him faster towards the yard than anyone else; the plan, he thought, would finally set everything right, and the idea that all of his friends would get out of this mess unscathed spurred him on all the more. He jumped the small patio outside the back door and then dived into a shed that was mostly filled with old props from past shows, but he knew that the StarKids also stored tools in there to build sets. The remainder of the StarKids gathered cautiously on the concrete, observing Jaime's frantic body tumbling through the mess of the shed, each looking from one to another to find out what was going on.

"I remember…" Darren spluttered, rummaging through the mess "something the fan said."
"But I thought you said she didn't say anything?"
shouted Jaime"You said she gave you the necklace and then just ra…."
"No no no…"
he called over the top of her "She muttered something as she ran off, I think I can just about remember what."
"Oh, now you're telling us?"
sighed Brian from near the back of the crowd.
"Well, it didn't exactly occur to me at the time when this necklace was partly blinding me in the eyes did it?"
"Ok, ok, point made Darren"
yelled Dylan. "Can you just tell us what she said?"

But Darren was still too busy rummaging through the mess to reply. He was too preoccupied with his search to realise that he a loosened a huge pile of old props from their stance, until it was too late; a huge crash thundered as the mound of props came tumbling down on his head.

"I'm ok, I'm ok" Darren shouted from inside the mess, as he picked himself back up. The other StarKids muttered and rolled their eyes.
"Typical Darren" smiled Julia "Always like to make a racket about everything."
"Ha ha guys. Very funny….. oh no… wait a sec… give me a….. I see ya, I see ya… GOTCHA!"

A few seconds of silence followed, until, BANG, CRASH, BANG, SMASH, Darren came tumbling out of the shed, holding what appeared to be a hammer in his hand.

" Ooook." Murmured Denise, as Joe and Dylan ran over to help pick Darren up, "Do you mind telling us what your plan is please?"
"The fan… she didn't just… she didn't just hand me the necklace… she muttered something after…"
"Yes, yes, Darren you've told us that part, tell us what she said."
asked Lauren hastily.
"All she said was, 'The Gem, that gem has to go.'"

Every StarKid looked around completely bemused.

"And yet, you still took it off her?" tittered Meredith.
"Look, she didn't give me an opportunity to give it back, I had to leave quickly anyway!"
"Ok then, so what's the plan?"
asked Joey

Darren looked back at his confused friends, and twirled the hammer in his hand, smiling a little.

"Ok Darren, so what you're saying is that we need to smash that gem, and then everything will be fine?" quizzed Joe.

Darren nodded reassuringly; however, inside he wasn't sure whether his plan would work at all. He knew that he had got the StarKids into this mess, and he was determined to get them out of it, whatever it took. He pulled the necklace from out of his pocket and laid it on the floor of the yard. He took a few paces back and breathed heavily.

"Um, Darren" asked the real Jaime "Are you sure that you want to break it? I mean, you're… I mean… I'm not that strong you know."
"Yeah, maybe I should do it"
piped up Lauren, who examined her new muscles whilst beaming down at the real Joe who just shook his head.

"No guys, I think I should do it. I'm so sorry. This is all my fault, and you guys, if anything ever happened to you because of it, I couldn't live it down."
"Well, buddy, it's a little late for that I think, something pretty big has happened!"
said Brian jokingly, who quickly received a nudge in the chest from a Meredith-fied Joey.

Darren smiled gently at all his friends, who all nodded back in approval. He looked back at his own body, at the real Jaime, who smiled back at him, her eyes piercing his own with the courage to go on. He took a few more paces back from the necklace, which lay sprawled out on the concrete. The gem seemed to twinkle, as Darren kept his eyes focused on its emerald centre, preparing for the impact of the hammer. A few seconds past, until he finally took his run at the necklace and hauled the hammer down on top of it.

He heard the clang of the hammer meeting the necklace, but the clash of it breaking that he expected to hear didn't come. Instead, he found himself being kicked backwards away from the jewel, which had begun to beam a bright green again. Darren was flung through the cool air, unable to see his friends from the fluorescent light that blinded his view once again. He felt his head hit the ground, and then everything turned black.