Hey guys! My name is Akhil100. You can call me Akhil. I have created a new series/story based on Pokémon: Black and White games. This story may have similarities to the Best Wishes anime, the Adventures manga and the game. But it won't be the same. As soon as I have more helpers, I will create a new YouTube version of the story.

The first chapter is not part of the series/story. It is just an introduction of characters and Pokémon in the story. Read and enjoy.

Introduction and Characters


Black is the titular protagonist of the series. He is energetic, smart, fun-loving, nature loving and sometimes childish. He began his journey in the beginning of the story. Soon, he met White who decided to travel with him. He loves his Pokémon more than anything. He also loves to battle and befriend wild Pokémon. He is shown to be headstrong and gets into fight with anyone easily. He has shown to have a crush on White.

Black's Pokémon

Tepig is Black's first Pokémon. He received Tepig from Professor Juniper as his starter Pokémon. Tepig loves to eat food, mainly berries. He is fierce in battles and doesn't like to lose. His known moves are Tackle, Tail Whip and Ember.

Pidove is Black's first capture in Route 1. It was seperated from its flocks and its leg was injured. Black and White helped it get back to health. It then took a liking to him. Before they left, Pidove willingly let Black catch him. It known moves are Quick Attack, Gust and Air Cutter.

Patrat is Black second capture in Route 1. It was the leader of a pack of Patrat the attacked Black and White in episode 2. In the next episode, it challenged Black to a battle and was caught by Black. Its known moves are Tackle and Leer.


White is the titular protagonist of the series. She is calm, kind-hearted and sometimes tomboyish. She possibly began her journey on the same day as Black. Soon, she met him and after he asked her several times, she finally decided to travel with him. She loves cute-looking Pokémon as well as strong ones. She is willing to help anyone who is in danger. She has a crush on Black but does not hesitate to hit him in the head when he goes crazy.

White's Pokémon

Oshawott is White's first Pokémon. He is funny, cheerful and sometimes dramatic. He is the comic-relief of the story. He loves playing around than battling. But he has shown to be fierce and strong in battles. His only known move is Tackle.

Lillipup is White's first capture in Route1. White captured with Oshawott when she was giving Black a lesson on how to catch a Pokemon. None of its moves are known.

Professor Juniper

Professor Juniper is the Unova region's professor. She loves studying Pokémon and learning new things about them. She gave Black, Cheren and Bianca (and possibly White) their starter Pokémon. She said that she gets starters from breeders. She also gave them each a Pokedex and sends them in a mission to complete it with Pokémon data.


Cheren is Black's childhood friend and rival. He had studied Pokemon long ago before receiving his first Pokemon from Professor Juniper. Not much is known about him.

Cheren's Pokémon

Oshawott is Cheren's starter Pokémon. It is said that it loves to battle and is mischievous. Not much in known about it.


Bianca is Black's childhood friend and rival. She loves Pokémon and battling. Her dad is shown to be mad at her for unknown reasons. Not much is known about her.

Bianca's Pokémon

Snivy is Bianca's starter Pokémon. It is calm and relaxed and loves battling. It is shown to be fast and a strategist. Its known moves are Tackle and Leer.

Black's Mother

Black's mother is a housewife. She used to live in Nuvema Town until he left on a journey to become a trainer. She loves her son more than anything.

This is it for now. But as soon as more chapters are ready, more information will be revealed. I am currently working on the chapter 4. Read and enjoy episode 1. If you review, you get a virtual Snivy! I will keep giving you Virtual Pokemon for each review. So you can make a virtual team of strong Pokemon. You can also tell me which virtual Pokemon you need.