Way back into love

Chapter 16

New York. A city that is full of opportunity as they say, but not for me. It's been a week since Santana drop the big bomb that has been bothering her. In no time, she's going back there, for good or not, I don't know. My life is here. My business. Friends. Every thing I have is here. Well not every thing. Santana, the love of my life will be there soon. I don't want to be selfish and make her choose between me and her work. It was the peak of her career. It was her dream. And I don't want to hold her back. I just can't.

A part of me want to take chance and fly with her to New York. But a little part of me want to stay here and just go on with my life. As if she's planning on breaking up with me. She explained to me clearly that we don't have to break-up again. It's just that, the set-up will be different.

Long distance. Hmm. Will it be difficult for us? Will we survive every thing that will come our way? I'm losing hope just by thinking she will be miles away from me.

If only she would help me decide. But she did not. She did not even let me choose to be with her and live with her in New York. She didn't ask me. I'm sure if only she will, I would probably had said yes. She explained that she didn't want me to leave everything behind. My life. She said that she will feel so selfish to let me choose. That's when I made my decision.

"Babe?" Santana said interrupting my thoughts.


"I said do you want to go out tonight with Mike and Tina? just a little drink or something." She repeats as she eat a mouthful of Mac and cheese.

"How about the kids?" I ask as I wipe some wet part of her desk unconciously.

"That Jade girl from your studio will babysit them. Mike already asked her and she already agreed."

"Really? Okay." I said still not with my usual self as I open the lunchbox filled with strawberries for her dessert. It had been my routine to bring her food during lunch because she gets busier every day and so that she could avoid bringing work at home as much as possible.

"You sure you're okay?" She asked eyeing me carefully.

"I'm fine babe." I said smiling at her and looking into her eyes. She sigh.

"You are in a deep thought I can tell. You chose the wrong strawberries, it's too sour." She said popping another strawberry into her mouth then her face twists showing how sour it is.

I panic then grab one of them took a little bite to taste it myself. As I chew slowly inspecting its taste. I furrow my brows looking at Santana because it definitely taste sweet not sour.

"It does not!" I defend.

"Really? Lemme taste." she quickly grabbed my hand that is holding the half part of the strawberry, positioning it in front of her mouth. Then licking my thumb with the tip of her tongue and slowly sliding the left strawberry into her mouth smiling looking at my now shocked face.

"You did that on purpose." I said matter-of-factly.

"I did!" She grins at me giving me a peck on my lips. I smile at her attempt.

She pulls my hand motioning me to sit on her lap. "Don't think about it too much babe." Rubbing her nose into my cheeks before she continues "We still have months. And we definitely talk about it more times than I expected." She wraps her hands around my waist tigther.

"Because we didn't come up with a plan. We just talk about it but we never had plans.." I whines "I don't like the idea of you being not around us all the time." I pout at the same time giving her an idea that I want her to ask me to come with her.

"I will definitely miss you too, Britt. You spoiling me with these?" she said pointing out the spread lunch box in front of us "I'm getting used to it."

"So?" I ask her as if challenging her to continue.

"I might just breakdown every lunch there because there are no lunchboxes anymore and sweet lady-lovin' for desserts." She giggles at her own joke.

"Don't you want me to bring you lunch at your office there?" I asks.

"Of course I do. But that would be like every time you and Kate visits me." She said oblivious.

"Oh god. I can't believe this." I said exasperated. "Are you not going to ask me to come with you or what?"

"Britt you know that I consider that your life is here. I don't want to hold you back." She said unwrapping her hands around me and leaning against her chair annoyed.

"Its what you know Santana. But thats not what I want." I said turni around to me her eyes. Putting my hands around her neck, "I want to be with you all the time. I don't want to be away with you anymore baby. You always decide for both of us without informing or asking me what I want. Thats what you think the right thing to dobut thats not what I want." I said calmly making her understand.

"Wherever your work brings you. I want to be with you because you and Kate are my life now." I said before giving her a soft kiss on her lips which she stiffens at first but relaxes quickly returning the kiss.

"But how about Kate? Your business?" she asks concernly.

"Kate will be fine. And it would be a great and fresh start for her away from memories here. Not that I'm saying to make her forget that this place will always be her home but I want her to make a new life with us even though she isn't that aware of the overwhelming memories here."

"You're right." She smiles at my point.

"And my works? We have trustworthy friends here who can take care of it. You know I can dance anywhere. New york is absolutely a good choice of that anywhere. And I can start a new branch of the restaurant there. What you think?" I smirks at the idea.

"You planned it well huh? I told you you were really smart. Smarter than us." She said kissing me passionately. I smile at our kiss.

"To tell you truthfully?" I whisper to her ear seductively. "I just thought about that just now." I smile.

"you. are. clever." she said between kisses.

"So are you going to me or not? Because I'm warning you, I will still go with you even if you don't want me to."

"Well, does my girlfriend want to go to New york with me?" she giggles.

"Yes." I said before we start kissing again. Now with excitement and hunger for the physical intimacy.


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