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Thousands of butterflies

It hurts.

But It will harm me more if I would see you with this blade in your backs.

Backs of a man that turned my world upside down.

I never felt nothing in the world like this before to anyone.

I never thought I'll find someone like you.

Someone that will melt my heart.

Someone that will make me change my life plans

This silver light happens in a blink and razor separate the body from my soul.

But that's ok.

Now, I know I found someone worth dying for

And I'm moving slow

Like a glacier melting

I searched for love in an empty world and I found You

You looked like a perfect fit

For a woman in need, for me.

A thought I wasn't like that

But actually I was wandering like child in the fog

Without You

Now I know You're the one worth dyin' for


Don't ask me why

I'm gonna solve this on my own

Like I always did

Now I'm just a wreckage of a job well done

Just a shield that protected his master

I see a place I'd never seen before

It's amazing

Gonna see it someday

I'm sure You'd like it

But not now, it's not Your time

But that's ok.

I'll wait for you.

You refusing to close my eyes ?

You ordering me to wake up?

Shhhh… I feel good now…

It doesn't hurt anymore

I feel thousands of butterflies lifting me so high

I found someone worth dyin' for

Why did I have to go?

You know that, smart ass, it's about savin' people right?

And I just saved the most important for me

Don't worry

A million memories will flood your brain

And drown your sorrow, even kill your pain

I know you've got me in your heart

I can feel Your words echo inside me

So that's ok.

I'll wait for you until you knock on my heart again

Just don't forget me.

It was so easy to die for you.

See You On The Other Side.

A/N :

It was short oneshot but I thought I'm gonna publish it anyways.

Hope You liked it and it help you to ease waiting for Harder to Breathe and another chapter of One Life.

Peace out,



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