E/O Challenge Theme : Sam & Dean in a bar
Word count : 100
Disclaimer :*Sigh*

A.N. HUGE thank you to everyone who reviewed "Not Lost At All" (ick) & "I Surrender".
I had
major amounts of fun doing the musical film noir. To E & O: Again, again! :D

Sam and Dean walk into a bar…..

So...these two guys walk in the bar an' the ladies? Eye's all
fixed, jaws hung loose! One gal? Diluted her own drink with
drool! Yeah...those guys, they'd got it! Height, looks and
bodies. Don't misunderstand here, I like the ladies...but this
pair? Jeeze, almost turned me gay!

Anyway, they heads to the bar. Taller one orders beers an'
burgers. Barman says chefs ill...food poisonin'. Straight
away, smaller one heads out. Comes back with burgers and
they set to eatin' 'em. Anyway, barman tells 'em, "can't eat
your own food here".
This pair…..they look at one another…..
swap burgers…..an' carry on eatin'!

*Ba boom* : )