The boy screamed, thrashing around in the small padded cell, barley big enough to lay down in. He pushed against the walls, shoving with all his might as heat waves started to generate from his scarred palms. He threw himself back into the other wall, letting another scream come from his mouth as he desperately clawed at his palms, trying to prevent what he knew was coming.

A voice struck through the room that was not the boy's, a woman's voice, shouting, "You have to calm down! Deep breaths!"

Before the boy could comply, or at least attempt to, his fists exploded into flames, and horror soon filled his face.

He screamed louder, thrashing about, trying to put out the flame, but the heat quickly climbed up his arms, to his elbows.

"Calm down!" The voice sounded again.

The boy screamed out, words forming, "Help!"

Foam suddenly shot out from a small cylinder on the wall coating the boy head to toe, and putting out the flame. He lay on the floor, panting, shivering, and begging whatever god existed that he may die.


Fury stared at the screen showing the young boy, frowning when the woman who had been telling the boy to calm down turned to him, "He's getting worse, I don't know what's triggering him off. The minute he can gain control is the minute we can ask him where he came from."

Fury nodded, acknowledging the woman's logic. "You said he simply appeared in the middle of New York spewing fire everywhere?"

She nodded, "Yes sir, and given what we've observed, I can safely say he wasn't doing it on purpose."

"Any feedback on his DNA?" Fury inquired.

The woman nodded, "Positive, he's a mutant."

Fury nodded, "Thought as much."

He stared a the boy on the screen for a few moments, before turning to the woman once more, "He's claustrophobic, get him in a bigger cell and there won't be any more incidents."

The woman, surprised the sudden diagnostic, attempted to react in a less disrespectful way in which she wanted. "Of course, but as soon as this is done, perhaps we should get a psychiatrist to see if that's right."

Fury nodded, "Fine."


Tony bent over his work bench, going over blue prints, trying to decide a design for a new suit.

Pepper walked in, "Tony, have you seen Jackson?"

Tony looked up at the mention of his son, raising an eyebrow, "No, where's the slugger off to?"

Pepper rolled her eyes, "I don't know, that's why I'm asking."

Tony frowned, then spoke, "Jarvis, where's Jack?"

The machine voice quickly sounded, "I believe Jackson is sulking in his room."

Tony looked up suddenly, "Sulking? What for?"

"I have no idea sir."

Tony stood up, turning to Pepper, "What's that kid got to be sad about?"

She rolled her eyes, "Oh I don't know Tony, and as a completely unrelated topic, can you guess what yesterday was?"

Tony paused, "Jarvis, what was yesterday?"

He immediately answered, "Yesterday was supposed to be Jackson's birthday party."

Tony's eyes widened, "Wait… his birthday is in a week!"

"Yes, but he wanted you to take him to the ultimate fight between Rio and Ogle, which was yesterday, and you agreed." Jarvis explained.

Tony looked over his shoulder at Pepper, "Um… sorry?"

She glared at him, "Don't say that to me, you missed your son's twelfth birthday! Tell this to him!"

Tony nodded, turning back to his workbench, "I'll make it up to the kid, Jarvis, we're gonna have to do some size remodeling on this, and change the colors around a bit, then it'll be perfect."

Pepper stepped up, "Oh no Tony, you're not blowing off your son again because of Iron Man!"

"I'm not blowing him off!" Tony protested, setting the blueprints down. He turned back to the screen, "What's Jackson's height and mass?"

Jarvis pulled the numbers up, and Tony raised an eyebrow, "When did he grow two inches?"

Pepper stepped up, grabbing Tony's shoulder, and pulling him around to face her, "When you were gone nearly all last month!"

Tony sighed, "Pepper, Nick called me in, what do you want me to do?"

"Say no!" Pepper snapped, "I get it, you've got the Avengers to think about, but get a grip already! You saved the world years ago from Loki, and countless other times since then. But our son, who we've had for twelve years, barely knows you!"

"That's not true!" Tony protested, "I'm sorry I was gone so long, but-"

"And as soon as you came home, what did you do? Did you go up to your son and say hi, or take him to get ice cream? No! You walked right in here!" Pepper scolded.

Tony sighed, "I'll make it up to the kid, I promise."

Pepper glared at him, "Do it right now!"

Jarvis spoke up, "Sir, the armor is ready, but awaits painting."

Tony nodded, "Print me a 3D design, pronto."

Pepper, finally realizing that Tony was making something suspicious, said, "Tony what are you doing?"

Tony picked up a small screen out of midair, turning it, and displaying it proudly, "The birthday present I was working on for Jackson ever since I got home."

Pepper stared at it, covering her mouth in shock, "Tony, that's what you've been working on?"

He dropped his smile, turning sober, something Tony rarely ever did, "Remember last year, how I took that hit to the spine?"

She nodded, "And you were in a wheelchair for four months, I know."

He nodded, dead serious, "Well, it got me thinking, what if I got hit about a foot higher next time?"

Pepper ran the math, realizing Tony meant getting hit in his head. "Oh… Tony-"

"And I kept thinking to myself, what happens when there's no Iron Man anymore?" Tony looked down at the design, "Which is something Jack's gonna have to answer."

He turned around, walking to the door with the screen, "Right now."


Jackson frown down at his math homework, glaring at the complicated trigonometry. It wasn't because he didn't like math, or that the problem was to hard, after all, he was almost done with college, and had a future portraying a business partner ship with his Mother, since she was pretty much the one running Stark Industries, and full inheritance of the Stark fortune.

He sighed, leaning back form his now completed homework. He had a lifetime of fine living ahead of him, but it wasn't enough. "Jarvis, are you there?"

"As always young sir." Jarvis answered faithfully.

Jackson smiled, when he was younger, around four, he had thought Jarvis was a real person, just invisible. He had proclaimed Jarvis his best friend, and talked with him constantly. He still talked with him constantly.

"Need help with your math sir?" Jarvis questioned.

"Do I ever?" Jackson joked, then went serious. "Jarvis, what was Dad doing with the Avengers last month?"

"That's classified information sir." Jarvis answered.

"Overload process T Stark." Jackson commanded.

"Master Tony was helping them deal with a terrorist plot involving a young pyrotechnic." Jarvis answered.

"How young?"

"Fourteen years old."

Jackson mused on that slowly. "Tell me all about it."

"Terrorists seemingly forced the boy into the streets and triggered his pyrokinetik ability, making him nearly set all of Manhattan on fire." Jarvis explained, "The boy was subdued and is now residing on the helicarrier. I know for a fact that they are trying to help the boy contain his still raging power."

Jackson frowned, "What's his name?"

"He hasn't been able to be conscious and not flying into a fiery rage long enough to tell them anything." Jarvis explained, "DNA tests show he is in fact a mutant, but there have been no known matches to public records on his identity."

Jackson nodded, "You got a picture?"

"No young sir."

"Why do you always call me young sir? I'm not a kid anymore." Jackson said, raising an eyebrow.

"Your father programmed it the moment you began talking to me so that there would be no confusion between which 'sir' I was talking to." Jarvis explained.

There was a knock on the door, and Jackson quickly snapped, "Mute!"

Jarvis' voice faded, and Tony entered the room. Jackson glared at him, "What do you want?"

Tony smirked, "Nice to see you too kid. Happy birthday!"

Jackson raised his eyebrow as his father held up a small screen. "Go on, take a look!"

Jackson walked over, looking at the screen, and nearly gasping to see a smaller version of a colorless Iron Man on the screen. "D-dad, what is that?"

"Your birthday present." Tony answered. "Whatever colors you want, I don't even care if it's pink, I'll roll with it."

Jackson laughed, taking the screen from Tony, smiling at it, "Black and blue!"

Tony smirked, "Great, you'll look like a big bruise."

"Dad!" Jackson protested.

Tony smirked, "Alright, black and blue, I got it."

Jackson threw his arms around his father in a hug, "Thank you so much!"

Tony smirked, "After lunch we can take it for a test run."