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Chapter 25

The Mysterious origins of Evelyn Potter
By Rita Skeeter

On this day 5 years ago a little girl was born in an Ireland hospital to one Harry James Potter and Andrea Elizabeth Fullerton. Reports from hospital staff would say that the happy couple were ecstatic to welcome the birth of their baby girl, but I Rita Skeeter ever loyal to her readers and their demand for knowledge uncovered the truth.

Many questions had arisen since Mr. Potters return reported by myself a mere month ago. The most asked one being where is this little girls mother. Well after much research and a few charms I finally uncovered the truth and I reveal it to you here in the Daily Prophet.

As most are well informed, a healer is sent to assist when a Muggle is pregnant with a particularly powerful baby, as was in this case as well. Its not so surprising considering how powerful the Potter family is known for. The late Mrs. Lily Potter, Muggle-Born herself still needed assistance with the birth of her own child despite being a witch.

According to records submitted by the healer assigned to the couple Andrea Fullerton did not take very well to a magical pregnancy. Halfway through she was near hysterics and had to be put under the imperious curse for the rest of her pregnancy, it was removed after the birth.

Shortly after the couple and their new baby moved from the small town they lived in to the city where Andrea, according to neighbors felt her baby was possessed and would neglect the child while Harry was at work. The same neighbor said that soon after Mr. Potter had started taking Evelyn to another friend, who sources say are Andromeda Tonks, sister to infamous Bellatrix Lestrange to care for the child during the day.

However neglect wasn't the end of it. From hospital reports six months later, Evelyn Potter was brought in by her frantic father. Apparently the infant had been underwater. No information was giving but the staff suspected child abuse and was in the process of reporting it when the child mysteriously disappeared and a strong memory charm placed on them with a 'forget me' charm as well. This information was found via filed incomplete hospital records. It appears Mr. Potter went to great lengths to hide this information but was not careful enough.

Mr. Potter left the home he shared with Andrea, taking Evelyn with him. We all know now what became of him and his daughter. They live now a charming little life together in a Muggle area. He's a teacher at a Muggle school, she's a happy now five year old child. But of her mother?

I Rita Skeeter searched and found what fate befell this woman.

Harry Potter put on her a very powerful memory charm, obliterating her memory of him and Evelyn. She didn't remember anything of them. Such a charm is risky at the best of times to remove the memory of one person but two which included a pregnancy was not in the best interest of a girl who was mentally unstable to begin with.

Along with her memory he placed a 'forget me' charm on her that would spread to everyone around her who had met him. Luckily he spent his time working or caring for the infant. He took everything that showed evidence of him ever being there with Evelyn. But he didn't do a good enough job. A picture remained that she had found months later which would drive her to insanity.

A picture, shown below of the three of them was accidently left behind. She spent the next few years being driven insane as she struggled with bits and pieces of memory. She was hospitalized a year later after she attacked a man who looked like the one in her mind and was declared legally insane.

She remained in the asylum for the rest of her short life. Not long after being institutionalized on this day while her daughters memory drove her more and more out of her mind, Andrea Fullerton took her own life while Harry Potter and his daughter, celebrated her second birthday.

She had been increasingly agitated that day. Screaming in pain stating she was in labor. The staff dosed her with medication to subdue her but alas it was not enough. In the late afternoon Andrea was found in the bathroom, wrists slit from a shattered mirror. (images from the scene on page 3)

An investigation had been opened by the ministry at the time the memory charm was put into place due to the power recorded in the area. After discovering the attempted murder of her daughter the ministry determined that the magic used on the Muggle was justified and no charges were brought fourth upon Mr. Potter.

Today as little Evelyn Potter celebrates her 5th birthday, one must not forget the tragedy of her mother Andrea Fullerton. An already mentally disturbed young woman drove even more insane by the birth of the child conceived with Harry Potter that drove her to take her own life.

(Please turn to page 3-5 for photos of the couple and their daughter)

Harry lowered the paper once he was finished reading the article. Hermione took it from his hands to read it again, others crowded around her to read the article. Once finished she handed it off to someone else.

"Oh Harry…" She started but he raised his hand to silent her, closing his eyes. She stopped what she was saying. Everything was silent for a moment, Evelyn sitting quietly on his lap watching the paper be passed around.

"Daddy who was that baby with you and mommy?" She asked him, looking up to him. He took a deep shuddering breath, trying to get a hold of his emotions.

"That's you sweetie." He said quietly. He grabbed her around the waist and lowered her to the ground. "Why don't you go play with your cousins." He told her. The others took his queue and shooed their own children away.

"But daddy." She whined but he didn't want to hear it.

"I said go Evelyn." He told her firmly.

"But I want cake!"

"Damn it Evelyn, go!" He shouted in frustration and immediately deflated feeling bad. Her face scrunched up in tears and started crying loudly as she ran towards the field, immediately surrounded by the other children. Harry swore quietly to himself sitting forward with his face in his hands.

"I'm so sorry Harry." Ginny said, taking his hand away from his face and putting it in hers. He looked over at her.

"I didn't know. I should have checked on her." He said sadly. She shook her head in disagreement.

"No you shouldn't have. You had more important things to take care of at the time." She insisted. Harry sat up sighing.

"What a crap day to print that in the paper." He said. "Oh shit. Evelyn was on my lap. What if she read it?" He said suddenly panicked. But Ginny held his hand tighter.

"Harry if she had you would have known. She would have probably freaked out a bit. I think she was more interested in the pictures." Hermione said calmly.

"You're right." He gave a small chuckle. "I swear that was the only time I wish I hadn't taught her how to read." He ran a hand through his hair.

"What are you going to do mate?" Ron asked from across the table. Harry thought for a moment looking over Rons shoulder to the field where the children still crowded Evelyn. He could still hear her crying.

"Ginny, can you watch Evelyn for an hour or two tomorrow morning?" He asked her. She smiled at him.

"Of course Harry." She replied. He looked at Hermione.

"Will you go with me tomorrow to the Daily Prophet offices?" He asked her.

"Yeah, of course I will Harry. I'm not quite sure they legally could print this stuff." She said.

"Legal or not, its horrible to print that. I'm not going to let them get away with it." He said simply.

"Why not go over there now? They're still open ya know." Ron inquired forcefully, wand out ready to go charging. Harry just shook his head no.

"No. The damage is done. There's nothing that can be done tonight." Harry stated. Ron's eyes went wide and confused at that statement.

"Nothing to be done? I say we go over there and give them a piece of our minds!" he said.

"Tomorrow Ron. Today, we celebrate Evelyn's birthday." With that he brought Ginnys hand to his lips, giving it a gentle kiss before standing up and walking around the table towards the children. All the remaining adults turned to watch him go.

Harry dropped to the grass picking up Evelyn and holding her tightly. He cradled her in his arms as if she were a baby, whispering things to her, probably apologies for shouting at her.

"Whatever happened to the act first think later Harry?" Ron muttered slightly dishearten. Hermione just looked at him sadly while Mrs. Weasley patted his arm soothingly.

"He had to grow up Ronald he cant do rash things now." She told him. "When you have children someday you'll understand."

They all sat in silence watching as Harry and Evelyn cuddled under the sun.

The next morning Harry apparated to Hermione's backyard after giving Evelyn her breakfast and explaining where he was going. He wanted to leave earlier but he didn't want to leave without telling her where he was going so she didn't freak out. Hermione was waiting for him in the backyard sitting in a lounge chair reading the paper. He scowled at it as she put it down.

"Why do you have to read that?" He asked her annoyed. She just rolled her eyes at him and took his hand. They apparated to an ally in London. They traveled through the Leaky Cauldron and on to the offices of the Daily Prophet.

They stepped up to the reception desk and waited for the bored looking secretary witch to notice them. After a few moments of waiting Hermione cleared her throat to get her attention.

"May I help you?" The Witch said with a nasally voice. Harry smirked at how stereotypical that was.

"Yes, we would like to see the owner of the paper please." Hermione spoke. The witch rolled her eyes.

"Do you have an appointment?" She asked finally looking up. Her eyes went wide seeing who was standing in front of her.

"Oh goodness. You're Harry Potter!" She all but shouted. It was Harry's turn to roll his eyes.

"Yes, I'm Harry Potter and I wish to see the head editor or whoever runs this thing." He demanded. She stumbled up and ran around the desk.

"Yes, Mr. Potter sir. Please follow me." She started walking down a hallway lined with framed newspapers. The hall opened up to a giant room full of cubes, papers literally flying everywhere. The room was loud with chatter as reporters busily wrote articles, did research, or was interviewing. Harry tried not to look like a first year entering the Great Hall for the first time as he followed the receptionist to a back office.

They stopped in front of a large looking door with a gold nameplate that glittered and sparkled the name "Markus Shindie: Head Editor". The witch knocked on the door waiting for a gruff to grant her entrance. She opened the door followed by Harry and Hermione.

"What do you want I'm busy, make if fast." He said not looking at them.

"Uh, Mr. Potter and Miss. Granger is here to see you sir." She said nervously. His head shot up so fast Harry thought he might break it off.

"Why, Mr. Potter how nice to see you. Glad you came! Mind if we get an interview?" Mr. Shindie said gesturing for them to come in and sit down. He dismissed the receptionist with a wave of his hand.

"No, I'm will not give an interview." Harry said simply trying to be professional and hide the annoyance in his voice. Hermione looked over at him with a smirk on her face. Harry may have changed a lot but she's pretty sure his temper stayed in tacted for the most part.

"Mr. Shindie we are here regarding the article you approved to be printed yesterday." Hermione said pulling out the article in question out of her purse.

"Yes, one of our finest pieces. You approve?" the man said jollily. Both Hermione and Harry looked aghast at each other.

"Approve? How could we approve of this?" Hermione said outraged.

"Well it was very well written and researched. We were very very happy with the article. It was defiantly one of Ms. Skeeters finest I must say. And that's saying something." He laughed.

"Yes, very well researching. What gave her the right to go back and talk to those people, or look for those records?" Hermione asked him.

"Well, there is no law regarding speaking to people Miss. Granger I'm sure you are aware of that." His smile slipped slightly. Even he could tell this wasn't going well for him.

"And the records? It says here that she got a hold of the medical record of the healer who cared for her while she was pregnant as well as when Evelyn was taken to the hospital not to mention these horrible pictures of the scene of her death. I'm sure those weren't acquired by legal means." She accused. The smile and jolly look fell completely from the mans face and he adopted a look of cold steel, used to dealing with difficult people in this cut throat line of work.

"All those records and images were acquired by sources that wish to remain anonymous. No laws were broken in the writing of this article." He stated coldly.

"That I doubt and that will be a matter for the Ministry to find out. I've submitted a request on Harry's behalf for an inquiry to be done on this matter."

"How dare you!" Mr. Shindie roared standing up towering over him. Harry finally lost his temper.

"NO! How dare YOU! You publish this private information and photos in your newspaper. This was none of anyone else' concern. This was private. And you put no consideration towards the people it involves." Harry shouted at the man.

"There is no such thing as private information Mr. Potter. You should be well aware of that fact." He sneered.

"You published this crap on my daughters birthday. Do you not get that? It's now publicly available. She will read this some day and it will hurt her. Do you not care about the consequences of your actions?"

"Its not my job to worry about those involved. My job is to publish the news!"

"News? This isn't news! This is invading my families privacy. If I were any other person nobody would care. This wouldn't have been published." Harry seethed. The glass from the framed newspapers and awards around the room shattered. Hermione screamed and covered her head in protection.

"But you aren't just any other person now are you Mr. Potter." The man said, seemingly unfazed by what was going on around him. But Harry knew, he could see the flicker of fear in his eyes. He wasn't quite as confident as he acted. But Harry thought for a moment.

"Yes. You're right. I'm not just any other person." He stepped back from the desk and headed towards the door. "I'm done here, lets go home Hermione." He said exiting. She looked after him for a moment confused before getting up and running after him.

The Outrage of Harry Potter
By Luna Lovegood

Harry Potter better known as the boy who lived wishes to express his outrage and rightly so. The Evening Prophet published last week on June 9th was far beyond what any reporter should have done and this reporter, for the Quibbler wishes to express her disgust. At what point does telling a story or reporting the news come before human compassion?

"I was horrified when I read that article." Said Harry Potter who graciously granted the Quibbler an interview at his home. "My daughter and I were at her grandparents for her birthday. We were just about to have cake when it was brought to my attention."

Not only was this horrible invasion of privacy printed, but was printed on such a special day. All who reads this are sure to be able to remember their own 5th birthday, but thanks to the Daily Prophet, this one little girl will forever be remembered as the day she found out the fate of her mother.

"It absolutely broke my heart. I hadn't kept track of her mother, for obvious reasons, but I hadn't known that she had passed on. It's not the way I wanted to find out. I was in such shock that I was unkind for a moment at her birthday. That's something I could never forgive myself for." He told us.

"I canceled my subscription to them years ago due to frequent lies they printed. But this is an utter outrage." Molly Weasley expressed.

Currently the Ministry is investigating unlawful collection of the information used in the article in question. Medical records are sealed and only released to family members upon request, even in the Muggle world. The penalty of the investigation finding illegal activity in obtaining this information could cost the Daily Prophet thousands of galleons as well as jail time for several of the staff.

As I sit in the backyard of Harry's charming house watching his little girl play on the swing set and jungle gym that he had built himself this report cant help but wonder why anyone would intentionally want to hurt an innocent little child. Her story is a tragedy yes, but it as a society it is our duty to help protect the innocent from further harm.

This reporter has been forced by this disgusting display to re-evaluate herself and her values. We should not stand for this. I encourage all who are in agreement to this to show their disgust and let the Prophet know that we do not want their trashy stories. We want the news, and we want the truth, and we want it to be compassionate and considerate and we are done with their style!

We promise you here, our loyal Quibbler readers, you will not find such stories in our print.

Harry sighed happily lifting the magazine once again out of Evelyn's reach. He was sitting at the table outside on the back porch with Ginny attempting to read it. Evelyn had been ever so delighted when the large owl flew right to him with the magazine wrapped around its leg. She had run towards it to pet it but it flew off once its burden was removed.

Harry then proceeded to read the article, lifting it now and then as Evelyn climbed all over him to see it. He sighed in frustration giving her his best "Stop it" glare. She climbed off his lap and stood in front of him pouting. Rolling his eyes he put the magazine on the table and ripped the page out the was next to the article and handed it to her.

"Whats that?" Ginny asked him curiously. He handed her the magazine with the article still in it.

"Luna took pictures of Evelyn and I for the article. She put it on another page so Evelyn would be able to look at it without seeing the article. Ginny nodded her understanding. She had talked to Harry that night after Evelyn had went to bed about the story in the Prophet. He decided that he didn't want to tell her yet about her mother unless it somehow came up and she asked. He couldn't lie to her about it.

"Luna absolutely adored Evelyn by the way. When I went over yesterday, she would not stop talking about how intelligent she was." Ginny told him reading the article. Harry snorted picking up his glass of lemonade.

"That's only because she was telling Evelyn about some weird bug that caused plants to change different shades. They live on the leaves or something." He said. Ginny sat thoughtfully for a moment.

"So that's what she was doing the other day? Looking for them? They're called Needlebirgs just so you know." She said trying to sound serious. She failed when Harry gave her an unbelieving grin and laughed.

They sat in silence watching as Evelyn laid in the grass with the page of photos in front of her. She had her legs swigging in the air and she was talking to the people on the paper. Harry smiled serenely. Yes, things were getting much much better.

The End

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