Great big scary spoilers for the season 7 finale.

Theme of the Week: in a bar. A little bit of Crowley indulgence for the lovely MeAzrael on the occasion of her birthday. I've kind of stretched the bar theme a little here, but hey, it's Crowley; taking liberties is what he does! (Plus I could totally imagine Crowley having a little cocktail bar in his trailer)!

Tag to that episode, we visit Crowley and his faithful hellhound in his trailer after he took his leave from Sam.

Disclaimer: I don't own Crowley, but it might be fun …


Crowley stood behind his bar and poured a tumbler of Craig. Taking a long draught, he stood, savouring the burn.

"You should've seen moose," he chuckled, patting Growley affectionately; "it was magnificent. All wild hair, black goo and sodding puppy eyes, standing there all bewildered like a bloody great tit in a trance and wondering where his halfwit brother had gone."

The chuckle turned into a cold laugh; "the human race has gone to shit, leviathans are buggered and those bastard Winchesters are screwed."

Draining the glass with a triumphant flourish, he scratched Growley's ear.

"Welcome to the new order, boy."