Author's note: Hey, guys. Incinirmatt here. This story will consist of many short one-shots featuring antics of the cast. This first chapter, Swimming, takes place one day after the canoe challenge of Total Drama Island.

"Okay, DJ, this isn't a hard thing to do." Chris McClain told the victim of his torture method. "All you gotta do is jump into this pool." DJ looked at him fearfully.

"Why do I have to do it? This isn't a challenge day!" DJ exclaimed, returning his anxious glance back to the pool. It seemed safe, yet he was still not too fond of the water. There was no way he could do this! All he was hoping to do was be able to talk Chris out of it.

"We need some behind the scene footage to give people who buy the season on DVD." Chris explained, smirking as he imagined the sales that his DVD would make. Total Drama Island was already huge in the ratings; with all the bonus content he'd be getting, the fans would really have a blast. Reassuringly, Chris gave DJ a couple pats on the back. "Don't worry; there aren't any sharks in there."

"Y-You sure?" DJ inquired, looking back at Chris before returning his gaze back to the pool. He had his traditional gray swimsuit as well as a lifejacket on while Chris had on a red swimsuit with a white stripe going down the side. Chris nodded.

"Relax, bro." Uncertainly, DJ nodded in response before taking a breath. He was gonna do it. He was gonna face his fear, again, and jump into the pool. Nothing could stop him. Bending his knees and crouching low, DJ was ready to do a professional dive into the pool before him when all of a sudden, he was shoved!


DJ began flailing as Chris just burst out into laughter. Boy, did he get a thrill from doing that to him. That was just too easy. After a few seconds, DJ resurfaced and regained his composure, glaring at Chris.

"Dude! Not cool!" he yelled, enraged at the host.

"Hahaha! It gets better!" Chris proclaimed, doubling over in more laughter.

"How!" DJ asked when something made him freeze up. Something had brushed up against his leg. "U-Uh, hey, Chris, what's in this pool?" Before Chris could respond, DJ felt a sharp shock on his leg. "YOOOOOWWW!" he cried as another shock came to him. Residing in the seemingly normal pool were jellyfish. And they were stinging him!

Chris' laughter began to triple in intensity. Did DJ really expect him to keep it "safe" for him? Well, he was required to have an intern do the stunt to make sure it was non-lethal but of course it was going to leave the guy injured. These jellyfish were definitely non-lethal, yet very painful. More screams emitted from DJ, echoing across the whole island as he rapidly began swimming to the side of the pool. Quickly, he arrived and got out, his legs and stomach covered with jellyfish stings. Upon seeing the injuries, Chris began to calm his laughter until it was nothing but small snickering.

"Alright, go see Chef. He'll patch you up quickly." the host said, having to cover his mouth with one hand to keep himself from bursting into more laughter. Nodding quickly, DJ ran off. Chris sighed in contentment before something happened that might've been the work of angels…or demons.

"We have a pool!" came the voice of Lindsay as she walked up to the outdoor pool. It had been hidden behind some trees from the view of the cabins but of course, she had stumbled upon it. Had Chris been hiding it from them? Clever, Lindsay thought to herself, but not clever enough to fool me.

Chris grinned coolly.

"Why, yes, Lindsay. Why don't you have a swim?" he asked.