She was the daughter and descendent of Queens. Her role in the world was cast in stone the moment she was born. Everyone treated her as a royal, not for the person she was.

Her homeland of Wazn was cold and isolated. Connection with the outside world dimmed out thousands of years ago. The moment she had to venture out to the outside world to save it, she finally found freedom to be treated as an average everyday person. She finally found others that she could call her friends.

For a moment, she wasn't just the Ice Queen of Wazn.

But she knew it was never going to last.

She had a duty to fulfill.

To her mother. To the Ice Queens before her. To her people and the world.

For the Great Whale and Mighty Ocean had to be set free.

She was the one who had to make the sacrifice, even though it was a task she did not want to have in the first place.

For the time being, she made the most out of the time she was around her new found friends. She listened to their hopes, their fears... Saw their contradictions, and saw herself in them.

When she freed them, she freed herself a little bit.

She could see through everyone's ordeal but her own.


Song inspiration: Save the Hero - Beyonce

... I wanted to add some serious Kalas/Xelha at the end, but I couldn't find a place to put it in here... but we all know Xelha understands Kalas and Kalas is the only one who knew of the Ice Queen's sacrifice and sees Xelha beyond her royal title. c': :'D

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