Title: Pokemon Adventures: AshGray Chapter
Category: Games » Pokémon
Author: Could Not Think of a Good Name
Language: English, Rating: T
Genre: Action/Adventure/Friendship
Published: 05-12-12
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Recommended Knowledge: The reader is expected to be at least slightly familiar with the basic laws of the Pokémon universe. At the time of writing this entry (October 6th, 2012), the author is familiar with every "Pokémon Adventures" chapter, nearly every anime episode, and every Pokémon movie. However, one does not necessarily need a history with all of the previously listed material to enjoy this fan fiction. The characters and events will generally be introduced as though the reader has no previous knowledge of them. When an event is alluded to without much explanation, the sentence mentioning said event will be followed by a *, linking said sentence to a bottom portion of the page, called "Reference Corner," where the references will be listed. Two author's notes are also included in most rounds (one at the top and one at the bottom), and they can be used to explain aspects of the story that not everyone may understand. In general, I only ask that you have some basic history with Pokémon before reading this story. This should not be your introduction to the universe. If you do not know the manga characters, that is fine. Let me introduce you. If you do not know the anime characters, that is fine. Let me introduce you. Just make sure you know SOMETHING!

Author's Preface

And so here I begin my attempt to somehow pull together a sensible plot involving the manga and the anime. I'm going to start this story out by realizing that I am not Japanese. That will be a general rule for this fan fic. So, yes, Blue is a boy, yes, Green is a girl, and, yes, I am referring to the manga as "Pokemon Adventures." If we start out with a few rules, I hope that this fic will seem a lot less confusing, lol! Anyway, this portion of my preface is being written after my story has been out for a while, so I want to settle a few questions that I always seem to get.

First of all, you may notice (as many people have) that Ash Ketchum and his friends seem a little bit more mature and/or experienced in this story. That was 1/2 on purpose and 1/2 not. You see, it has always been my belief that in the anime, Ash and friends are held back by the fact that they exist in an on-going show that is constantly forced to cater to new fanbases as children grow up. At his core, Ash is not an idiot. He just conveniently makes stupid mistakes, like forgetting type advantages and losing important battles, because it is needed to continue feeding new audiences. However, in a story like mine, no catering is needed. In fact, I expect you to have a history with Pokémon. As a result, Ash and co seem smarter, but you still see their immature, child-like attitudes shine through when it is a specific character trait of theirs.

Secondly, I am honestly a HUGE fan of the Pokémon manga and anime, but, as you can tell from this fic's description, the characters clash a lot in this story. This fic has a lot to do with struggling to work with those you do not understand or even particularly like, and there is a decent amount of disagreement. Sometimes the anime characters lose these clashes. Sometimes the manga characters lose these clashes. Sometimes they tie. I am not (nor do I plan on) "bashing" either universe or any specific character. I grew up with both universes, and they are very close to my heart.

Thirdly, I am often asked what time this story takes place in. Simply put: It is in the unspecified future of "Pokémon Adventures" (consider it to be after any chapter you have read). All the dex holders know each other. Team Rocket is reorganizing again. And it occurs between "Diamond & Pearl: Sinnoh League Victors" and "Pokémon: Black & White" in reference to the anime. All of the Pokémon movies and the dub are considered canonical, except for the touchy topic of age. I do my best to be very vague about how old everyone is in this fic, but for the record, Red is definitely older than Ash.

Lastly, I am often asked if this story is an AU or not... But I don't want to answer that. :) After all, isn't not knowing that answer part of the fun? I think it makes things more exciting! Anyway, I hope you enjoy my first fan fiction, and tell me how you feel about it!

P.S. Also, I want to warn you that round 1 is mainly character and plot set up for the manga. The anime characters do not debut until round 2, and if things seem a bit rushed right now, that is because they are. I'm trying to get things underway. The pacing will slow down as the story moves on.

Ship Warning: While this round only includes Specialshipping and Luckyshipping hints, the entire story includes Specialshipping, Luckyshipping, MangaPokeshipping, Pokeshipping, Contestshipping, MangaQuestshipping, Commonershipping, Franticshipping, a scene where Brock hits on Green, and a scene where Green fake hits on Lance (anime) thus far. If any of this offends you, then this fanfic may not be for you.

I do not own or have any rights to any part of the Pokemon franchise whatsoever.



Round 1: VS Team Rocket



In the vastness of infinity an ominous ghost Pokémon slithered like a snake through both time and space. Banished to the world in between worlds, on a plane parallel to yet separate from reality, the powerful dragon swam. Giratina cautiously plucked at the bonds between worlds just to check the strength of each strand. Although the beast did not enjoy its prison, it at least found contentment in keeping the multiverse in balance. It gave the Pokémon purpose… meaning… power.

It was then that the Pokémon heard a noise. The noise beaconed from one of its more hated worlds. The unusual thing about this world was that Giratina had enemies there. Sure, there were a lot of people and Pokémon who disliked the dragon, but a human from this world had directly thwarted Giratina in the past.* Grudges die hard, so when it heard a noise from this particular world, Giratina made it a habit to investigate.

However, as the ghost slithered over to the orb containing the noisy world, it became more irritated. The noises did not sound like the human it was looking for. The noises sounded like mockery coming from an adult male. With contempt, the legendary looked down into the orb to find a large man in a black uniform yelling at it. The man seemed to be alone in a stone chamber, save for the six pokéballs on his belt. He had a smooth, brown haircut and a small red 'R' on his shirt to symbolize his motives.

Giratina knew better than to attack the man, but it was having trouble resisting. The man was obviously up to no good. Giratina was more than aware of the evil organization known as Team Rocket. It was a large international crime syndicate that existed in multiple worlds. The organization actively searched for Pokémon like Giratina in order to cause trouble. The man's taunts were almost certainly a trap, but he was standing in Turnback Cave BY HIMSELF! It was well known in nearly every world that Turnback Cave was a sacred area in which reality touched other realities. It was also well known that Giratina was a strong and prideful Pokémon. The man was basically asking to be attacked.

He continued shouting, and Giratina could not look away. The ghost was becoming angry. The legendary's one serious weakness began it show itself.

Then, without thinking, Giratina leapt into the orb, ready to fight.

In that very world, a small group of teens had formed outside the cave that the Rocket man was found in. The teens were huddled together, speaking quietly amongst themselves as though they were forming a plan of attack. Every now and then, one of their heads would pop out of the huddle and scan the surrounding area to ensure that they were alone. The matters they were discussing were just as serious as they were private.

The seven children each bared significant responsibilities in this world. They were known as the Pokédex holders, a small group of unique and capable trainers who had been endowed with the important task of thwarting any evils that rose up against human and Pokémon kind. Their leader was known as Red, the Fighter. He sported a red cap and jacket most of the time, complete with jet-black hair, a determined smile, and a cunning brain. His three closest friends were Blue, Green, and Yellow: a Trainer, an Evolver, and a Healer, respectively. Blue was the spiky brown-haired boy who tended to dress in black and strike with both strength and intellect. Green was the small brunette with a white hat, a blue top, a silver tongue, and a strong will. And Yellow was the younger, shyer girl of the group with a straw hat, a yellow top, and a female Pikachu (named Chuchu) currently sitting on her shoulder. Yellow tended to be more timid than her fellow trainers, but she made up for it with her creative mind and determination.

Also among the group were three heroes from Johto, named Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Gold was the Hatcher with a backwards black and yellow hat, a red jacket, and a pool stick. He was slightly younger than Red but just as good at battling and twice as cocky. Silver was a messy redhead, dressed in a black and red jacket with massive power and perseverance. He was an Exchanger. And Crystal was the Catcher, a brown-haired girl in blue overalls, a red shirt, and a large white hat. Her special power was common sense and leadership amongst her peers.

"Okay…" Red continued, his eyes darting back and forth between friends, "Does anyone know exactly how many went in there?"

"Well, I didn't get an actual number," Green responded, "But I've never seen that many rockets in one place before. And to top it all off, Giovanni was leading them personally."

"Good." Decided Silver, "It's about time that my dad and I had a proper talk. This has gotten way out of control."

"Which part was out of control?" Gold shot back, "The part where he ambushed the cops in Veilstone or the part where he left you to be mentored by an international terrorist?"*

Silver glared at his traveling partner with a mixture of anger and deadpan. "Both." He replied simply. Gold started to chuckle lightly, but Silver interrupted with another comment. "And, for the record, I believe in Lance. That guy has had some bad experiences with Pokémon abuse, but there is good in him."

"That's the same thing you say about Giovanni." Yellow reminded. She had some bad experiences with Lance in the past and was uniquely hostile against the dragon tamer.* "Some people are just beyond redemption, Silver."

"Ok. We're getting off topic." Crystal interjected to hinder any possible fights, "We need to go into that cave. Now. If Team Rocket is really back again, we don't want them getting their hands on the legendary that's supposed to live here!"

"Hold on there, genius." Bit Blue, albeit a bit sarcastically, "As much as I like to think of Team Rocket as a group of unprepared losers, they do out number us pretty severely this time. We need a plan."

"Already working on it." Red said with a smile as he tapped the side of his head to indicate he was thinking. "Gold, you seem eager enough. Do me a favor, and go in first, penetrating the front line of rockets and keeping an open pathway so that we can get as many of us as deep into the cave as possible without having to wear out our Pokémon."

"Finally some fun." The boy replied, returning Red's grin.

"Also, take Crys and Silver with you."

"Hold up." Started Silver, "I want a chance to confront Giovanni, myself."

"You'll get that chance," Red returned, "But you three make a great team. You work well with each other, and judging by the number of rockets in there, level alone won't be enough to win this battle."

"But I-"

"Silver!" Now it was Green's turn to speak, "Look, I'll make sure you get a piece of him, okay? But for now, Red probably has the best plan of action. We don't have time to argue."

"Fine." He gave in.

"Alright." The leader continued, "After you three make a hole in their defenses, Blue, Green, and I will follow Yellow to the chamber that Giovanni is in so we can stop… whatever he's planning."

"Wait." Yellow interrupted, "Why do I need to lead you?"

"Yeah," added Green in a sly and flirtatious tone, "Why does she need to lead us, Red? Are we playing favorites?"

"H-hold on." Red defended, a blush emerging across his face, "You were fine with my plan a few seconds ago. Now you're going to start questioning me?"

"I… have my reasons…" Green blushed back. "Just answer the question!"

Red turned to Yellow. "You can read the emotions of other Pokémon with your psychic abilities. I was hoping you could use that to pinpoint Giovanni?"

"But… how?" she asked

"Well, if our theory about Team Rocket's interest in Giratina is correct, then you should be able to find Giratina (and Giovanni) by simply seeking out a particularly angry Pokémon… right?"

Yellow let loose a small smile. "Yeah." She said, "Yeah! That could work!"

Red smiled back at her for a moment and briefly became lost in her gaze. He was lucky to have a friend with such astounding abilities. Yellow never ceased to amaze him on so many levels.

"Okay, break it up." Said Green "Are we gonna get this show on the road or what?"

"Where should we meet?" Crystal spoke up again.

"What?" Red asked.

"You know, we should arrange a meeting spot. That way, we will be able to tell if someone was captured in battle or something rather than spending half an hour afterwards trying to see if a missing person is just hanging around in the cave somewhere."

"Good call." Said Blue. "Let's just meet back in this spot."

The party then surveyed the area, making completely sure that they were familiar with the shape of the rocks near them, the size of the cave entrance, and many other minor details that would often go overlooked. They each memorized their meeting spot in seconds.

"Okay!" Gold finally said, as pulled out his pool stick and flung a pokéball into the air, "Let's do this." The ball landed on the ground and opened up to reveal an Ambipom, who quickly struck a fighting stance as Gold let off another classic smirk. "Chaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrge!" he yelled, running into the cave with his normal type. Crystal eagerly followed suit, and Silver sighed as he hurried in behind the two.

Red let out a mischievous grin at the sight of his friends heading onward into adventure with such excitement, and the silly look remained on his face as he turned toward Blue with a pokéball in hand.

"You ready for this, Blue?"

"Are you?" Blue smiled back.

Another great adventure had begun.

Giovanni was only half aware of what was going on. He could tell by the acoustics that a fairly large battle was happening near the entrance to the cave, but he opted to ignore the situation.

"My men can take care of themselves…" he muttered, "or at least they'd better."

The Rocket boss had ventured into the deepest chamber of Turnback Cave, and he was about to do anything but turn back. It had been several years since the incident in Sinnoh that caught his attention. There was a great battle for control of some of the most powerful legendary Pokémon known to man.* In the end, the evil team responsible for disturbing the legendaries, Team Galactic, had been defeated by a small group of children. Ugh. The story was all too familiar. Although it had taken him a while to get around to it, Giovanni had now managed to do some extensive research on the story, and he was particularly interested with the idea that one may be able to encounter the Distortion World, legendary home to Giratina, at Turnback Cave.

His plan was a simple ambush. Prod Giratina enough, and it will appear. There was no way the creature had any idea of the many rockets that waited for it right outside Giovanni's chamber or the kind of technology they had access to, so all he had to do was find a way to attract the beast. There were so many horror stories about this cave that one could easily infer what made the prideful Pokémon show itself. When teens were dumb enough to come snooping around the forbidden cave and, as a joke, call out to the monster, sometimes they would never be heard from again. Simple taunts provoked the legend. Simple taunts.

"You're a coward!" he shouted, as he had been doing for some time now, "Surely a creature known to be as mighty as you would not turn down a simple one-on-one battle with a mere human!"

Nothing answered. Only simple drops of water echoed throughout the dank cave. No one spoke. Nothing moved. There was not even a breeze. Giovanni held a strange red cube, flowing with electricity, in his right hand as his fingers fumbled through his pockets. The cube was his secret weapon, manufactured by his science division based on some research he had confiscated from police evidence. He gripped it harder as the nothingness of the cave continued to trigger his impatience.

"Hm." He smiled. "I see. Perhaps you don't even exist! The legends surrounding this cave are nothing more than fairy tales based off of a few pathetic people who came down here and saw their own shadows on the wall! You are merely a legend created by childish fears!"

Nothing happened.

The battle outside had apparently escalated and was starting to cause Giovanni to worry, something he did not often do. He made the decision that he needed to leave the chamber, see what was causing problems, and reassess the situation. But as he turned to leave, he stopped for a moment and threw in one last taunt just to be sure. "…There is no legendary that would dare challenge me, anyway."

A loud roar emerged from the nothingness in the room, and the darkness of the cave began to take shape into that of a ferocious undead dragon charging at the crime boss. Giovanni let a small grin show. "Hello, legend."

"Woah! Back up, buddy!" shouted Gold as his Typhlosion, Exbo, shot a Blast Burn at a Metagross that belonged to a rocket. He chuckled. "Sorry, but we've got a line to hold!"

And indeed he did. Gold, Silver, and Crystal were doing a great job of holding the rockets back on the left and right of the cave, forming a small path down the middle and into the next chamber, which Yellow ran through, followed by Red, Blue, and Green. Gold and his party shuffled down the chamber, holding off the rockets at the appropriate angle to allow Yellow to lead further into the caverns.

"Come on! How much longer?" shouted an anxious Blue.

"I... I'm not sure." The psychic girl responded, "I'm having trouble sensing it."


"I can't really explain it. I can sense Giratina's disturbance, but I can't tell where it is. It's almost as if Giratina is there and not there at the same time!"

"What does that even mean?" added Green.

"Guys, quit putting so much pressure on her!" Red defended, "This isn't exactly a normal Pokémon she's dealing with! She needs to concentrate!"

"Yeeeeaaaahhhh…" Crystal yelled from her battle, "I don't mean to completely ignore you or anything, but I'm not sure how much longer my Pokémon can keep this up! Please, Yellow, hurry!"

Yellow grunted as she closed her eyes and continued moving forward. The sounds of the rockets shouting, all the attacks happening at once, all the pressure she had on her to do this right, and… something else she couldn't quite put a finger on were interfering with her focus. Then something clicked. A roar echoed throughout the caverns. All the Pokémon, rockets, and dex holders stopped in their tracks and went silent for a moment in response to the deafening sound. Battles stopped and heads turned in awe at the implications that the single roar made. Giratina had arrived.

Yellow broke the silence.

"I've got it!" she yelled, her eyes jutting back open, "I can feel Giratina!"

"Great!" Red cheered, "Where is it?"

"This way!" Yellow motioned forward before sprinting in the direction so fast that Chuchu almost fell off of her shoulder. Red and the others eagerly followed suit, but they failed to realize that it was not as easy for Gold and his team to move down the cave at fast speeds while still keeping the rockets at bay.

"Wait!" Gold shouted, but as he turned back to his battles, he was shocked to see that his opponents had all fled down the cave after Red and the others, a line in their defenses clearly broken by the sudden race forward.

"Aaahhh!" "Darn it!" he heard in the voices of Silver and Crystal. They had just discovered a similar situation with their rockets.

The three juniors turned back around and chased after the troops they had just lost in hopes that they could stop them before they were too far gone.

"Oh no you don't!"

"Hold it right there!"

"Wait up!"

Meanwhile, outside the cave quite a ruckus could be heard, and one man, who had been following the dex holders, listened to the destruction and sighed. His name was Lance of the Elite Four. He was a tall man covered in a black cloak and cape. His red hair was spiked up on all sides, and a Dragonite stood by his side. The trainer peeked through the cave entrance ever so slightly in an attempt to see the violence he could hear, but he had no luck, quickly becoming aware that what he heard was simply the echoes of a battle much deeper within the caverns.

"Listen to the sound of the warring humans, Dragonite. Hear the colossal pain and suffering they cause their Pokémon brethren."

Lance had followed the teens because he knew that they were on the trail of Team Rocket, and although he and the dex holders butted heads from time to time, he never approved of what Team Rocket did. He was going to make himself useful if need be, but he was also going to be careful about it. For now, he was patiently waiting outside the cave, considering his next move.

Things had gone from bad to worse for Giratina. It knew that the taunts from this Rocket man were a trap, and sure enough, as soon as the legendary descended to attack the human, Rocket troops flooded the room, Pokémon at their sides. As if that were not enough, Giovanni also released a strange cube from his hands that imprisoned the dragon and prevented it from escaping. The cube gave off an enormous electric burst that severed the Pokémon from its home dimension and massively cut its power. Giovanni's research on Giratina had apparently paid off, and the legendary knew that its only hope of escaping back to the Distortion World was victory.

The crime boss chuckled as dozens of attacks from his minions hit the beast again and again. The idea of having one of the Creation Trio at his command was amazing. "In a few short minutes, you will be mine." He mocked.

The dex holders entered the chamber in seconds, surprised to be almost entirely ignored by the rockets, and they all gasped at what they saw.

"Look at what those monsters are doing to that poor thing!" shouted Crystal.

"We're stopping them now!" added Red. Not ones to waste time, he, Blue, and Yellow charged straight through the many rockets to go help the overwhelmed dragon.

Lingering behind for a moment, Green turned to address the other three. "Stay here!" She commanded, "We're going to try to defend Giratina from the front, but Team Rocket will just have healthier Pokémon back here to send after us once we wipe out their first few waves, unless you three do something about it!"

"Right!" Silver nodded, Gold and Crystal agreeing.

"Good! See ya in a sec!" said Green, adding a wink for character before she took off with Red and the others.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Gold asked nonchalantly as he chose his remaining Pokémon and readied to battle the straggling rockets. His companions did the same, and an overconfident smirk shone on each of their faces. This was gonna be good.

Meanwhile, in the front, Red, Blue, and Yellow were having a hard time reaching the weakened Giratina. It was not that the rockets were slowing them down tremendously; it was just that Giratina did not seem to want them any closer.

"We're trying to help you!" offered Yellow for a third time. But Giratina was not about to fall for another trap, and it simply fired a Shadow Ball at the girl for having ignored its warnings to stay away. She screamed and jumped to the floor, avoiding the attack.

Green ran up to the thick of the fight after her conversation with the Johto trio, and she offered to help Yellow off of the floor. The girl happily obliged.

"This is utter chaos!" Yellow yelled to her older friend as they both tried to carefully approach Giratina amongst the numerous Ice Beams and Dark Pulses that shot through the air.

"You're telling me?!" Green came back as she tossed out a few Pokémon, "Where'd the boys go?"

"They ran to Giratina's other side!" Yellow tried to explain, "If we're going to protect this legendary, we're going to need a full perimeter!"

"I think it might be a little late for that!" Green added.

Yellow's gaze fixed on Green in a moment of surprise. "Why?"

The brunette paused. "Yellow, does Giratina look okay to you?" she asked, "It has been taking a lot of hits."

"What do you mean?" The younger girl responded. Then, as if on cue, Giratina was hit by one last Ice Beam and fell to the floor. The rockets cheered, the battles came to a halt, and Giovanni dramatically walked to the front lines to claim his victory.

But just as the crime boss reached for a pokéball to capture the beast, a red blur lunged out of seemingly nowhere and knocked him to the floor. "Oh no you don't!" Cried Red, as wrestled Giovanni onto the ground.

"Red!" Yellow and Green shouted at the same time.

As Red and the Rocket boss battled on the floor, another rocket came to a stunning realization, loudly announcing, "Hey! We've all got pokéballs!" as he waved his in the air. A murmur of agreement was heard amongst the troops as they all began to throw their capture devices at the helpless legendary in lue of their leader, but Blue, Gold, and the others were prepared for this. They simply had their own Pokémon knock the enemy pokéballs out of the sky with every attack they knew. Giratina was not getting captured unless they were taken down first. None of the rockets were amused by this, and battles started back up immediately. The evil troops aimed their aggression directly at the dex holders.

"Yellow! You need to heal Giratina!" Commanded Green.

"What?!" Yellow called back over the returning noise of attacks.

"Your powers!" Green reminded her, "You can use your powers to heal Pokémon! I've seen you do it before!"

"B-but I've never healed something so enormous!" She countered

"Just do it!"

Yellow walked over to Giratina among the attacks and the yelling of the rockets. She closed her eyes and began to focus, her hands hovering just over the legendary's head.

"Come on..." She muttered, "Come on..."

Not long after, Giratina's sight returned. It opened its eyes. The room around it was blurry. It appeared as though the cavern walls were moving, but then Giratina focused on a single figure in the middle of its vision. It saw a young girl with her hands on its head. It worked!

"Yes!" Yellow cheered, "I did that MUCH faster than I expected!" Giratina tried to rise up, but it could not quite lift its own weight, and the young girl sat it down again with a gentle pat on the head. "It's going to be okay." she said, "My friends and I," she motioned to Blue, Green, and Red (who was still on the ground fighting Giovanni), "are here to protect you."

This touched Giratina. There were very, VERY few people it knew of who would try to protect it rather than capture it. In fact, it could only think of one. As Giratina looked around the room, though, it noticed that this was a losing battle. The good humans and their Pokémon, valiant as they were, were far too outnumbered. The legendary determined that it would save its friends, and it let out a mighty roar that summoned a small black void in front of Yellow just before the Pokémon collapsed to the floor again.

Yellow was startled. She had told Giratina they were helping it, but this void did not look friendly. It was a hole in reality, violently swirling with diabolical intentions, seeming to absorb light, rather than return it. It looked like something out of a horror movie. The void moved toward her, and she responded naturally by running away screaming. The void followed.

The void moved closer and closer, clearly outmatching Yellow in speed. Instead she tried to dodge it by weaving into the crowd of still-battling rockets. However, the void appeared to be somewhat sentient, and it avoided the enemies and their Pokémon, only focusing on Yellow until the chase came upon Green. Green looked at her friend with a confused glance as the girl fearfully sprinted past her. She did not notice the void that was approaching from behind until she turned and saw it swallow up her Nidoqueen.

"Nido!" Green cried as she ran out to save her Pokémon, but before she really knew what she was doing, the void leapt forward and swallowed her as well. Yellow saw all of it from her lead, and she screamed louder.

Bad decision.

Blue came running towards Yellow in a panic, asking her if she was okay, but the swift void devoured him as well as soon as he fell behind Yellow's path. The void then sought out his Pokémon, just as it had Green's. The rockets at this point had stopped battling and were watching this bizarre event unfold. Yellow simply kept running, too terrified to process what was happening to her friends.

Giovanni and Red, however, were completely unaware of the void, and they continued rolling on the ground, still punching and grabbing at each other, covered in sweat. For some reason, that was Yellow's target. Yellow knew by this point that the void was dangerous, and leading it to her friends did not make much sense, but she had to run to Red. She naturally ran to him when she was scared. The fact that he was wrestling a world-renowned crime boss and she was living out a sci-fi thriller movie did not change the facts.

Once she finally made it to her friend, she bent down to hear him and Giovanni still grunting and shouting at each other.

"RED!" she yelled.

"A little busy!" he responded.

She didn't have time for this. She leaned over and pulled Red off of Giovanni, kicking and screaming. "Hey!" he fumed, "I wasn't-"

"Red, look!" she said as she pointed his head toward the ever-approaching void.

The thought that this void was after Yellow didn't register to Red. All he noticed was that it had positioned itself directly behind Giovanni, and that caused him to smile.

"Perfect." He quipped. Then, while still in Yellow's arms, Red leaned back with all his might, and kicked Giovanni into the mysterious abyss with both of his feet.

All the rockets gasped as the boss disappeared, screaming into the darkness. Even Yellow was shocked by Red's actions. He was clearly pumped with adrenaline after that fist fight, and it was causing him to act a little out of character. No one even noticed that the void was still moving forwards. But whatever kind of gravity or suction the portal was using came into play again in mere seconds, and Red was ripped from Yellow's arms to be engulfed in oblivion.

That caused Yellow to snap out of it.

"NO!" the girl screamed, having found her voice again, and she reached for Red as fast as she could while her friend sank into the darkness, but the void disappeared around him and dissolved from existence.

The rockets were shocked. They didn't move or say a word. Yellow, however, was completely conscious. She ran back through the crowd, back to Gold, Silver, and Crystal, failing to fight back her own tears. The Johto trio had missed most of the action through the crowd, and they were not entirely sure what had just happened, but when Yellow fled past them out the back of the cave, they did not hesitate for a moment before following behind her.

Once things had finally calmed down, Yellow sat with Gold and the others at the meeting spot outside. Chuchu patted the girl's arm to calm her a bit as she explained what she had seen, and Lance, not willing to give away his position yet, sat in a dark crevice behind the team, listening to the entire story.

After Yellow finished, Crystal was the first to try to comfort her friend."…Well," she said "It doesn't necessarily mean that they're dead..."

"H…how else would you explain it?" Yellow chocked out.

"As much as it pains me to suggest such a thing," began Silver, "Giratina is said to be in control of many different realities and dimensions. Maybe it just… kidnapped them and brought the four somewhere else."

Yellow didn't see how this helped, but it certainly caught Gold's attention.

"Yeah!" he started, "In fact, you said that the void was chasing you, right? And it only took four people? Maybe Giratina was just trying to bring you and the three people it saw helping it to somewhere safe!"

Yellow looked up a little bit.

"Right!" Crystal added enthusiastically, "That's gotta be it! After all, if the void was supposed to hurt people, why would it only be after you four? You said it was ignoring the rockets and it only took Giovanni because Red kicked him in!"

Yellow wiped off some of her tears and tried to make a straight face. "Well… maybe… but where would Giratina send someone in an attempt to save them?"

Crystal scrunched her face, thinking, "I… don't know… maybe to someone who has saved it before?"

Although the idea sounded strange, Crystal must have hit the nail on the head, because there was only one person in the multiverse that had saved Giratina before…*

*Reference Corner:

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