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Your name is Sollux Captor and you think today's the day you finally just give up. KK doesn't want you; he's made that perfectly clear. But at the same time he definitely hasn't, from what Strider calls a raging man-boner vibe he's got from this whole situation. Yeah, you don't understand it either. What you do understand is Karkat doesn't want to be with you for some stupid reason. Even though NOT being with him is driving you crazy.

Speaking of Strider, it was a weird occurrence to wake up with him in your bed. You can't remember anything from last night, but your sore ass gives you enough of a clue as to why this is. It was awkward waking up and making him breakfast, but you seem to have dodged a bullet there. So a one-night stand with your drinking buddy and pretty close friend? Yeah, that's cool. Whatever.

What isn't cool is that you've got work today, and you are not that experienced with concealing a limp. Yeah, that's gonna suck.

You considered calling in sick, but KK wouldn't like that one bit. Hell he'd probably come get you during lunch to make sure you get your project done.

UGH FUCK! The patch! You NEED to finish it today, or KK will have your ass on a silver platter. Shit. Well, better spend the morning walk practicing your non-limping skills. You'll need it. You were doing pretty well until your phone rang. Of course you thought it was Karkat bugging you, saying not to be late. Yeah right

"Hey there Sollux!" Great… John.

"Thomething up Egbert?"

"Ohhhh yeah. Something's up. Something big!" He has that devious tone in his voice again. Just wonderful. "But I'll talk about that later. So how is work? How's that whole thing with you and Karkat going?" You almost stop completely. Why was he asking about that? Why does he even know about that? Did KK tell him or something?

And at that moment you remember who your drinking buddy's best friend is… Oh.

"Uh… It isn't? Honestly he's constantly giving me mixed signals."

"Haha! He usually does. What, are you throwing in the towel so soon?"

You can't answer him. Luckily some noise from the road blocks out any attempt to answer with a few loud cars honking as they pass. Damn drivers.

"Well he'll come around. Anyway, about that one thing…"

"That one big thing you just mentioned. So what's up?"

"What's up?! What's up? Dude, you don't even remember? And here I was doing a favor here and pretending it just didn't happen. For Karkat's sake, of course." …What about Karkat? "How about this: We'll let that whole thing slide… Buuuuut…"

"What do you want?"

"Well you see, Vriska's gonna be moving in tomorrow, and…"

Giving a sly grin, Sollux pulled out a certain picture from his pile. He'd been meaning to hang this up, but just hasn't found the perfect spot for it. John was planning quite a bit of shit with this photo. But apparently he took pity due to Karkat's begging. Still, he almost gave up on him. If it weren't for John's lame-ass blackmail, and him having to spend all day doing ALL the work to move her in that day, which was a few months ago, they wouldn't have had that amazing date. They wouldn't have had so much fun during Operation Battlefield either.

… At least he wouldn't have. God, the look on his face was priceless! He had to thank Dave for helping to set all that shit up, man. A+ quality material.

He wound up staring at that same picture for at least half an hour. Just such perfection in this blurry-as-fuck image. Having some proof of their drunken makeouts though? Yeah, that was worth it. John shouldn't have blown up the picture though, now it's all pixely. No matter. He sure as hell was surprised when he recognized it. Vriska got a picture of his shock, too… fucking bitch. And made sure to send it to John to at least get SOME satisfaction out of their failed prank.

Oh. Hey, it's noon already! Well, it's not like KK would mind it if he was a little late. Sollux spent all of five minutes ordering pizza before deciding on an outfit… Naturally, it was just his grey slacks and that one old t-shirt he liked. The one with the Gemini symbol. He was fairly certain KK had a shirt like this one too, right? Ehh, it doesn't matter.

Sollux didn't even bother with shoes, he just walked over with his fuzzy socks on. This was going to be a relaxing day god damnit! He wrote up the check for when the pizza was sure to arrive and headed right over. KK was probably already up and pacing around his suit or something. Like usual.

They both had work tomorrow, so they couldn't stay up all night like he would have hoped, building some immature pillow fort and curling up together in a pile of blankets, but hey, one could dream, right?

Yeaaaaah no. Not after yesterday's date. Pillow forts are bomb but Sollux has done enough overly cheesy shit for one weekend.

Karkat's door was unlocked, an unfortunate habit from his old place. He'd really have to get him to lock his door eventually. Getting robbed sucks, man. "KK, are you here?"

He only received tired grumbling from his room. Sollux shrugged and left the check somewhere close. He also closed and locked his door like the good little concerned friend he was. Karkat was half asleep in his room, curled up in his egg chair and an old quilt. Sollux remembered that quilt well; it was something his mother started for her second son, which was a miscarriage unfortunately. Karkat never liked talking about it.

That was around the time they started chatting pretty much daily. Karkat was much more of a douche back then. Oh my god was he ever a huge douche. He has, fortunately, left that part of his past behind.

Leaning against the chair, Sollux indulged himself on seeing the amazingly adorable image of his… what even were they now? Friends? Boyfriends? He didn't even fucking know. He had to ask Karkat that one, after they talk. This time their 'talk' wasn't going to be bogged down with lame excuses. He's going to throw everything on the table and be completely honest with him. About everything he knows, and probably talk to him about what all happened too.

If he doesn't immediately kick him out of his life forever, then they'll talk about their relationship. And only then. KK doesn't deserve someone who's going to lie to him; he needs someone who will be there with him.

It's kind of a risky move. He doesn't give a shit though, this is his best friend after all.

But first thing's first. Clearing his throat, Karkat stirred awake, glancing up to him tiredly. "What? Fucker, I almost fell asleep again."

He cracked up, turning the chair back to him. Sollux graced his obviously annoyed afternoon behavior with a soft peck. "What'cha gonna do when the pizza geth here then? Come on man, get dressed. Meet you on the couch to discuss the movie marathon."

They spent the whole day together, being lazy assholes and watching cheap movies together while enjoying some pretty shitty pizza, and eventually soda Sollux had to go fetch. He grabbed a few beers, too, but not enough to get completely drunk. It was pretty amazing, watching their stupid movie choices (and eventually random shit on TV. Sollux couldn't stand watching another romcom for at least a month! Naturally, he was lying. For Karkat's sake.)

So, lightly buzzed and tired and full of some half-ass meal Karkat cooked for dinner, they enjoyed some relaxing small talk together on the couch. KK was so relaxed, not yelling or scolding him or anything, it was exactly what they needed. Both of them.

As the sun set, Sollux let out a sigh, turning off the TV. Well… Time for what he's kinda been dreading… "What, you bored of stupid animal planet shit already?"

"They need to have a bee week. Like, seriously man. They have a shark week, so why not?" Sollux chuckled, only earning a snide grin. "But no, there's actually something we should talk about…" He tried to stay as relaxed as possible.

"Alright then… What is it?"

"I heard about what happened to you two yeath ago…" He tried to be as blunt as he could.

He was expecting some kind of fight. Some kind of seriously emotional freakout or something. He was pleasantly surprised.

"I know. Strider told you."

If this was some shitty cartoon your jaw would have dropped. But, thank god, it wasn't. They were adults and could handle adult situations in a mature fashion. "Uhm… Did he tell you?"

"Yeah. This morning." Karkat sighed, running a hand through his hair. He was pissed off about it before Sollux showed up, and sure he may have been aiming to yell and scream his head off about it today, but Sollux was fessing up. That at least deserved a calm response, right? They ended up mulling over everything in an awkward silence before Sollux finally spoke up, adjusting his glasses as a nervous habit.

"I'm sorry… I should have asked you directly."

"I wouldn't have told you anyway. It's fine." Karkat sighed again, glaring up at the ceiling. "Pretty fucked up, huh? Stupid jackass." He shrugged, curling back up against Sollux. He didn't want to talk about it anymore. Never again, but Sollux was at least honest about going to Dirk for all this info. "I got pretty messed up by it, too. I… I should be to one apologizing."

Nerves suck. Sollux managed to chuckle a little spouting out an "its fine," without even thinking of it. Karkat didn't seem to appreciate that one, but if anything he hadn't moved. Sollux really dodged a bullet there; he'd have to thank Strider somehow. For now, they went back to watching TV, still curled up together on the couch. It was almost an hour before they even moved. Sollux was just coming back from the bathroom, noticing Karkat curled up in the blankets. Obviously stressed. "Hey, uh… Something up?"

"Why?" Huh? Sollux didn't get it. At all. "That was fucked up and all, but you could have lied or something, you know." Oh. He grinned, shaking it off before joining him back on the couch. Karkat only seemed to tense up more.

"Well, how could I be a good partner if I kept that big of a secret from you? That's even more fucked up than doing." He shrugged, carefully wrapping his arms around Karkat. The crab was resistant to it at first, but he allowed the contact. "It wasn't right. I care about you too much to lie to you like that."

"Why are you even bothering? You should have just stayed with Feferi or something. At least she wouldn't push you away for so long over dumb useless reason like I did."

"Well, I'm a selfish prick, and a stubborn jackass. Feferi wath jutht a… phathe, you know? It's way different with us, KK." That got his attention, bright eyes staring up him in a strained curiosity. It was hopeful. "Sure, we're just friends now, but I don't want that." He moved some hair from his boss's face, continuing. "I want more. More than a fling, more than sex, more than anything you've had with Dirk. I'm the selfish prick KK. It is me, and it's always been me." Karkat looked so surprised by that, even if it's always been really obvious from the start. "And you pushed me away because you were unsure about everything. I get that KK… But I'm not going to give up; I'm too stubborn for that."

"Yeah…I know." A snappy comeback? Well that's hopeful. Sollux grinned, pulling the other into a light hug.

"So… Are we thtill friendth?"

"Well... We'll see."

So it wasn't the most direct answer, but a week passed them by quickly. The cell started a new project, and like usual, they spent their days together. Dates ended up being their usual meals and that trip to the theater a few days ago. Now they were just home, curling up on the couch together like usual. It felt like Karkat was asleep when Sollux started talking again, mumbling about how he wouldn't hurt him, how this was so right. How much he loved him…

So when half-asleep mumbling started to return some of the statements, he couldn't help but smile.

"What's so wrong with this then KK?"


"You want me to leave?"

"Fuck no."

"I love you..."

"...Я тоже тебя люблю."

"Будь моя?"


Karkat sat himself back up, still straddling the other as he tried to wake up. And Sollux probably would have asked why, but asking why is for people not getting kissed right about now, and not just the soft pecks they've been giving over the course of the week. It's for people not lip-locked in some of the most passionate, sleepy-sloppy makeouts from Karkat yet. Fuck yes. Those people are missing out, man. Except not because this is a thing he was not ever going to share. Fuck those people, this was all for him.

Karkat wasn't holding back, he wasn't pushing away or freezing up or anything. Hell, he was controlling it. Actually… This was almost as amazing as their first kiss. No hesitation, no resistance. Eager, if anything. Yeah, this was pretty good, too. Their tongues swirled together, and with a low moan escaping he decided that, yeah, fuck that first kiss, nothing was more amazing than that right then. Nothing.

That is, until they kept going further, and further, and further...