E/O Challenge: The boys in the bar

Warnings/spoilers: There are none. Just random silliness. I don't even know.

Disclaimer: Sadly, they aren't mine. All I can do is borrow them for my amusement and yell at the screen for Cas to get his feathery butt back to Dean.

A.N.: Yes, I know this is kind of early, but I won't be around my computer the rest of the day so I figured I'd get it in while I could.

A.N. in the second: Oh, before I forget. I'm currently looking for a beta reader for a new Supernatural story I'm writing (set around season 4). If you're interested, feel free to PM me.

"So an angel, a demon, and two hunters walk into a bar."

"Dean, I don't think-"

"Shut up, Sam. And the angel says to the hunters..."

At that moment, a large hand descended onto each of their shoulders. Roughly tugged around, the hunters had enough time to spurt a simeoultaneous "Holy-" when light erupted in their attacker's eyes. The demon dropped to the floor, revealing Castiel framed in the ethereal glow of the pool table lamp.

Oblivious to the screaming of the bar patrons, the angel looked up at the Winchesters and replied, "I believe I missed the humor in this 'joke'."