And so begins the final tale during the time of Age Happy Feet. So much has happened to this penguin over the course of his still young life, and through this final story, all questions shall be answered, and the life time of a heroic young penguin will finally give him the meaning and purpose he's been looking for.

Hear My Voice

By MyWayWriter

Prologue: The Days After

If anyone was exhausted from summer long parties, it was definitely Age and his mate, despite the fact that he and Hayley had been so excited for their new chick. Like most adults, Age was engulfed by the sensation and thrill that came with being at a party, especially an Adelie Land party. On Age and Mumble's lives, no one could party like the Adelies, and it was all thanks to Ramon that he found out that such a small species of penguin could hurl out such a spontaneous and ravishing extravaganza. One night in particular, Age and his little brother Jake were on stage singing another wonderful song that was inspired by his life and tighter than atoms family, and Jake nearly passed out. Jake was not very much of a singer, but over the summer when he grew up into a very handsome young penguin and his voice had developed, he still only when on stage for support and back-up singing, he was never the center of attention. After the song was completely Mumble ran over to them as they hopped off stage and gave his gratifications to them.

"That was a remarkable performance you guys, flawless, breathtaking, and upbeat as always!" Mumble was a good father to these two.

"Thanks Pa, your opinion is one of the ones we treasure most." Jake said to his father in a warm and fuzzy way.

"Yeah, only fit that our Pa is the one who builds us up. And now that I have a few spare moments, where is Hayley?" Age asked to his posse. Jake was the one who seemed like he knew the answer.

"She's talking with Nicki and Kourtney over in the corner, some girl talk I think." Jake was right, but it was curious to Age how he knew.

"Jake, everyone knows you like Kourtney, why are you pretending like you don't by eavesdropping on their conversations?" Ashamed and embarrassed Jake walked away. "Poor guy, he likes her so much he can't stand it." Mumble knew the feeling.

"That's how I was around your Mama, I wanted to be around her so much that sometimes I did stupid stuff just to see her. Like when I wouldn't let go of that skua who had my fish." Mumble was crazy over Gloria, and now that he thinks back on it, he is very satisfied with how it all turned out.

"I know Pa…" Age teased, "You've told me, I'm gonna go see how Hayley is…you know with the baby and all."

"Mmmhmm, I know son, congratulations on the chick again."

"Thanks Pa…" He said and walked through the crowd of talking birds all over the place, until he was up to Hayley speaking with Nicki. "How are you doing sweetie? You and the baby okay?" He asked in a 'still shocked about the chick being on the way' voice.

Hayley giggled before she answered. "Yes honey, me and the egg are fine, and hey, did you have something to do with that?" Hayley questioned him and pointed to Jake and Kourtney dancing around with one another at the back of the crowd. Age smirked a very devilish grin and answered,

"Possibly…" And he and Hayley started moving around too, it was a very fun night. Halfway through the next song that played, Hayley asked Age a question out of nowhere.

"Hey Age, the summer is almost over…that means that wherever Syrena is with Zev, they're both grown up. Do you think that they're going to have an egg this season?" This was a question Age was dreaded to answer.

"Uh…yes…?" He responded sensitively. She laughed out loud and said to him.

"I was kidding Nervous Jervis, I'm sure they're fine."

They both had a great jugging about it after that and the party kept going on and on far into the morning, with Jake and Kourtney dancing, Age and Hayley in love, Syrena and Zev all safe, there was nothing that could ruin the rest of the summer.

And that my friends and loyal readers, is how the final saga of Age Happy Feet begins. I'm sorry the series it at its end, but it had to at some point. I might change the rating to M if there's too much sadness and depression, because I'll tell you now, people are going to die. And just a quick note, Jake, Kourtney, Gabriel, Syrena, and Zev are all grown up, just so you know, they matured over the summer like Mumble did in the film. This is going to be a massive story, so I'll have to ask that if you read at all, PLEASE REVIEW for every chapter, I want to know every single detail, I don't care if it's anonymous. Any-who, enjoy…