Previously, on "A Little One-on-One", a young girl named Melissa was at the gym shooting hoops alone until she met an alien named Bupkus. Melissa took a liking towards this good looking creature and got to him. Bupkus asked Melissa to play one-on-one with him. Hesitant, Melissa told Bupkus she would play later. Bupkus could tell in Melissa's eyes that she was nervous and thought of a way to make her change her mind. The idea back fired because Melissa passed out. After Melissa recovered, she and Bupkus seem to have a 'connection'. Though their little meeting was a bit shaky, but they manage to be cool with each other. They played basketball together and became friends.

It was spring time and Melissa decided to do chores around the house. She washed dishes and mopped the floor in the kitchen, dusted the living room, did the laundry and watered the plants. After that was done, she decided to go to the gym. She grabbed her bag and head out the door. As she got there, she saw that they bought in a big trampoline. Melissa was excited about that and couldn't wait to try it out. She settled her things down in the locker room and went to do some stretches.

After a good stretch, Melissa went to go try out the new trampoline. She took off her shoes and placed them near a corner. Melissa climbed up and began jumping up and down. She was having a blast on the trampoline until a huge figure walked in and said "Hey there, jumping bean!" It was Bupkus. Melissa turned her attention to Bupkus and said "Oh, Bupkusā€¦" then lost control of bounce by flying up to the ceiling and began falling to the ground screaming. "Oh shoot! I getcha, Melissa!" Bupkus ran and got his arms out to catch Melissa. Melissa landed safely into Bupkus's arms. "Thanks, Bupkus." She looked up at Bupkus with a smile as Bupkus asked with a concerned look on his face, "You okay, baby?" Melissa responded, "Yeah, I'm alright. Well, actually, I feel alot better now that you're here." Melissa began to look at Bupkus all starry eyed and placed her hand on his chest as Bupkus smiled back at her. Suddenly, Melissa got back to reality and asked nicely, "Could you put me down, please?" Bupkus forgot he was still holding on to Melissa and put her back down to the ground.