Guardians of Tokyo Chapter 78:

The Return

After saying goodbye to the Midori no Kishi, Kisshu, Emiko, Ayame, Dire Bite, Light Pink, Suihou, Akai, Pai and Taruto got ready to teleport everyone back to Japan. They decided to go to Ichigo's house first, because everyone except Hanna knew what it looked like. Since Hanna didn't know where she was going, it was decided that she would go with someone, like the others who couldn't teleport. After a few minutes of discussion, the pairs were decided. Kisshu would take Ichigo, Emiko would take Zakuro, Ayame would take Hanna, Taruto would take Pudding, Pai would take Lettuce, Light Pink would take Kenji, and Dire Bite would take Mint. Suihou and Akai would go on their own, because there was no one else left to take.

Finally everyone was ready, and they all teleported back to Ichigo's house. Everyone let go of one another (Pai and Lettuce rather slowly, Kisshu was amused to note), and Ichigo went up to the front door and knocked.

"Come in, it's open," they heard Aoyama call. They all went in, Hanna clinging to Ayame's hand.

Aoyama was overjoyed to see everyone safe, and said, "It's great to have you all back home." Then he saw Hanna, and asked, "Who's this?"

Ayame nudged Hanna, who bowed and said, "I'm Hanna. It's nice to meet you."

"It's nice to meet you as well, Hanna," Aoyama said. "Where are you from?"

Hanna looked up at Ayame, who said, "Hanna is an American. Her father gave her to us to care for before he was killed by her mother. Mom, Dad, and I will be her family now. Please be gentle with her."

Hanna nodded into Ayame's leg, where she was hiding her face. Aoyama nodded to Ayame, then said gently, "It's okay, Hanna, no one will hurt you here."

Hanna looked up at him and said, "Okay. Thank you."

Aoyama then turned to Ichigo and said, "I really should have Ryou and Akasaka-san come over to hear what news you have. I'll go call them." He left to get the phone, and after a moment they heard him say, "Hi Ryou, it's Aoyama. Ichigo and the others are back, so could you and Akasaka-san come over? Okay, thanks."

Aoyama came back to the others and said, "They're on their way. Please go make yourselves comfortable, and I'll get some tea."

Everyone went into the living room and sat down on various couches and chairs. Then they heard a knock at the door. "I'll get it," Ichigo called. She opened the door to reveal Ryou and Akasaka-san. "Please, come in," Ichigo said. They did so, and joined the group in the living room.

After Aoyama had brought tea to everyone, Akasaka-san said, "Can you tell us the situation, Kisshu?"

Kisshu replied, "The Midori no Kishi have all been defeated and killed, except for Shishi and her friends, who helped us defeat the others."

"Well, that's good news," Ryou said. "But we've been receiving data that implies some new threat is coming. We don't know what it is, or how close it is, because whatever it is, it's doing a real good job of hiding itself. We have a hunch that it might be Cyniclons, but can't confirm that at this time."

"Cyniclons!" Kisshu asked in shock. "Why would they attack us?"

"We don't know," Ryou said. "But we know something is coming."

"Wait," Pai said. "What if it's our parents, Ikusa and Mikomi?"

"Why would they become a threat to us?" asked Kisshu.

"Well, they were pretty insistent on bringing you back to our planet," Pai reminded him. "What if they've decided to get forceful, now that they see you won't come with them willingly? They know you, Emiko and Ayame are all of royal blood, and they need a leader. If they've decided to force you back, that would explain the aggressiveness that Ryou and Akasaka-san say is coming."

"You make a good point, but if it is our parents, how can we fight them?" Kisshu asked.

Pai said reluctantly, "If they really are the new threat, I'm afraid we'll have to treat them like any other enemy we've faced, especially if they start harming humans."

"We can't afford to wait until they start harming others," Kisshu said thoughtfully. "Maybe we should seek them out before they can get to us."