Guardians of Tokyo Chapter 94:

The Hard Decision

Danger Fang had just finished explaining about the future and how to change it. Everyone was stunned. But one question remained.

"Why would Ayame and Dire Bite die if they don't go to Cyniclonia?" Kisshu asked. (A/N: Cyniclonia is the Cyniclon's planet.)

"Because Ikusa and Mikomi would be out of the picture, and the Cyniclons would send in others with orders to attack. Ayame and Dire Bite would be killed in the fighting," Danger Fang replied.

"What about us?" Ichigo asked. "Is there any way for the Mew Team to come along?"

"If that's what Ayame and Dire Bite want, then the Council won't go against them," Danger Fang replied.

"Of course we want you to come, Aunt Ichigo," Ayame said. "It's just a matter of whether we're going or not. I have to leave that up to my parents."

Emiko turned to Kisshu, who seemed to be deep in thought. "Kisshu-kun, maybe we should give it a try. We both don't want Ayame to die, and if this is the only way to save her, maybe that's fine. Besides, the Mews could come too."

"I suppose you're right, but how will we all get there?" Kisshu asked.

"I could probably contact the Council, but you should be there too, Kisshu," Pai said.

"All right. But maybe Ayame should be there too. She's the one they want, not me," Kisshu said.

"Then let's do it," Pai said.

"Danger Fang, you can go back now," Ayame said. Danger Fang nodded and vanished.

Pai led them to a room in the back of the house filled with screens and computers. He sat down at the biggest screen and started typing. Soon the face of an old Cyniclon came up. "Pai? What is it?" the Cyniclon asked.

"Genji-sama, I have heard that the Council wishes to instate my niece Ayame and her mate Dire Bite as the King and Queen," Pai said respectfully.

"That is correct," Genji-sama said.

"I have Ayame and her father Kisshu with me now," Pai said. "Would you care to speak with them?"

"Please put them on immediately," Genji-sama replied.

Pai moved aside, and Kisshu and Ayame moved into his place.

"Am I to understand that Princess Ayame has chosen to fulfill her destiny?" Genji-sama asked.

"Hai, Genji-sama. Ayame and her mate have decided to come to Cyniclonia as long as they can bring their families and the Mew Team," Kisshu said.

"That sounds fine, but why the Mew Team?" Genji-sama asked.

"I would like to have some friends with me, Genji-sama," Ayame replied politely. "Also, Dad would miss Mew Ichigo, and I don't want him to be sad."

"Very well. You have proven that you can put others above yourself, so I will allow the Mew Team to come," Genji-sama said. "Now, how many of you will be coming, and when will you be ready?"

"There will be eighteen of us, and we will be ready within a weeks' time, Genji-sama," Kisshu said.

"That's fine, I shall inform our people and the Council and prepare a ship," Genji-sama said. "Sayonara."

"Sayonara," replied Ayame, Kisshu and Pai. Then the connection ended.

"We should inform the others," Pai said. They all went out to the living room, and Pai said, "We have made the arrangements, and we have a week to prepare."

And so the preparation began.