Note: Whoever recently got Susan Strong on the list, thank you. Could you also please get Flame Prince on there?

Note 2: Celina is the only other named member of the Hyoomen tribe, and is the one with the Panda Hat originally.

Susan Strong gazed at Beautopia. Once the Hyoomen's home, then over run by the Glub Glubs. Until today. Finn and his magic flower (the fire) had saved them.

She was the Simple Chieftain of the Hyoomen. They were just a bunch of Fish People that lived Underground.

Well, she wasn't.

She thought Finn was one, until she discovered he 'had no gills'. That was a relief.

The Hyoomen were unloading food and supplies to their city, arriving by boat. Now the Hyoomen tribe had a safe place to stay.

She looked at Finn, the little teenager with a bear hat.

She asked him to stay.

He declined, saying he wasn't like them. He was wrong.

Susan grabbed his hand and stuffed it up her hat. Finn was star struck, amazed.


His dog friend called to him. "Come on dude! I got some soft pretzels."

Finn waved goodbye to her, and left on their boat.

Oh well.