Somebody That I Used To Know

Formally known as The One Where Harvey Slaps Mike
... but that's a moot point, really [AKA: That One Time Mike Was Hysterically Insane With Shock]

A/N: just a fic dump. Title taken from Gotye's song of the same name (a glorious song that I think will torment Mike for the rest of his life).

From suits-meme prompt asking for a fic where Harvey slaps Mike. I think the general agreement from people who responded was that Harvey would only do this if Mike was in shock or something. I only intended to do a small one-shot but it's kind of snow-balled into a plot of sorts (and another reason to emotionally whump Mike). This is actually nearly finished – I probably have one last chapter to write, so don't worry I haven't abandoned teen-slash-mini!Mike or any of the other fics I have started and not yet finished. I just have my hand in many pies at the moment.

Also... yes, there's a heap-load of angst and tears and Harvey's very tactile in his comforting, but this is because Mike is insane with shock and Mike!whump is my forte, so apologies for the emotional up-chuck that I might put you though.

Disclaimer: The characters or Suits do not belong to me. No infringement intended.


Shock wasn't the first thing he'd experienced.

You'd think it would be, but it wasn't.

Instead he'd gone into a rage and ripped his apartment to pieces.

He'd swiped the contents from his messy coffee table.

Tipped his bookcase with brute force, books and paper fluttering in their fall.

He'd destroyed inanimate objects including his coffee pot (so, thanks O' terrible, soul-destroying start to the day) and one of the few photo's of his parents.

That, in itself, gives him pause for thought and he comes to a crashing halt, breathing rapidly, chest heaving up and down.

"Mike?" It was said so quietly that he nearly jumps right of his skin. He vaguely remembers that same soft voice repeating his name like a mantra, dull and faint against the blood rushing in his ears.


"Stop! You're going to hurt yourself."

"Please. You're scaring me."

Jenny. It was Jenny. She looks absolutely terrified stood in the middle of the carnage.

She'd stayed the night and had opened the door to a early hour visitor who nearly stopped his heart on sight. It had barely passed 7:00 am. They had listened, Mike silent and unbelieving and then angry, throwing the man out, who'd become a stranger in Mike's eyes, and Jenny had stood back as Hurricane Mike had flown through his apartment.

"Mike?" she tries again.

He fled...


Jenny had barely kept up with Mike and eventually lost him.

She made an educated guess at where he might be heading. After what they had learned this morning, there could be only one place he'd go.

The nurse on receptionist duty showed a faint recognition when she arrived, slightly off breath and a tad-dishevelled. She hadn't been to visit in a while now, not since she was with Trevor.

"Hi," she tells the receptionist, hand drumming against the counter. "I know it's early, but I was wondering if Mike Ross has been in. I really need to see him-"

"Sure," The nurse said with a effortless smile. "He came by around five minutes ago. I normally don't make a habit of letting visitors through till the official times, but he's a regular and appeared upset, so I let him."

"Oh, good-" Jenny breathes with relief and then points with her hand. "Do you mind if I...?"

"Go ahead, but make it quick."

Jenny finds the room quite quickly – not because she's in the same room (in fact she's moved two rooms down) but because of the two nurses who are standing worriedly in the hall and the ugly raised tone that is buffeting out through the door.

Jenny barges in with no grace at all.

Grammy Ross is sitting straight up. Her face is flushed and there's a look of distress – hell, she looks distraught – across her face. There's blatant tears that are rapidly falling.

"Is it true?" Mike harshly asks.

Grammy looks away for a second before turning reluctant wet eyes back and nods.

"I'm sorry."

She makes an effort to reach out a quivering arm but Mike snatches his hand out of reach and takes a step back.

"How could you?" Mike whispers it. He sounds completely devastated and Jenny steps into the gap and tries to squeeze his hand reassuringly. He doesn't acknowledge her, but pulls out of her glancing touch with a contorted face as though his universe has been ripped apart.

It has.

"Michael-" His grandmother warns. She's trying to pull back the covers and move from the bed but ends up struggling in the folds. "Please, you have to listen to me. I never condoned it. I was never part of it. I found out after."

"But you went along with it?"

"What choice did I have?"

"YOU COULD HAVE TOLD ME!" The force of it stuns her and she feels trapped by it, pushed back as though it was Mike Against The World.

"Mike-" she tries to soothe. "Please let me explain, sweetheart-"

Mike's shaking his head and backs up further and the older woman is pale and tilting, desperately trying to fight herself free from the sheets. And Jenny is caught between them – wanting to inch herself closer to her edgy friend but not wanting to leave Grammy's obvious plight.

Mike makes a noise like a wounded animal and then hightails it out of the room and Jenny has a whole second of hesitation before turning back to the old lady and stalling her fall.

The two nurses from before file in quickly and usher her away.

Grammy fights them like a woman possessed before directing her stare to her.

"Go after him," she says though an oxygen mask.

Jenny hesitates a second longer.


She nods and then rushes off to try and find him but by the time she makes it outside Mike has long gone.


Donna is at her desk when she becomes aware of a problem brewing – of the associate kind.

Rachel has appeared with her arm resting on a blonde woman's elbow and they're are heading in the direction of her desk. Donna recognises the girl – Jenny something – from the mock trial so instantly knows this is Mike's friend and therefore to do with Mike.

Mike, it appears, is responsible for the mess that Harvey, Louis and Jessica were now in and by the look of it, the trouble didn't appear to be just in the office.

The firm had recently taken on a new client who brought in big bucks and several well earning clients. The client in question – Theodore Crane – had insisted on the best. Harvey and Louis had, naturally, both considered their respective selves as being the best. Jessica, rather predictably, told them to work together much to both their chagrin.

Mike had been given strict instructions to be early for work today as he had been tasked with meeting and greeting the client, going over some preliminary paperwork and being a general hospitable connoisseur.

They'd only been made aware that Mike had not only failed to meet the client but hadn't shown at all when reception had called to say they had a irate client who wanted 'the most senior person down here, like now, or he's walking.'

Louis was, naturally, preening about Harvey's ineptitude (because Louis equated this to being a bad mentor and therefore the inferior of the two) and Jessica fumed at Harvey for Mike's no-show. Donna could see that Harvey was fuming too, only in the silent-twitchy-brooding way he did when he was pissed at someone he obviously didn't want to be. Of course, it didn't help that Mike hadn't answered any of the calls she, herself, made or the countless rapid fire texts and answer phone messages Harvey had left while Jessica went to smooth things over.

They – Harvey, Louis and Jessica – were still presently trying to smooth things over now, in the conference room, but instead of the planned meeting of general law talk and winning smiles it became a convoluted way of winning him back.

Donna raises from her desk before Rachel or Jenny reach her.

"Is something wrong?" she asks.

"Hi Donna," Rachel answers with an apologetic smile and gestures with her free hand to the blonde. "Jenny was looking for Mike but I told her I didn't think he was in yet. Is he coming in today?"

"Uh..." Donna says with a wave and looks at the girl suspiciously as though she expected her to break into horrendous tears. "He's supposed to be here. Maybe something came up?"

"Oh god," Jenny declares and paces a little. Both Donna and Rachel look at each other with worried frowns and Rachel shrugs a little. Jenny palms her phone in her hand then pushes it to the side of her face. "Mike? Please, just call me back. Okay? Or just answer your phone the next time."

Jenny sounds freaked.

"What's happened?" she asks her, keeping her voice steady and low.

"Oh," Jenny says and stills her pacing a little. She turns worried eyes in her direction and looks around wearily. "I'm not sure I can tell you... but Mike found something out this morning and flipped out. He totally trashed his apartment. I've never seen him like that before."

Donna and Rachel exchange a look of surprise. Donna doesn't know what Mike 'found out' but she knows aggressive flip outs are out of character.

"He even shouted at his grandmother. Then he took off. I hoped he'd be here," Jenny continues and worries her lip between her teeth. "I really hope he hasn't done anything stupid."

Over Jenny and Rachel's shoulder Donna can see the conference room door opening and the three lawyers emerge with their client.

Donna moves from behind her desk quickly and ushers the two in the opposite direction. Mike's already in a heap-load of steaming trouble (that Harvey will no less clear up) and she doesn't think a near-hysterical friend will help calm things down with the head of the firm.

"Okay," she says calmly and nods at Rachel who looks over shoulder at the four, who have yet to notice the scene brewing. "Here's what's going to happen. Rachel's going to take you to the break room for a coffee. You've obviously had a shock."

Jenny nods dumbly and lets Rachel steer her away.

Donna hooks Rachel's arm and whispers "Try and find out what happened. I'm trying to save Mike's job here."

It's only partly true – she was sure Louis would very happily fire him on the spot and judging by Jessica's earlier reaction, she probably wouldn't mind – but she knew Harvey would never let it get that far.

The clients gone by the time she turns back and Rachel and Jenny are just disappearing around the corner when Harvey, Louis and Jessica reach her desk.

"Any news on Mike?" Harvey asks her.

"Yeah... about that-" Donna says with a tilt to her head. She hopes Harvey gets the significance – it was supposed to be her universal sign for 'All is not well. Lose the audience.' "I haven't actually spoken to him, but I did speak to his friend Jenny-"

"See, this is what I am on about, Jessica" Louis sneers, interrupting Donna. "Mike is tardy. And now unreliable too."

"I wouldn't worry too much, Louis," Harvey interjects, evidence of annoyance marring his tone. "He's probably still with your wife."

Louis mouth turns up in disgust.

"I'm kind of creeped out more than usual."

"I'm kind of creeped out by the fact that you're creeped out 'cause that means you consider the rookie more feasible than me and your wife."

"Whatever, Harvey-" Louis says, rolling his eyes and waving him off. "I still don't have a-"

"I know," Harvey says with a grin. "But it's still funny."

"I think we have a better things to do than discuss your associate, don't you?"

"Harvey," Donna says with a low voice and pulls Harvey's attention back. If the tilt didn't do it, the tone definitely did.

"Jenny?..." he asks, focused on her intently although she can see the mental process as he tries to identify the face to the name.

"The blonde from the mock trial... Mike's friend," Donna tells him. She purposely keeps her voice low and hushed, so it's between them, Louis and Jessica just far enough away to not hear her. Harvey nods at the visual reminder. "Rachel's currently in the break room with her. She's trying to find out what happened but apparently 'something' occurred this morning and he flipped out – like a hulk-out type of one – and it was bad enough for him to go and shout at his grandmother."

Harvey's eyes actually widened at that but before he could speak or Donna could continue Jessica interrupts them.

"As much as I hate to say this in front of him," Jessica says, evidence of her temper still present. "But Louis is right. We have a lot to do with Crane's case."

"Oh, look, Harvey-" Louis declares with a triumphant gloat. "Mommy sided with me."

Donna can't actually believe Louis said that out loud in front of Jessica and Louis only realises his mistake ('Am I the mom in this scenario?') once Jessica turns her steely glare on him.

There's no time for further reprimands though. Donna looks over Jessica and Louis' shoulder and lets out a gasp. Because Mike's there.

And he looks like a hot mess.