2 :: Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder

When I follow you and then run away, it means that I want you to follow me as well
If you think that I'm kidding around, then you'll end up hurt, do you understand?
-Butterfly on your Right Shoulder, Kagamine Len

Limehead and Redhead tore down Shibuya Terminal on the trail of a teenager in runners who, unbelievably, kept ahead of their skates.

The teenager cut across a road leading to Hikage Street, narrowly missing an incoming bus. This stopped the two rudies for a moment, but they quickly picked up on her trail again as she headed up the skywalk two steps at a time. The rudies jumped up onto the skywalk's railing, sparks flying and motors whirring as their skates worked to grind and catch up to the teen. The younger boy was the first one up and caught up to the teen, grabbing onto her bag. The teen responded by yanking the bag out of his grip, causing the rudie to lose his balance and fall onto the walkway. She then jumped over the side of the skywalk, landed on top of a bus shelter below, jumped onto a parked bus, and down to the roadway towards Chuo Street. Redhead stopped by the young boy, helped him up and took off straight away.

"Well," she thought, "THAT didn't go according to the plan."

Her chest burned from the running, but she tried her best to ignore it and the intense beating of her heart. Her breaths were becoming shorter and much more frequent as the two rudies behind her got closer.

However, she had gotten the attention of the GGs, in particular the redhead's. She didn't recognize the younger one with the neon green hair, but a feeling of familiarity overwhelmed her every time she looked back at him. Perhaps he was the other one she was looking for. But that question would have to wait for later as she turned down a street marked "NO ACCESS".

"Just a little farther, just a little more. We're almost there, do you recognize this place?"

With the rudies following behind her, she weaved through the maze known as the Udagawa Backstreets.

The Udagawa Backstreets… man, it's been a long times since anyone's been here. Because of Rokkaku this place was erased off the map when he decided that no one should be here anymore, so he cut off access by putting up that little sign and placing patrols all around. It used to be a warehouse district and home to the Black Market, but now it's just as dead and sleepy as Kogane-cho. No graffiti livens up the walls and garbage litters the streets.

The backstreets of Udagawa are arranged in a grid like fashion, with each section containing four buildings per block. Most of the warehouses are rundown and abandoned, but a few are home to stray cats and dogs who wandered into the area. No patrols guard the forgotten alleys now, although that feeling of being watched still lingers throughout the deserted roads.

With barely ten feet separating her from the boys, she pushed forward and made a sharp left turn towards a street with a high fence blocking her path. Just ahead to her right was a row of garbage cans and dumpsters with a ladder barely out of reach. With one last effort, she flew from one can to the next, on top of the dumpster, and jumped and grabbed the ladder, pulling herself up to the rooftop of a long abandoned building. With a few seconds to recover as the boys looked for another way up, she took off her hood and let the rain wash away the sweat drenching her barely shoulder length burgundy hair and the tears from her dark hazel eyes.

As she waited she went over her plan again. Originally, she wanted to let the boys know that she was back in town by leaving her signature graffiti on their turf. She would hang around until the boys found it, then approach them. Since the green rudie girl got in the way, the boys now had to come to her. It was probably better that way anyways: they could talk and catch up without interference.

Soon enough, the familiar sound of Netrium batteries working their magic could be heard coming closer and closer. Within a few seconds they landed behind her.

"No way," the younger boy said.

"That means…" the older one started, but was cut off by the girl.

"You caught me!" she mustered up, facing the boys and revealed to them a soft face that beamed with a smile.

"Cho…" the two boys said in both awe and unison.