In Hope?

Chapter 1

Adam Trueman was sitting in his office. He had reports to write-up and he was getting frustrated at his lack of concentration skills. He sighed, he'd been pulling double shifts lately to avoid going home to an empty house, the house seemed horribly empty and big without Jessica and the kids there. He also knew that he'd have to go home eventually as being holed up in his office was no good for him.


It was the day after Harry's funeral and Jessica was ignoring her new husband believing he was to blame for their son's death. Adam could hear Jessica crying and he reached out to stroke her hair. But as he touched a strand of her silky brown hair she moved away, leaving Adam feeling lost and guilty.

They sat in the kitchen the next morning eating breakfast, the radio on filling the uncomfortable silence that had ascended on them. Jessica glanced at the space where Harry's high chair was and the tears rolled down her cheeks, she missed him.

"Shh, " Adam murmured "It's alright, your safe "

Those tiny words comforted his wife a little and she pulled out of the hug, smiling weakly as she left the kitchen.

End of flashback.

Adam finished his mug and sat back on the couch, glancing at the photos on the mantelpiece. Pictures of him and Jess. Jess and Harry. Jessica, Harry, Lucas and Amelia. Him and the kids. Him, Jessica, Harry. He wondered what she was up to now. It had been months since she left, uprooted her kids from their school, their friends, and Adam.

Glancing at the clock Adam realized he had better go to sleep or he would risk being told off by Nick in the morning.