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It's Better to Love and to Lose

Love is a vampire's greatest weakness. He remembers saying that so long ago. And meaning it. He keeps going over in his head how he could let this happen. He must've missed something; maybe he was hypnotized or poisoned or gone even more insane…..

He didn't know. All he knew know was that he did. He did love Caroline. He used to wish he didn't have feelings for her. Before he realized what those feelings were. He would curse himself for feeling at all. But every time he looked at her now. Every time he saw her giggle at something stupid or plead for the safety of her friends or trip over her own heels….it did something to him….the way she was so human. It clutched at something that had been long dormant in his chest.

It didn't help matters-matters, in this case, being his control-that she was also gorgeous. It was like there was a flicker of fire inside her that radiated outwards and graced anyone near her.

In the end, it was true he supposed. Love is a weakness. It makes you more vulnerable than anything else ever would. It makes you do things that you didn't think you ever would. You would die for her. That was the most dangerous part. But he found that lately he hadn't been running from death as adamantly as he had before he met her. The only death would scare him would be hers. That used to frighten him, confuse him. But he understands now.

Love is a weakness. Definitely. But it's also the strongest thing in the world. It's a dual-faceted thing. It can't be broken or ignored and it never fades. It connects two people forever, not matter what happens. And with it, their lives are worth something. They are happy. Such a simple notion, but it's the really the only notion that means something to him anymore. Because now he gets it. Life without the one you love is not life, it's purgatory, waiting for it to be over. But life with love…it's extraordinary, it can't be put into words. Every action you do, if it's with her, is joyous. Every fight you have, if it's with her, makes you insane, in a slightly good way. He now understands why people go on loving, even when they know it makes them so very vulnerable, because even though love is a weakness, it's better to have it and lose it, better to experience it and be killed because of it, than to never know it at all.

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