i had no idea what to do with this so i let my cousin (who also plays kh) write a draft, which was around 1500 words

it took me forever to clean it up because i kept on laughing and i couldn't decide which parts to keep


He didn't learn until later that it was a bet, and by that point he really just didn't want to remember.

The day had started out normally; get up, get dressed, make coffee, make sure everyone else got up.

He had returned to his (largely unused) office, leafing through reports from the previous day, when he heard a loud whoop. Peeking out into the hall, he was nearly shoved aside by a large gust of air.

It was Xigbar, of course, racing down the hallways in a large, poofy pink princess gown. Xaldin thought it was hilarious. Saix felt sick.