September 1948

Bored…I was so bored. I was tempted to go on a killing spree, just to pass the time. I was doing everything I could think of…I'd been to Europe (A slight mistake on my part had led to a certain princess in the Netherlands assuming the crown). I'd modified a Chevy and driven it in this little stock car race in the spring. I wrote three smutty bestsellers under a pseudonym.

Nothing was making the time pass quickly enough. Goddamn it. 68 years to go until could see Katherine again. What the hell was I supposed to do?

I didn't have even the mild amusement of having a proper household to keep me occupied. I'd given up the whole 'household' idea after I realized it was dated. There is nothing worse than a dated Vampire.

I was looking for something (or someone) to do when she walked in the door.

The little dance hall was on the edge of a minor city, I hadn't paid attention to the name. It was dingy, filled with smoke, and most of the women in it were paid to dance with the patrons. I'd been to lots of places like this. Some of them were a lot less respectable. At least this one was actively functioning as a brothel, though more than one of the 'girls' were taking paying customers somewhere after hours.

This woman had no business being in here. Everything about her screamed 'high class'. I wasn't the only male creature that watched her every move. Skin like cream with a little honey mixed in it, hair like a copper penny…and a look on her face that made lesser males run away weeping. And that dress! Red, skin tight, and it cost more than half the men in here made in six weeks of work.

I watched a few self-proclaimed 'studs' walk up and get shot down. I walked up to the bar and ordered my drink, neither ignoring her nor overtly noticing her. I felt, rather than saw her turn slightly to me, evaluating me silently. I was right. This one enjoyed the chase. I didn't let my face move. I normally like to be the one chasing, but occasionally, it was just as much fun to snare another hunter. I took the drink as soon as the bartender handed it to me, and walked back to my table…and waited.

"You aren't from around here." Her voice was pitched low, sexy as hell. This was a woman who knew what she wanted and got it most of the time. Despite the red hair, she reminded me of Katherine. Reminding me of Katherine was just about the right speed tonight.

I shot her a sexy grin. "I'm passing through."

Her lips were an enchanting shade of blood red. "Where you going?"

I downed my whiskey in one gulp. "Straight to hell. Wanna bum a ride?"

She tossed back her drink and laughed. "I'll drive. I know shortcuts to all the best sins."

Oh yeah…my kind of distraction.