Tale of two Tricksters

The apathetic butler of Mr. Xanatos walked down the halls of the castle with a blank, emotionless face. His hair was a neatly trimmed blonde and he wore a formal suit as always. He stopped at the end of the hallway and knocked once at a polished, wooden double door.

"Come in." said a voice.

The butler opened and closed the door curtly before straightening his glasses at his boss.

"Mr. Xanatos, Mr. Lawson is here for the briefing at 2 sharp."

"Ah yes," Xanatos put a hand to his chin remembering "Mr. Lawson plays a hard bargain when it comes to materials. Nonetheless," he stood and stretched "he is a good supplier to my corporation. I give him credit. Anyway, bring him on in Owen."

The butler bowed. "Very well sir."

"What time is it, Alexandria?"

The young girl took a quick glance at her watch. "Exactly 2:01 sir!" she said enthusiastically.

He sighed bringing a wrinkled hand to his to his forehead. "Damnit. That Xanatos should know when I say 2 sharp, I mean 2 sharp!" He smiled apologetically at his servant.

"Forgive my language dear. Now could you go fetch me a coffee? Hopefully by the time you're back the briefing will have started."

Alexandria nodded, not wanting to cause any more stress to her Boss.

Suddenly the elevator doors to the Aerie building opened. Owen stepped out and waved his hand over. "If you will, Mr. Lawson."

The old man huffed. "Well it's about time."

"My apologies," Owen started "Mr. Xanatos has had a very busy schedule of late." He watched as the old man stood next to him from the corner of his eyes.

After getting her bosses' cup she raced back to the Aerie building. She managed to catch her breath on the way up with a deep sigh. Getting a little lost, she came across a butler in the hall. He raised a suspicious eye brow at her. "Is there something I can help you with miss?"

She quickly turned to the voice and giggled embarrassed. "Uh yeah! I'm looking for my boss-Mr. Lawson!" she smiled.

He stood for a second and nodded; though he was mainly shocked that such a prominent man such as Mr. Lawson would have someone so…young and inexperienced to work at his side.

Owen noticed her wandering glances. "Does this building interest you...miss?"

"Huh?" she looked at him just realizing how distracted she was. She laughed rubbing the back of her neck. "Pft yeah! Its frikkin sweet!" she exclaimed excitedly.

Owen nodded, giving his own rare small smile at the girls' exasperation.

"Mr. Xanatos will be pleased to hear that."

She smiled up at him, a faint blush crawling up her cheeks.

The two wealthy men shook hands.

"Thank you Mr. Lawson. Though my thanks might not be enough to express my gratitude."

He sighed. "You're a good man Mr. Xanatos. I look forward to seeing you in the future. Now," he looked toward the door "if only my Servant were here. I presume she might've gotten lost."

Xanatos took out his phone. "I can phone my butler to find-"

The doors opened as Owen and a slightly nervous teen walked in. She approached her boss and handed him the beverage. "My apologies sir-"

"Ah no need," he placed his hand on her shoulder and motioned her forward. "Mr. Xanatos I would like you to meet Alexandria. She has been faithful to my side good years now."

She smiled at the multi-millionaire.

Xanatos nodded his head toward her smiling. "It's a pleasure."

"Come now, Alex. We have a busy day." Lawson said.

She nodded and waved bye casually to her new friends.

After they had left Owen took his place beside Xanatos.

"I assume the briefing went well sir?"

He nodded with his hand on his chin. "Mhm. That Alexandria was certainly a ball of energy huh Owen?"

Owen straightened his glasses. "Indeed sir. A soul like that certainly does seem to cheer up a place." He gave a faint smile.

Xanatos noticed and raised an eyebrow. "You know…she reminds me of someone." He smirked.

Owen looked back at him, a glint of magic in his eye. "So it seems , so it seems."