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The team, minus Robin, was sitting in the living room doing nothing. M'gann was crying silently and had lost the urge to cook as she was too upset. Kaldur was sitting in the chair, wondering what he could do to help. Connor was sitting next to Kaldur, brooding about the whole situation. Zatanna was sitting on the couch sobbing loudly with Artemis trying to calm her down. Wally was also crying, though not as loudly, with Red Arrow trying to soothe him, like Artemis with Zatanna. No one dared to say a word except for Artemis who was whispering soothing words in Zatanna's ear.

"H-he's b-been gone f-for t-t-two w-w-weeks." M'gann sobbed.

"Why hasn't Batman found him yet?" Connor growled. Kaldur sighed.

"Batman, no the whole League, are trying their best to find Robin. We just have to wait and hope that they'll find him soon."

"But-but what if they don't ever find him?" Zatanna whimpered.

"They will." Artemis said, "They have to. Batman would never give up on finding Robin and he won't let the League give up, not that they will. They love Robin too much."

"Where c-could he be though?" Zatanna asked, her breath hitching.

Wally looked up, tears still streaming down his face, "Kids have been going missing for the past month. None of them have been found. He's probably with them."

"You're probably right, but that really doesn't make any of us feel better. I mean, no one has found the kids. The odds of finding them and Robin aren't very good." Red Arrow said.

"Wait, why doesn't Zatanna use a tracking spell?" M'gann asked, suddenly excited.

"Finding all the kids will be kind of hard, but I guess I can try." Zatanna got up.

"Why didn't we think of this before?" Wally asked, also excited.

"We did. It's just that at the time, I was too upset. Magic is based on our energy(1) and at the time, I was full of bad energy. I can't use that to perform a spell." Zatanna said.

"Wait, we should inform Batman of this." Kaldur said.

"Later! We don't want to get his hopes up and then have it not work," Artemis's eyes widened and she looked at Zatanna, "not that it won't work. It's a 'just in case' kind of thing."

"I don't mind." Zatanna said, "It might not work anyways."

They walked into the Debriefing room and pulled up a holographic map of Earth. Zatanna wiped away some tears, held her hands up to the hologram, and cleared her throat.

"Etacol eht deppandik nerdlihc." She chanted over and over again. The hologram started moving around until finally it stopped over Star City.

"Star City? What are they doing there? And how come Green Arrow hasn't found them yet?" M'gann asked.

"Doesn't matter." Wally said, "Right now we need to go there, save the kids, and get Rob back!" They hurried towards the bioship.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(BREAK LINE)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Approaching target now." M'gann said, "Setting up mind link. Everyone online?"

Yes. (Kaldur)

Course I am babe. (Wally)

(Grunt) (Connor)

Ready. (Zatanna)

I'm here. (Red Arrow)

Let's go. (Artemis)

When they finally got to where the spell led them, their mouths dropped open.

A giant ship, a hundred times larger than the bioship, was hovering over a schoolyard. Two giant metal claws protruded from the sides and were grabbing children from the playground. Screaming could definitely be heard coming from below.

"Everyone! Move now! Save as many kids as possible!" Kaldur yelled. M'gann landed the bioship and everyone jumped out and ran towards the kids.

"Help us! Help us please!" a teacher yelled.

"Don't worry ma'am," Artemis said, "We're here to help."

Connor ran towards one of the claws and punched it, but it barely made a dent.

"What are these things made out of?" he yelled. Two kids were trapped in the claw and he pried them apart to let them out. They ran off screaming.

Zatanna was reciting spells as quickly as possible, trying to affect the ship somehow. It didn't work. Kaldur, Red Arrow, and Artemis were grabbing kids and leading them to safety while M'gann and Connor were prying open the claws that grabbed children.

Wally was running around grabbing kids and running them to safety when a claw snatched him.

"Hey!" he tried to escape, to no avail, "M'gann! Connor! Help!"

They didn't hear him at first, but when they finally did, it was too late. Wally was thrown into the ship, where so many more children were, and was trapped.

"Kid Flash!" M'gann flew up and looked into one of the many small holes on the side, probably for air for the hostages, searching for him.

"Miss M!" Wally ran to the hole and tried to break it, "I can't break free!"

"Hold on!" She was about to rip it open when a claw slammed into her, knocking her unconscious.

"M'gann!" Wally watched in horror as she plummeted towards the ground. About ten feet from the ground, Connor caught her.

"Guys! Help!" Wally called banging his fists on the wall. The others stared up at the ship in horror.

"Kid Flash! No!" Zatanna cried. The claws retracted back into the ship and the ship started slowly backing up.

"No!" Roy yelled reaching up towards the ship, though he knew it was futile. The ship turned all the way around and took off at almost warp speed.

"NO! No no no no no NO!" Artemis cried, tears in her eyes, "WALLY!"

It was too late though. The ship, and Wally, was gone. Artemis and Roy collapsed to their knees still staring at where the ship had been a moment ago.

"No." Artemis whispered.

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(1) I can't remember what it's based on so I'm just saying energy.