Chapter six

Not using my power, soon proved to be much harder than I thought it would be.

Three days later one of the guards brought in a young vampire on request from Aro. I was called too, needing to be there if the vampire proved to be unwilling to cooperate. And of course, he was. Either he didn't know who the Volturi was, or he had a death wish, but I knew that if he didn't spill all he knew soon, I would be the one torturing it out of him.

"Jane," I heard Aro's voice, and the tone he used made it clear it hadn't been the first time he had said my name.

"Yes master?"

He raised an eyebrow in surprise, and I realized my mistake. Normally he wouldn't even have had to ask me to do it, I would have gladly zapped that vampire with the pain illusion before he'd even begun lying. Now, Aro had to make me do it.

"This may hurt just a little," I informed the vampire, who was now staring straight at me with a look that made it clear he didn't think I could do anything more than pinch him. It made me angry. Must people always judge me by my physical appearance?

The next second the vampire was on his knees, writhing in pain and I couldn't help but fall back to my old habit of smiling as I watched him. In my peripheral view I noticed Demetri entering the hall, and the look he gave me distracted me enough to drop the illusion. I didn't hear the vampire gasp as he scrambled to his feet, almost falling as he hurried to get far away from me.

I had to do it, I wanted to yell at Demetri. I couldn't defy Aro. I didn't want to. But I didn't want to disappoint Demetri either. Seeing him look at me with so much sympathy and regret hurt me just as much as the power hurt as I remembered the burning feeling of pain.

Aro followed my gaze and his eyes widened as he saw Demetri stand in the doorway to the huge hall, his eyes fixated on me. I watched Aro as he turned to Marcus, with a questioning look on his face.

The other vampire nodded, confirming Aro's suspicions'. Damn that power of his. There was no way I could keep this a secret with him around. There was no doubt he had already picked up on the feelings between me and Demetri. He must have felt the bonds as they formed, but apparently he had kept silent. Until now.

Then, Aro laughed out loud. The sudden sound made me jump. "Well well what do we have here?" Aro mused. "Two lost souls coming together, how delightful."

I couldn't help but cringe. Aro seemed genuinely pleased to learn this, but I knew that was not true. I owed Aro my life for saving me and my brother that day, and no matter how much I adored him, I didn't trust him.

"Felix," Aro made a gesture for the vampire Felix had brought in. "He no longer interest me, get rid of him." Then he turned back to Demetri.

"Demetri," he almost sang, "Will you joins us."

I watched as Demetri came to stand next to me.

"Are you two sleeping together or is it just, what do people call it nowadays – platonic?"

"With all due respect Aro, that is none of your business."

I couldn't speak before, and after hearing Aro's blunt question, that speechlessness remained. All I could do was stare at Aro, amazed at how casually he seemed to be handling the situation. I glanced at Demetri then, he looked down at me, almost as if he had sensed me looking at him.

"Oh I'm so sorry, I seem to have forgotten my manners," Aro smiled. "I am happy for you Jane," he continued. "I don't think I have ever seen you with a man."

"No that is right master," I said at last. "Can I go now?"

"Of course."

I almost ran out of there, but before I got too far I could hear Demetri. "Don't even think about having Chelsea manipulate her or me, it won't work." Then he caught up with me, wrapping an arm around my shoulders, leaning down to place a kiss at the top of my head.


It wasn't more than two days later that I, Alec and Felix were sent out on a spying mission, as Alec liked to call it. In reality all we did was watching a coven of four vampires making sure they didn't act as reckless as Aro had reason to believe they were. If they did, we'd end them. It was as easy, and boring as that. No vampire was allowed to expose the vampire race to any human.

We were just half an hour away from the airport when something hit me. I hadn't thought of it earlier, but wasn't it strange that Demetri wasn't joining us? He always did, he was the tracker after all. Something cold went down my spine and I almost gasped out loud as I realized what might be going on back at the castle.

"Stop!" I yelled, "Turn around I have to go back."

"I've got instructions to drive straight to the airport," the guard driving said firmly.

"I don't give a shit about instructions," I snapped, "Do it now!"

"Sister, calm down, what's going on?" Alec tried to soothe me, but this time it wasn't working. I felt like killing someone right then and there if the damn car wouldn't turn and head back, now.

When the driver still didn't listen, I had no choice but to plant the painful illusion in his mind. Not thinking about the consequences of disabling the chauffeur I let the power seep into him in full strength. He froze, slumping over the steering wheel in spasms of pain. The car swirled off the road so fast not even Felix who sat in the front seat had time to do anything to prevent it from taking a freefall off the edge of the steep cliffs next to the road.