Unusual Avenger

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AN: So I got this idea after I discovered The Unusuals on Netflix… a bit late on the uptake me, but that's not helped by the fact that I don't actually have TV. So after I saw Avengers for the third time… ah fangirl me… I got the idea for this fic. What if Detective Jason Walsh and Agent Clint Barton were the same guy and not just two guys who look remarkably similar… and what if his two worlds ended up colliding… insert evil cackle here… Enjoy.

Nothing about you is typical
Nothing about you is predictable
You got me all twisted and confused
- Unusual You - B. Spears

X Unusual X

Second Squad, this is Dispatch. Be on the lookout for a man in an Iron Man costume. Suspect may, or may not, be wielding a Super Soaker filled with grape juice.

X Unusual X

Walking into the Second Precinct, two weeks after Loki's attack on Manhattan was not nearly as stressful as Detective Jason Walsh had expected it to be. He had been stuck on medical leave almost immediately after his return to New York two weeks prior and was just itching to get back on the beat regardless of the fact that his doctor had only cleared him for light duty. He was sure that his partner Casey Schraeger was more than ready to give up being partnered to Eddie Alverez even if it meant staying in and doing paperwork with him for the next three weeks. As much as he hadn't wanted to leave nearly two months earlier and leave her stuck with Alverez, he had had to. When the big brass calls you up for a special babysitting assignment for NASA, you don't really get to say no. Especially when the big brass who calls is SHIELD Director Nick Fury.

Sighing he plastered a smile on his face as he noticed the many double takes that he was getting from the uniformed officers in the building as he walked through towards the office that he shared with the other detectives. He knew that he had been gone for a long time, but surely they had expected him back at some point. All thought fled from his mind when a hand suddenly slapped him right between his shoulder blades and his back exploded in agony.

Hitting his knees right in the middle of the hallway, he tried to catch his breath as he barely registered Sergeant Brown cursing profusely. "Oh shit Walsh. You okay? Banks help me get him up."

"Damn man what did you do to yourself?" Leo said as he placed both of his hands under Jason's left arm and pulled him back to his feet. "You okay?"

Jason looked over at his friend and gave him a tight smile. "I'll be fine. Just get me to my desk."

The two men practically carried him to his currently bare desk. Once there he quite happily collapsed into his chair and laid his head onto the desktop.

"Are you sure you're okay Jason?" Leo's voice was high with anxiety. Even though the now forty-five year old had mostly given up on his overabundance of safety gear after his forty-third birthday, he could be and often still was overcautious with many things.

Jason looked up at his friend and smiled slightly, touched by the concern his long time colleague was showing for him. "I'll be fine. I'm on Vicodin."

A soft gasp from the door heralded the arrival of his partner. "Walsh! You're back."


Lifting a hand he motioned for her to stop before she actually hugged him. "No hugs please. Sarge already tried to land me back in the hospital and I just got out a week ago."

"Oh my God was it that bad?"

"You remember when the aliens came through that weird portal thing?" He waited for the others to nod before continuing. "Well, I kind of ended up going through a plate glass window and landed pretty hard on my back. My bruises have bruises." Both Casey and Leo looked horrified. Brown already knew, so it's not like he was surprised by this. He had needed to know that one his best detectives had ended in the hospital after the Battle of Manhattan as people were calling it. "Ended up with a few fractured ribs and bruised kidneys. I was in the hospital for a week after. So I got released to work again yesterday, just nothing heavier than desk duty for almost another month yet."

Casey sat heavily in the chair at her own desk, her face bone white. "You could have died."

"If he had hit any harder than it sounds like he did, he probably would have." Leo sat on the corner of Jason's desk with a sigh. He was still pretty sensitive over the thought of losing any of his colleagues ever since his own partner had been lost to a second bout with a brain tumor earlier in the year. "Bruising your kidneys can be very dangerous. Some people have ended up going into kidney failure because of damage done to them."

"Thankfully it wasn't that bad."

"Bad enough to land you in the hospital for a week."

Jason shrugged as a movement near Allison Beaumont's desk caught his eye. His ex-girlfriend and her partner, Henry Cole, were just settling down into their chairs, watching him with concerned expressions. "Hey."

"So you finally back, or is NASA planning on stealing you again for another special babysitting assignment?"

Jason was not surprised to hear the bitterness in Allison's voice. She had never liked the fact that he would randomly disappear for a week or two at a time every year and not be able to tell her why. It was a good part of the reason for their having broken things off between them. "Nope. No more babysitting for the foreseeable future. I'm chained to my desk for at least a few more weeks until my injuries heal."

Henry's eyebrows drew together as the young man scanned Jason for any obvious injuries. "You got hurt?"

He just nodded in response. Jason really didn't want to rehash the whole thing again. He was sure that either Casey or Leo would tell Henry and Allison the whole story later, and frankly he didn't care if Eddie ever found out about it. "Battle of Manhattan landed me in the hospital for a week. I've been cleared back for desk duty."

The younger man's hand came together as he started to fidget with his wedding ring. "I'll pray for you to get better."

"Thanks." Jason turned back to Casey and Leo. He appreciated the thought, but frankly sometimes, Henry's religious enthusiasm got to be a bit much for him. "So Apolo later?"

That got his a laugh from most of his coworkers as well as a chorus of affirmatives. It was nice to see that some things never changed. The thump of files hitting his desk jarred a short laugh out of him as he looked up at his smirking Sergeant. "Thanks boss."

"Just get 'em done Walsh." With a light hand on Jason's shoulder he leaned down to whisper to him. "Good to have you back son."

"Good to be back sir."

With that Brown disappeared back into his office and Jason along with his partner spent the rest of the day going through the files that were provided for them.

X Unusual X

AN2: This story also has a MV to go along with it on Youtube called Unusual Avenger - Unusual You, to view just search or copy the link and remove the spaces - www. youtube .com / watch?v=IoJPbE_TCpk&feature=BFa&list=PLC15A96F6196EB80A