I hope you like this, as it took me quite a while to write.

"I don't even know how to start." "I know you must have a million questions, but I don't know how many answers I can give you."

My twin sister Lois and I were entranced by the words are cousin Chloe spoke on the video we were watching. She'd been killed three months previously, and we had just come across this video. Which was on her computer, in her school.

"If you're watching this, it means I'm probably dead." I swallowed at Chloe's words, hating the truth of that sentence.

"You were always the one good thing in my life," she spoke passionately, "and if I didn't tell you enough, I care about you more then you'll ever know."

"Please find out who did this Clark." "You're the only one that can."

Chloe then switched off the camera, making it turn to static.


"K-E-N-T." Lois spelled out this Clark's last name furiously whilst she drove the car, causing me to laugh. Lois was not the most patient person I knew, to say the least.

We had agreed to look into are cousin's death, as it was too suspicious, and made no sense.

Chloe had been a third sister to me, and Lois and I would make sure that Lionel Luthor the guy that was responsible, would pay.

"Kent. It's a farm, do they even have addresses?" she asked, taking a sip of her coffee. I remained silent, and just shook my head.

Lois made a groan of protest.

"Look, the last super-genius I had on the line told me to turn right on Route 31. Now I'm totally lost." She explained, as thunder crackled from outside the car.

"Oh about a billon stalks of corn." Lois remarked. "Ah!" she exclaimed. As soon as this happened, the line seemed to go dead on her phone.

"That's just great." Lois mumbled under her breath, showing clear signs of frustration. "I agree." I drawled, earning me a roll of the eyes.

Lois made a move to grab her cigarettes, but I grabbed them before she could. I rolled down the window, and threw them from sight.

"Your quitting, remember?"

"I remember." She replied nonchalantly.

Suddenly a sharp blast of thunder struck the car nearby, causing Lois to swerve the car into a nearby cornfield.

"Well that was fun." I breathed.

Then another blast occurred right in front of us, a brilliant white light that seemed to disappear as quick as it appeared.

Once me and Lois slowly looked back up, we noticed the ring of fire that seemed to be flickering in front of the car.

We got out of the car on both sides, standing beside each other as we saw a man. He was stark naked, and lying in the middle of the small fires surrounding the patch of the field.

"Oh my god." Gasped Lois, as we neared closer to the man.

The man slowly proceeded to stand up, eventually standing. He surveyed the area, looking as though as to see where he was.

"Are you okay?" I called, but got no reply.

"What's your name?" asked Lois. She dragged me gently by the wrist to the man, as she asked the question.

"I don't know." He replied softly, with his back to the two of us.

"We need to get you to a hospital." Lois spoke carefully. "I am fine." The man replied, seeming robotic like.

Lois and I shared an identical look of disbelief, not believing what we just heard. "You've just been hit by lightning, you're stark naked, and you don't even remember your own name." Lois listed.

She always was the chattier of the two of us.

"You have a fairly loose definition of fine."

"I'm surprised your even conscious." I told him, just as he span around. The black haired man seemed around late teens I assessed, just as I realized something.

My eyes strayed upwards in embarrassment, causing me to giggle nervously. "Look at his face," I heard Lois mutter.

However, her eyes strayed downwards for a few seconds, which I tapped her for. "Lois." I scolded under my breath.

The man didn't comment on this, but just remained blank. An awkward silence passed for a few seconds, until Lois spoke up again.

"I've got a blanket in the trunk." Lois informed him. "Don't move. I'll be right back." As Lois turned to go, her eyes locked on mine telling me the same thing.


Lois turned around at his call, seeing what he had to say. "Who are you two?" he asked, nodding between us both.

"Lois. Lois Lane." She smiled.

"And I'm Alexandra Lane." The man's eyes landed on mine, as I smiled too.


"Try and keep up." I ordered the man, as Lois pulled him from the elevator. We had arrived at the local hospital, and thunder boy seemed to be a little slow.

All he wore was the blanket from Lois's trunk, which probably left little to my twin's imagination. Let's just say I know how Lois's mind works.

"Why are we here?" The man frowned, just as Lois let him go.

"Gee lemme think..." I pretended to trail off in thought. "To get you checked out." Lois finished, putting it simply enough for him.

"I am fine." He repeated his words from earlier, causing me to roll my eyes. "No you're not." I sighed. We really needed to be looking for Clark, but we couldn't just leave this dude.

Lois scoffed, agreeing with my annoyance. "You know how many people are struck by lightning a year?" Lois asked, whilst the three of us walked down the hallway.

"Hardly any." I answered her question.

"You know how may survive?" I asked, knowing he wouldn't answer. "Even less." Lois finished.

"And the number that get picked up by lost drivers?" "Even less." I had to chuckle at that one.

"Right now your three for three, so how about a little less complaining and a little more forward motion?" Lois suggested, pulling the man along.

"Don't you think this is slightly weird?" I whispered to Lois. "What was he doing in that field?"

"Beats me." She shrugged, as we came to the front desk. The man shot me an odd look, startling me a bit.

"Excuse me," I called to the man at the front desk. "This guy here needs to be looked at," I explained bluntly.

"Fill out these admission forms, and include proof of insurance," the guy instructed blankly, sliding the forms across.

"Slight problem with that," I frowned. "We don't know who he is, and neither does he." Lois explained.

I turned around to see what the man was doing, and saw him wandering in the nearby area. I just shook my head, and turned back around.

"He's got amnesia, so we're turning him over to you," Lois grinned. "Good luck," I whispered quietly.

"You can keep the blanket."

"Free of charge."

Lois and I made a move to go, but we were then blocked by the guy coming out of his booth.

"Woah!" "Woah!" he protested.

"Does this look like an animal shelter?" he asked.

I looked around.

"One of you has to stay with him, until we can find someone who can ID him," he explained. "It's hospital policy."

Lois and I exchanged a look. We were either both staying, or both going. We'd agreed to stick together, and we weren't about to break off now.

"Look we did the good Samaritan thing, but we can't be responsible for this guy!" I protested. "You already are."

"Now I have to call a deputy to get your statements." He told us. Just as the guy said that, I heard the gasp of a passing lady.

My eyes went wide as I saw what she was gasping at. I looked away at the sight of are naked passenger, whilst Lois looked on in approval.

"I think you might wanna get him some clothes first." I suggested, covering Lois's prying eyes.


As Lois unzipped her bag, the man continued to stare at us blankly. "What?" I frowned. He didn't reply, but instead got up from where he was sitting, and walked to the door.

We both quickly moved to the door, blocking him from exiting. "We need to stay in the room," Lois ordered.

"And not go anywhere we're not supposed too." I added. "Thank you for the input Alex," replied Lois.

"I'm not supposed to be here." The man informed us, looking determined to get out that door.

"You're not the only one honey." I flashed him a smile, as I directed him back to where he had been seated.

"Stay!" "Good!" I mouthed, as I slowly backed away. I stood beside Lois, who was rifling through her bag again.

"We came to Smallville to investigate are cousins' death, her name was Chloe Sullivan," Lois explained, picking up a few things. "Heard of her?"

"I'll take that as a no." I commented awkwardly.

The man did not say a word, but stared at us both strangely. "Nicorette." Lois summed up what she was chewing.

"Well done!" I cheered, as she rarely listened to me. I'd been trying to get Lois to quit for years, and it had finally taken affect.

Lois rolled her eyes at me, and turned her attention back to the man.

"I've given up smoking, these are all that get me through the day." She began to pace as she spoke.

"I started when me and Alex were 15, it's are father's fault," Lois informed The Man, who continued to be silent.

I held back a snort at the mention of dad, who I knew probably was to blame for the teenage acts of rebellion committed by his girls.

"He said if he ever caught me smoking he'd kill me, so I started." Lois ranted, moving back to standing beside me.

"I started, then I couldn't stop, then judgy over there gave me a gum addiction," Lois nodded to me. I laughed.

"Not my fault," I pointed out, "you can get yellow teeth, lung cancer, throat cancer, you get bad breath, you become short of breath-" I stopped listing, when I realised Lois was eyeing me oddly.

"You both talk a lot." The Man stated.

"Well I'm just not very comfortable with uncomfortable silence, and you're not exactly keeping up with your end of the conversation." Replied Lois.

"What she said." I mumbled lamely.

When I looked up to check the clock, I was pretty gobsmacked. "Forty-Five minutes and still no doctor?" I exclaimed. "What do they get paid by the hour?" I asked.

Lois made a comment about agreeing, but I barley caught it, as I noticed The Man was making a move to go again.

"Where are you going?" Lois asked. "Yes where are you going?" I questioned, curious about what could be so important.

"I'm leaving." He replied. "Well you're going to have to get through the two of us first," I challenged, with Lois and I stood shoulder to shoulder.

I stared in shock, as The Man effortlessly lifted both me and Lois from the ground, and gently placed us to the side. "Okay, no one can be that strong." I frowned.

Lois and I followed The Man from the room, but he was suddenly hugged by a red headed stranger, who must have known him. "It is you!" The woman exclaimed.

"I thought I'd lost you forever!" The woman cried. I figured she was probably his mother, by the age and the worried tone.

"Who are you?" The man asked her, completely clueless.

The smile slowly seemed to drop from the woman's face, showing her shock. "It's me mom." But the man did not seem to know that.

"Don't take it too personally, he doesn't even remember his own name," Lois reassured the woman. "Lois Lane."

"Alex Lane, he seems fine really." I shot her a weak smile, as I felt sympathetic for the poor woman.

"We found him near Route 31," I explained. "Randomly in a field." I added. It just didn't add up as to why he would be there, and what happened there. It was certainly not the most normal thing, when your surrounded by fires, which were centred around you.

"Thank you, for helping him." The woman smiled gratefully. "Me and Alex are just suckers for stay dogs and naked guys," Lois confessed casually.

I elbowed her in the ribs. "Ow!" she hissed. "Subtle, real subtle." I replied, not bothering to lower my voice.

"Okay that didn't come out right." Lois apologized, as she noticed the look on the other woman's face.

"It's been a long night, and I am nicotine deprived," confessed Lois. "Don't mind her." I smiled, enjoying this awkward silence.

"Come on sweetheart, let's get you home," his mother urged, ignoring us. "I'm waiting for the sign." The man smiled in response, rather oddly.

The sign? What the hell did he mean about that?

"Is he okay?" I asked the woman. "Maybe you should take him to a doctor," I suggested. "Lois." She raised her eyebrows. "Alex."

"I am so grateful, but this is a family matter." She nodded, politely telling us we should go. "Okay." Lois nodded.

"We are backing away." She informed the mother, dragging me away with her. Something was odd about what The Man said. He just seemed... off.

"We passed amnesia boy off to his mother," Lois explained to the attendee from earlier, "Didn't catch her name." I added.

"Yeah Martha Kent." He replied. "She's in here all the time."

"Kent?" Me and Lois exclaimed in unison. "As in Clark Kent?" Lois groaned, as we ran to the elevator, in which the pair had gone in.

"Out of all the luck," I laughed.

"Wait a minute!" I called. But before either of us could get another word out, the elevator shut.

"Great now how are we gonna find him?" sighed Lois. "We ask around." I replied cryptically, causing her to frown.


"No I need to speak to him now!" Clark's mother exclaimed angrily, whilst on the phone. Lois and I had arrived at the Kent farm, and were standing in the open doorway.

"Just tell him it's regarding my son, Clark Kent," Martha sighed, before hanging up. Who was she calling? Had something happened to Clark?

"Hey." Greeted Lois, causing Martha to turn around. "I tried calling earlier, but I kept getting a busy signal, I don't know how you survive without call waiting!" Lois grinned.

"Where's Clark?" she asked suddenly, stepping into the threshold. "We're really sorry to barge in like this," I apologized to Martha. "It is important though."

Martha nodded. "Upstairs." She answered Lois. "Great." Lois made a move to go up the stairs, but Martha seemed to have a sudden panic in her eyes, as soon as she did.

"Sleeping." Martha added rather too quickly, blocking the stairs. As soon as Lois potted the coffee, I quickly shoved the cup into her grasp. The sooner Lois drank coffee, the better.

"I can't believe this is the town Starbucks forgot," Lois joked. "I heard the only decent coffee shop in town shut down," she rambled casually in front of Martha.

"The Falcon or something." She frowned, walking from Martha. "The Talon." I corrected awkwardly from where I was stood, not exactly sure what to be doing.

"I really appreciate everything that the two of you did for Clark," Martha hesitated with her words, "I don't mean to be rude, but-"

"Mrs Kent." I started, joining the two of them. "We're not here for your thanks, we were wondering if Clark could tell us something about are cousin Chloe's death," I explained, hoping to see what she could tell us.

"I'm so sorry for your loss." Martha apologized. "Thank you." I smiled gratefully. "Were she and Clark ever an item?" questioned Lois, heading over to the cupboards.

"Oh I think for a minute-"

"Never had Chloe pegged as the farm-boy type," I chuckled lightly. I remembered a previous time when Chloe had called me and Lo up one time, crying her heart out about a guy named Clark ditching her at a school dance.

I'd sworn I would beat the dude up so she could watch, but it seemed as though that would never happen. "Trust me, that can happen to the best of us," Martha replied warmly.

"Not me." Piped up Lois. "Give me a nerd with glasses any day of the week." I smiled at the unlikeness of that situation.

"Clark has many sides." Nodded Martha.

"Yeah. I've seen several of them already." My eyes went wide. "Speaking of Clark, do you think he'll be up any time soon?" rushed Lois, heading to the stairs again.

"Lois!" I hissed, catching up to her.

"I doubt it." Martha answered, stopping us both in are tracks. "Right now, he is are only chance to get justice for Chloe." Lois started to explain, making an appeal to the woman.

"The FBI inquest closed last week," she explained, "they've ruled the explosion an accident." "You don't exactly get a lot of gas leaks in safe houses do you?" I asked rhetorically.

"And in two weeks, Lionel Luthor is going to walk free," I swallowed, hating how unfair this all was, "and Chloe's death, it will have been for nothing."

I squeezed Lois's shoulder lightly, as she finished speaking to Martha. "I'll have Clark call you if he remembers anything," Martha promised.

"Mrs Kent," I started, scrambling my brain for the right words, "In Chloe's notes she said you used to work for the man in question, he keeps refusing to see us, do you have any advice?" I finished, curious to see what she would tell us.

"Stay away."

I bit my lip nervously, seeing how serious Martha looked. "Neither of you want to get pulled into Lionel's web."

"How did you escape unscathed?"

"I didn't."

"Goodbye Lois." Martha nodded, prying the cup from Lois's grasp. "Goodbye Alex." We headed out of the door.

When we were a good distance away, I voiced my thoughts to Lois. "She's hiding something," I stated.

Lois nodded in agreement with me. "I know."


Me and Lois walked to the netting separating us from Lionel Luthor. We had just been let into his jail room, after lying about are identities.

"Neither of you are Martha Kent, or her lawyer," he stated, obviously having seen us through the mirror he had, as Lionel had his back to us.

"Would you have seen us, if we'd said it was Lois and Alex Lane?" I questioned, amused at the guards gullibility.

"Your two are Chloe Sullivan's cousin," said Lionel, placing down the mirror, and walking to the netting.

"What a loss." "You bite your nails, bad girl," observed Lionel, glancing at Lois's hands that were on the railing.

"Watch it buddy." I snapped.

"But getting through the door doesn't mean I'll talk to you two," he replied. "Guard." Lionel called.

"We don't believe that safe house explosion was an accident," Lois told Lionel, as he sat back down on his seat.

"It might as well have cover up written in black bold letters," I smirked. "Course you don't, you both think I'm responsible." Lionel concluded.

Lionel picked up his book, not paying close attention to us. "Nah." Lois drawled, brushing him off.

"A stunt like that is thuggish and obvious, it smacks of desperation," Lois sneered confidently. I smiled at her, impressed of her taunt.

"All the things you aren't." I added sarcastically, hoping I wounded Lionel's pride. "All right Miss Lanes," Lionel looked up.

"You have my attention, what's your theory?" he questioned.

"Haven't got one." I shrugged.

Lionel laughed at what I said. "Then why are you even here?"

"Because I suggested we go see the person, who ordered Chloe's death," I sneered, disgusted he was about to regain the high life.

"You may not have blown her up," re-started Lois, "but you're the reason she's gone." "Before you begin to anoint her for sainthood, let's get some of the facts straight, shall we?" shot back Lionel.

"The simple truth is, I made her an offer, she took it." He spoke certainly. "I kept my end of the bargain, she didn't."

I scoffed, as this was a complete waste of time. Lionel was a liar, who needed to get his facts right.

"She's dead as a result of her own actions, I had nothing to do with it." He finished, ending with making my blood boil.

"And the next time the two of you come at me with accusations, try to have a little more than righteous indignation."

Lionel placed on his glasses, turning his focus back to his book. "Zoo hours are over Miss Lanes, good day."

Lois and I walked hesitantly to the door that led outside, but I paused, pouting slightly. Lois stayed nearby the door, but watched as I walked closer.

"It must quite confuse you, you have no idea who's helped you," I let out a long fake sigh. "Without Chloe, you can expect to be out of here pretty soon..."

"Are you being set up?"

He frowned at my question. As I walked back to the door, I grinned at him. "You have a good day Mr Luthor." I mocked his previous words, giving him the thumbs up.


After are rendezvous with the elder Luthor, Lois had decided to make a trip to Chloe's funeral.

I knew she needed to go, as I think Lois felt like she had a lot to say. "I have a confession to make." Lois spoke, once she placed down her flowers near Chloe's grave.

"I didn't go to your funeral." "Alex didn't go, stayed with me instead."

I remembered that day all too well.

Lois and I had been devastated when we received the news of Chloe's death three months ago.

I remember Lois had cried all night. I had heard her crying all night, and when she wasn't, I was.

I held back the tears, as I listened to Lois passionately confess all her inner thoughts, of all the heartache, grief, and pain she had gone through.

No one was stronger than her.

"I promise we'll find out who did this to you, even if we have to do it alone," swore Lois.

"You're not alone."

"A fact you could have shared before breathing down are necks," Lois told Clark, who was standing with some flowers with him.

"Hi Clark." I greeted, shooting him a weak smile from where I was stood. "I'm sorry Lois, I didn't know you two were out here," he apologized, as Lois turned away.

Lois slowly got up, and focused her attention on Clark. "Glad to see we've moved past the clothing-optional, stage of are relationship," she commented wryly.

I snorted. "Yes, it's nice to see you wearing something other than a blanket," I smirked, as Clark went slightly red.

"You got your memory back that quick?"

"Nothing permanent."

I frowned at Clark's vague answer to my question, but I brushed it off. It had probably been post traumatic stress, or some sort of mental thing that blocked Clark's memories.

But I knew something was going on, his weird behaviour, his "sign" comment, his mother's odd behaviour, his strange amount of strength... Something just felt off about Clark.

"Chloe's cousins," stated Clark, as he moved closer. "Nicorette addiction, can't stand uncomfortable silences," he trailed off.

Clark turned his gaze to me. "Sister who doesn't like your smoking habits, a little quiet," Clark listed.

"I guess this means your synapses are all firing again," observed Lois. "Congrats amnesia boy." I grinned, thumping him lightly on the arm.

Lois and Clark did not notice, but my eyes went wide as soon as I did. I barely even hit Clark, and it felt like I'd just hit a brick wall.

I felt a sharp stinging sensation surround my hand and I bit on my lip, to keep myself from swearing. And to add to my list of weird things about this dude, he was a walking talking piece of steel.

"Look I can't explain my actions over the past few days," Clark started off, "but Chloe was my best friend."

"You're not the only ones that miss her." He informed, facing Chloe's grave. Whilst I cradled my somewhat fragile hand, I stared sympathetically at Clark.

He too seemed to really miss her. It must have sucked losing your best friend like that, and he seemed devastated.

"We're just the only ones doing something about it." I replied.

Clark turned to face me and Lois, who was stood next to me. "I get the feeling the two of you like to do things by yourselves."

Lois and I looked at each other, and exchanged an amused glance at Clark's words. Lois and Clark began to flirt a little, whilst I held back a laugh as I watched.

"Why don't you two let me help find out who did this to Chloe?" suggested Clark sincerely. "You can both stay at our house while you're in town." He offered.

We both hesitated.

"It beats living out of the one car you both share." I nodded to Lois. "I'll have you know it's an awesome car," I nodded seriously to Clark. No one disses the car.

"And I'll take you up on that offer."

"Thanks." Spoke Lois.

"But you should know," I warned, "neither of us pay attention to curfews, are beds are never made," I paused for a second. "And don't expect to be heard if you want to create some rules."

"We'll give you some time alone." Smiled Lois. I followed after her, and I couldn't rid my smile.

"What is it?" Lois frowned. "You like Amnesia Boy." I whispered, nudging her with the hand that hadn't been used to hit Clark.

Lois rolled her eyes. "Don't be ridiculous." She brushed me off unconvincingly. To this day I have still have no clue, but I swore I heard a badly repressed laugh come from Clark.

"Lois!" "Alex!"

We both stopped dead in our tracks, hearing Clark call our names urgently.

"Chloe's still alive."